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Soy... un hombre

Sobre mi... 60 year old male married to chris for 40 years. We have our dream homes in both Nottingham & Spain

Vivo en... Nottingham & El Alamillo

Me gusta... F1 & Moto GP

Trabajo de... Security Consultant

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25 Feb 2015 11:53 AM:

Inheritance . New wills may need writing. Check CAB Spain. A Spanish will must now have a clause, stating that you wish UK inheritance law to apply. . Otherwise Spanish law will prevail. Just had a reply from my Solicitor in La Manga. Too rewrite both our wills and include the UK clause. the costs for both wills, notary, register and fees included. amounts to 375 € for both wills. Mind you we have moved address in uk so has my daughter and our son now lives in USA. Also renewed our Passports so old number not valid. Also I need to include my granddaughter. First wills done back in 2002.
 Not sure. But I don't think that the Clause can be added to an existing will.

Although the Regulation came into force in 2012, the provisions will not apply until 17th August 2015. That said, Wills can be prepared and executed now, but do take note that up to that date the will you drawn up with your choice of succession of the country of birth or other will remain valid if death occurs before midnight of the 16th of August of 2015.

Thread: Inheritance

25 Feb 2015 9:39 AM:

 Looking for a 4 bedroom Long Term Rental in the El Palmer area of Murcia.

Thread: Long Term Rental

28 Jul 2014 12:03 PM:

Maybe end of Year Non Resident tax will be reduced as I think that is based on VC.


Thread: IBI Impuesto Bienes Inmuebles Urbana Payments

28 Jul 2014 11:04 AM:

I have just paid my IBI for this year.

Noticed Valor Catastral has been revalued Adjusted down.

But payment has gone up.

Any Explanation Please.

Thread: IBI Impuesto Bienes Inmuebles Urbana Payments

14 Mar 2014 12:51 PM:

I listened to a good friend all those years ago. He owned a multi million pound property in La Manga Club. He referred all his Trusted contacts to me. I am still with them today 13 years on.


How do you know 'good' advice from bad in a foreign country and an unfamiliar system????

Suppose really you will never get a true answer to that one.


You have to enjoy what you have. Have good friends that have lived with the system that is unfamiliar. Learn the language.

If I do not understand something. I am lucky enough to live next-door to a trusted and respected English-speaking Spanish Solicitor.

I understand as much as I need too.

My only worry is if anything happens to me. Who will pick up the pieces, as I have looked after my Spanish admin from the start?

I have told the wife The Solicitor has POA leave it all for him to sort.

Our Property and assets in Spain were never meant to be Profit Generating.


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Thread: Really I am getting Fed up


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