DVD recorder not compatible with Sky box

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18 Oct 2011 00:00 by pegeen Star rating. 50 posts Send private message

 I spend much of my time in Spain. My VCR recorders which I had  purchased in one of our local charity shops after about a year started to go wrong.

As I can't seem to find anyone locally to repair them I opted to send off for a RHT498 DVD RECORDER from Amazon UK. Prior to ordering I contacted the manufacturer LG to make sure it was compatible with my Sky box. They rassured me that it was. However on receipt I found that the timer functionality doesn't work. I received the following reply to my e-mail:

Unfortunatley you won't be able to set up a timer record from your sky box you will only be able to complete a instant recording which is to start recording at the start of the programme you wish to record.

We hope this helps, should you require further assistance please do not hesitate to ask, you can contact us on the number below, via email or through our live chat facility Monday - Friday, 9am - 6pm.

Best regards,
LG Electronics UK Helpdesk
LG Customer Services
UK: 0844 847 5454 Ireland: 0818 27 6954


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18 Oct 2011 13:09 by joanmalaga Star rating in Costa del Sol. 422 posts Send private message

What they will say is that you did not specifically ask about the timer function!

Very frustrating when things like that happen!

Good old VCR's always work with everything! Might be worth going back to the charity shop!


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18 Oct 2011 14:13 by pegeen Star rating. 50 posts Send private message

 Thanks Joan.Well the point I am making is that this shouldn't happen to anyone else.I have also mentioned this problem in the reviews section for the product on Amazon and Facebook.

I actually work at a charity shop and there haven't been any VCRs recently.The problem is with finding someone to fix them when they go wrong because otherwise they just end up in landfills. Peggy

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18 Oct 2011 15:32 by mr.kevin Star rating in Costa Blanca. 189 posts Send private message

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Hi there,

We have a LG DVD recorder bought in Alcampo in Murcia, not sure it is the same as yours.

Now, we had problems recording in the first place and could only do instant recording by pressing the red record button. You DVD recorder is probabley also a DVB digital tv tuner as well, if it is, you can get the timer working by plugging a roof arial into the socket in the back and doing the initial set up as decribed in the manual, you have to tune the DVD to local Spanish channels before you can do timer tuning.

Once the DVD recorder is fully setup, you can remove the arial if you wish.w

When timed recording you have to choose AV2 or AV on the remote, once you can see SKY via the DVD recorder, you can instant or timed record.

Good luck

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18 Oct 2011 15:54 by pegeen Star rating. 50 posts Send private message

 Hi Kevin,thank you for you reply. I can already see Sky through the recorder and can record but not on the timer.

When you say a roof aerial I assume you mean a Spanish aerial. Now I haven't got a roof aerial but an indoor aerial which enables me to watch Spanish TV.So maybe I could try that. Would I have to unplug the scart lead from the DVD recorder?

My TV is connected  via a scart lead to the Sky box and the Sky box is connected to the DVD recorder at the moment. 

I look forward to your reply Regards Peggy

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18 Oct 2011 18:28 by pegeen Star rating. 50 posts Send private message

 Hi again, I think I've cracked it but still got a few things to iron out.I followed your instructions and used the indoor aerial to tune the DVD player to the Spanish channels. I'll let LG,Amazon and Facebook know the good news. Bless all the lovely helpful techies on Eye on Spain. Thank you very much.Would it be OK to contact you if I don't sort out some teething problems that I am experiencing .Many thanks Peggy 


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