Looking for long term rental in Los Alcazares-Campoamor area(or anywhere near the sea)

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18 Oct 2011 00:00 by PFL1892 Star rating. 1 posts Send private message

Hi everyone I have just joined the site forum and would like some advice


My wife and I are seriously thinking of moving to Spain in the new year with our 2 1/2 year old boy. We have been to Spain quite a few times and love the country and the lifestyle. Im in my early 40's and we want to do this before its too late.

Has anyone any advice on the best area to rent in for a year so we can see if its really for us and possibly any websites with more info.


We have budgeted for about 500 euro p/m rental of a villa if possible

We would also be thinking long term and starting our son in a Spanish school.

Im a hard worker and learning spanish at the moment but would like to get a job within the first 6 months if possible. Im currently a civil servant with an IT background but its time for a change

We've joked before that we love the place that much that we would clean loos to stay there


Any advice greatly appreciated and thanks for your time





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18 Oct 2011 14:39 by amatista Star rating. 442 posts Send private message


I have lived on the Costa del Sol for 17 years and want to return to the UK. I am stuck with a property that will lose money if I go now, but would love to return as my partner has had to go back to work there. I understand the feeling of ´even cleaning the loos´ as we love it so much in Spain, but believe me, the reality of living here is so different.

Gazing at the sea soon loses its novelty value when you are worrying about paying the bills, and the 6-8 months of sunshine largely go unnoticed when another job application goes unacknowledged. I speak fluent Spanish, and worked in the real estate business until the end of 2007, when, largely due to corruption and over development, the whole business came crashing down, not only on the Costa del Sol, but also in Los Alcazares and Murcia (I used to work there also).

Of course, everyone´s situation is different but I firmly believe now, Spain is a great place for a holiday or to retire to (if you have made your money elsewhere), but I would never advise anyone to come out here and chance their luck at making a good living. On the Costa del Sol, there are no jobs to apply for, only telesales which pay a pittance in commission. If you are earning a good living in the UK now, my advice would be: stay where you are .. Spain has never been in such a poor state, and things look bleak for 2012 also.

If you do decide to come over here, I would rent for 6 months, and investigate the job situation for yourself ... far too many people have come out here, blinded by the romantic image of g&t´s at sunset, and fantastic lives for their children, only to be sorely disappointed.

Sorry to put a downer on your plans, but this would be my true and honest advice .... oh and if you decide to buy here, make sure you get a very good solicitor/gestoria, or you are likely to be ripped off. And if the solicitors don´t get you, the tax man will, however hard you try to be legal.



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18 Oct 2011 15:23 by Fighter2 Star rating. 237 posts Send private message

Hi Paul

I love it here also and am very lucky in that I was seconded to Spain by my company for a 2 year stint which has turned into a permanent very well paid position in a multinantional company and my contract is now a Spanish one not English.

Would I move here in the hope of getting a job... absolutely not, they are rarer than hensteeth and rarer than that for a couple of English Expats with a young son.

Stay where you are or move to an English speaking country if moving is a must, make your money, retire and then come to enjoy what is a fantastic lifestyle.. but without job and or money there will be no lifestyle merely heartache.



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21 Oct 2011 14:45 by Lifeline Star rating in Murcia. 367 posts Send private message

Lifeline´s avatar


You are being given good advice to stay where you are.

When we moved here there were some English families trying to make money and most of them have gone back, some having spent a lot of money.

Yes bringing children here is a good idea the younger they are, but just don't come if you are looking to earn money here as there are few jobs even for Spanish locals.

Keep coming on holidays as often as you can!!



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