car transport company reneged on deal

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26 Jan 2012 12:00 AM by davenport Star rating. 2 posts Send private message


I have had a house near Mijas Pueblo on the Costa del Sol for 4 years and split my time between there and Scotland.

In October 2011 I bought a car in the UK and made arrangements to have it shipped over.

I used a company called ** EDITED - Against forum rules **. I stressed to the company that the car needed to be out there by a certain date and I was assured this would happen.The man in charge who's name is Ian sounded very plausible and reassuring.

On arriving in Spain to meet the car on the due date I was informed that it would be late and was told by Ian to hire a car and he would refund the cost.

The car was 4 days late and the cost of the car hire was 187 euros.Despite repeated attempts I have been unable to get the money back and whenever I call this man he puts the phone down on me.

I don't know where his office is as there is no address on his website but the telephone area code is 951

Has anyone had any dealings with this company or know where his office is.Also does anyone have ny idea how to eat my money back

Also I am just posting on here to tell people to beware of this man and his company ** EDITED - Against forum rules **

All and any help would be appreciated





This message was last edited by eos_moderators on 01/04/2013.

This message was last edited by eos_moderators on 01/04/2013.

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30 Mar 2013 7:39 PM by Esk Star rating. 2 posts Send private message

Hi Dave,

I was just about to hire this company when I saw your post. I can see that this was well over a year ago but thought I'd let you know anyway.

Although the number given is a Marbella number, Ian sent me his insurance details for a company called "Auto Transferbaltic" at this address: Rekyvos 26E, Siauliai, Lithuania.

As you say, there is no address on the website and since the company appears to be registered in Lithuania, the chances of getting your money back are unfortunately very slim!

I think I will choose another company so thanks for the heads-up.

Best wishes,



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30 Mar 2013 10:35 PM by Mungry Star rating. 329 posts Send private message

from what i hear of some transport companys from the past you are lucky to have got your car

probably best to not worry about such a small amount of money and get on with your life


i coldnt stay away from you miserable whining whingers for some reason

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23 May 2013 8:02 AM by Weemaz Star rating. 7 posts Send private message

Unfortunately I did not see this post before using this company. I had a car transported to Murcia in February this year it was supposed to arrive on 26th February it did not in fact arrive until 14th march and only after we threatened to report it to the police as stolen.
We were told numerous lies by ** EDITED - Against forum rules **

The main thing though is that he quoted us a price of 750 euros, he then took 900 euros from my credit card, when I queried this he said it was IVA. I then found an amount of £210 had been taken from my account by dfs seaways.** EDITED - Against forum rules **said he had told us this. At no time was this discussed our original quote was 750 euros.

I have taken this up with my bank but hey inform me that as dfs seaways have transported the car and this us the amount I am querying there is nothing they can do.

There is no fault whatsoever with DFS Seaways. The problem is with EUROCAR TRANSPORTER. As Dave and Esk have said there isn't an office address on the website. This man Ian berg obviously knows what he is doing.

BUYER BEWARE. find another company if you are transporting a car to Spain. The website looks professional. It shows customer reviews but you cannot add one.

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27 May 2013 10:50 PM by habibilondon Star rating. 2 posts Send private message


I also recently transported 2 cars from the UK and 1 was damaged in transit - I didn't want to accept e delivery but** EDITED - Against forum rules ** insisted that he was covered by insurance and admitted to some f the damage done by his driver - after several weeks of sending photos and discussions he will now not take my calls and has refused to pay - stating that the cars left the UK in that state.

I have eventually managed to find a route whereby I can take action against him legally in Spain - he is Not trading legally here. I have lodged a denunciation against him - he gave a fake address for his office and now switches off his phones when I call.

He has also stated that I am threatening him - what a joke!

Basically - the more information or names that i can collect for when I go to the consumer office this week the better. - we should stop people like this being able to trade and rip people off.

Please let me know if you would like to give me your details.


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27 May 2013 10:57 PM by Weemaz Star rating. 7 posts Send private message

Yes I would give my details to you privately. Thus man needs to be stopped. Gen done the same to us, stopped taking our calls, did not reply to emails or texts.

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28 May 2013 12:59 PM by Esk Star rating. 2 posts Send private message

By the way, I got several quotes from a website called Shiply. I eventually used a guy called Joaquin, who met me at Stansted Airport and drove my car from there to Jerez de la Frontera. The cost was £650, all inclusive, and the car arrived 2 and a half days later, in the same condition.

I only paid a small deposit via the website beforehand, and paid the balance when he delivered the car to me at my workplace in Jerez.

I would highly recommend this service.

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28 May 2013 6:14 PM by poulton Star rating. 19 posts Send private message

 Great My car and 6 others are currently  impounded  by the police in a place called Plasencia near the Portuguese border with a  fine outstanding the car was picked up 2 weeks ago  and last time I was informed by Ian it was between Santender and Bilbao so how it is now in Plasencia is a mystery   I was informed the depot was in Porto Benus and the uk end is in March Camb.  it is a total shambles and after sending 9 emails I had no contact

 but then I traced it through the Guardia I do have a land line number if it helps anybody   P.M me  


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29 May 2013 12:58 AM by Weemaz Star rating. 7 posts Send private message

This is much the same scenario we had. Firstly we were told the car had been stopped at customs but was on the way to us a day later. Then we were told it was in France. We were then told it was in Spain. He then stopped taking our calls and gave us number of a Spanish colleague who informed us the car was in fact still in France. One week later we were still phoning every day to try to trace it.

We were told lie upon lie upon lie by** EDITED - Against forum rules **

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03 Jun 2013 9:39 PM by poulton Star rating. 19 posts Send private message

 well as an update 5 of the cars have been picked up are somewhere in the uk ( not with owners) 1 was not picked up as he did not have the space on a different transporter as apparently he had another car to pick up for cash  and this car is Still stuck in Spain after 4 weeks with no date of return and cannot be got by anyone else because he still has the keys

€uro car transporter . com

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04 Jun 2013 9:52 AM by Querboy Star rating. 2 posts Send private message

I have just found these posts and am due to have a car picked up today in the UK by this company!


Help! Does anyone have any advice. I am torn between not releasing my car to them or taking a chance.



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04 Jun 2013 2:42 PM by Psyche Star rating. 4 posts Send private message

Well I guess I shall have to answer these one by one on behalf of Ian who emailed me earlier today (I'm better at posting stuff on these sorts of places than he is)

1 (30/3) Ian's business is based in Spain, however his transporter is a Lithuanian company (simply because they were more reliable than the British companies he previously used

2.(23/5) The  charge of 900 was the addition of VAT to the 750 the agreement was always for you to pay the ferry

3. (27/5). Ian did agree to pay for the damage for the front bumper which the driver was responsible for. However, he refutes the claim for other damage since the 12 year old car was not as immaculate as you imagined when it was picked up in the UK and the other marks were already there

4 (28/5) The truck was indeed stopped by the Guardia for speeding and impounded pending payment of the fine which has now been sorted out and the cars are currently in the process of being delivered

5 (4/6) You stopped this collection 10 minutes from your home the truck is now heading down to Spain with a space where your car should have been as he cannot hold up the truck containing expectant customer's cars trying to find a last minute substitution

I myself have have been friendly with Ian for 9 years since he brought my car over from the UK and n this time I have seen many cars he has successfully shipped around Europe. I have also witnessed him resolve difficult situations (such as a truck impounded by the police), as much as we would all like things to go like clockwork all the time, accidents happen, things occur but one thing is for certain I can assure you Ian is no con man despite the obvious accusations visible on this page from people who are in disagreement with him

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04 Jun 2013 2:48 PM by poulton Star rating. 19 posts Send private message

Not all cars are being delivered one is still in the police compound with the truck ?? Which has not been released ??

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04 Jun 2013 4:19 PM by Weemaz Star rating. 7 posts Send private message

I was also charged over £200 on top of the quoted 900 euros. This was taken from my credit card account without authorisation and my card details passed ln to DFS Seaways. At no time did ian discuss this charge with us.

Do you have sn explanation of this.

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04 Jun 2013 5:26 PM by Psyche Star rating. 4 posts Send private message

Poulton, the car in question was exceptionally heavy (full of belongings) and was not allowed to be loaded onto the truck they sent to collect the cars from the pound as it would have made it overweight. Then admittedly a cock up occured as the driver of the original truck that is still in the pound flew back to the UK with the car keys in his pocket, the keys have been sent back and as soon as they are received the car will be collected from the pound and delivered. As I say, nothing in the world is perfect and as much as Ian would have loved to have avoided the inconvenience and expense of this incident, it happened and he is doing his best to sort it out.

Weemaz, I presume you are based in Scotland and if so you were told that the cost of transport would be 750 + VAT also to transport your car across the UK by road would have been in the region of an extra £500, the cheapest option was offered to you to have the car driven on to the ferry and collected by Ian's driver in Zeebrugge. Ian is adamant that you were definitely told your card would be used to pay for this ferry crossing 

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04 Jun 2013 5:38 PM by Weemaz Star rating. 7 posts Send private message

No that is my point I was quoted 750 euros. No mention of VAT plus ferry. Price quoted ** EDITED - Against forum rules **

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04 Jun 2013 6:28 PM by Psyche Star rating. 4 posts Send private message

 as I said...he said he told you. I guess having not been there who can tell which of you is right


Out of interest, did you receive other quotes to ship your car ?

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04 Jun 2013 6:57 PM by Weemaz Star rating. 7 posts Send private message

Regards other quotes, this is irrelevant to the fiasco of me transporting my car.

Obviously** EDITED - Against forum rules ** is sticking to his version of events.

Bare in mind he did agree our transportation has been a disaster and said he would try to get us a refund.

Needless to say when we queried this we did not receive a reply to our email.

I do not wish to discuss this further with a third party as we are going round in circles.

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04 Jun 2013 10:23 PM by Psyche Star rating. 4 posts Send private message

 strange...I imagined the fact you were posting your complaint on a public forum discussing this with 3rd parties was exactly what you did want to do.

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04 Jun 2013 11:31 PM by Weemaz Star rating. 7 posts Send private message

Yes posting for public viewing to give people heads up on problems. Not to enter into a discussion with you representing ** EDITED - Against forum rules ** Going back and forth with the same story.

Nothing strange about it.

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