Astronomical Endesa Bill for Dec-Jan 2010

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24 Jan 2010 00:00 by pt11 Star rating. 5 posts Send private message

I have just received a bill for 200 euros for the month ending 11th Jan.

My neighbour received a bill for 100 euros even though he was not even in Spain for the entire period and the prior month his bill was 28 euros (when he was also not in spain).

Does anyone know what to do about the situation?

Is there an easy contact to resolve situation as surely this pricing is incorrect.

I presume that there is no way of changing the electricity provider?

Regards, Phil 

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24 Jan 2010 17:13 by peteha Star rating. 111 posts Send private message



i dont know where you have your property but Endesa the supplier on the CDS

charges every month but only reads the meter evry 2 months so one bill in 2

is an estimate.

check on your invoice top left under consumo electrico

if it says lectura estimada against one of the readings particularly the latest one, it may explain your problem





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24 Jan 2010 17:16 by foxbat Star rating in Granada. 1114 posts Send private message

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Check your TWO previous bills...

We too have had a big bill for the period Dec-Jan, in our case 432 Euros.

Our bill for  Sept-Oct was 168 Euros and the subsequent bills for Oct-Nov and Nov-Dec were both estimated readings and carried standing charges only,  with no amount being charged for actual power consumption. So effectively our latest bill is for the period October to January, and is probably correct.

I say probably correct because two weeks ago Endesa closed our existing works contract, cut off our supply and removed the meter so I have no means of actually checking the meter reading...

We are currently using un-metered electricity as a provisional solution (with Endesa's blessing, I hasten to add), pending the signing off of our new domestic contract and the fitment of a new meter..Changes to the law since 2007 meant that a lot of rework was required to the original installation; this and other additional paperwork requirements have cost us over 1000Euros...

During the winter months our leccy bill is always high; the house is active 24/7 with one bedroom, the bathroom and living room all being heated electrically. We  live in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada's, in a village halfway up a mountain and have a woodburner in the living room but despite our best efforts, stoking this beast is like stoking the Flying Scotsman and thus it is very expensive to run; far moreso then the electrc we tend not to use it unless it is exceptionally cold.

Yes, you can change supplier; see this link to Iberdrola as a suggested alternative. Before considering changing however you should be aware that in doing so you leave yourself open to a survey of your existing installation and if it isnt right up to date you will find yourself having to foot the bill for any rework necessary!

Hope some of this helps...



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25 Jan 2010 15:21 by pt11 Star rating. 5 posts Send private message

 thank you. very helpful.

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25 Jan 2010 15:37 by joanmalaga Star rating in Costa del Sol. 422 posts Send private message

Easy way to solve this if you are in Spain.  Go and check your meter and take a reading, if it is less go to the Sevillana office with the real reading and they will ammend the bills.


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25 Jan 2010 17:05 by Rosa Fay Star rating in Edinburgh. 31 posts Send private message

We had an unexpectedly high Endesa bill in the winter of 2008, when neither we, nor our co-owners, nor any renters had been in residence.  We later discovered that someone had stayed there during that period without our knowledge!

Could this have happened to your neighbour?

Hope you get it sorted out.

Rosa Fay

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25 Jan 2010 17:29 by KP Star rating. 229 posts Send private message

Just got my bill for Dec/Jan 58 euros (actual not estimate) and we live here (2 adults) but the house is really well insulated a key thing for any house. If you get an uptodate reading you can submit this online with Endesa and get a new bill sent to you.

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27 Jan 2010 21:27 by Marksfish Star rating in Vera, Almeria. 2472 posts Send private message

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 Got a bill for 85€ for December with no- one there except us for as week. Normal bill would be 30€  tops. Need to check this out next week.


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27 Jan 2010 22:20 by KP Star rating. 229 posts Send private message

Check to see if it is an actual or estimate reading, if it is an actual take a meter reading when you leave of the water and the electric, if there is an increase when you return then it may be somebody is using the property without your consent, has anybody got a key? For properties that are not being used your bill should be for standing charges only.

I'm afraid it seems to happens a lot and most people don't ever question it. I know of some owners that rent their property through agents and the agents rent them out with telling the owners! I am not saying all agents do this before there is a stream of posts but it is very important to know who you are dealing with!

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28 Jan 2010 13:02 by Rosa Fay Star rating in Edinburgh. 31 posts Send private message

Another thing which we have noticed in 2009 - now that every second month is estimated, the estimate seems to be based on the actual consumption during the same month of the previous year.  Any adjustment has then been made when the meter has been read the following month.

We were suspicious of our excessive bill in the winter of 2008 because the meters were still being read every month then.  We had been puzzled when a prospective long-term tenant accompanied by a (new) agent went to view and discovered the place newly-vacated - to the best of our knowledge, the place had been cleaned after the last holiday renters during the October half term and had been (or should have been) empty for six weeks!  The huge bill confirmed our suspicions.  Hope this hasn't happened to you because it's not a nice feeling.

Rosa Fay

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28 Jan 2010 16:09 by KP Star rating. 229 posts Send private message

I think the only way to nip this in the bud is to get your tenants to sign a declaration when they move in of the meter readings and again when they leave before they get their bond/deposit back otherwise your profits are going to be dwindling or better still get a good agent.

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28 Jan 2010 21:18 by sandra Star rating in . 776 posts Send private message

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Years ago we booked two weeks in an apartment on a complex in Tenerife with one of the leading tour operators.After we had been there three days there was a knock on the door and a chap from the reception told us we would have to be moved as the owner has arrived unexpectantly and wanted to gain access.

Reluctantly we moved, and fortunately it was  to a larger and much nicer accommodation.

Four days later there was again a knock on the door and we were asked to move again but without an explanation. This time we were offered a six bedroom villa on the edge of the complex, beautiful as it was, we refused to be moved again.

It was pretty obvious the properties were being rented out and the rents pocketed by the reception staff.

We went to look at an apartment in Estepona which employed two virtually full-time women in reception. The chap who took us round -a friend not an agent- told us it was an open secret the women rented out   apartments unbeknown to the trusting owners. They had been conned into leaving keys with them for the purpose of gaining access in case of burst pipes or some other such situation which might require emergency measures in the owners absence.

I imagine it happens alot especially when the apartments are rented out and an agency deals with the cleaning and changeovers. They know exactly when it is going to be occupied until one day the owner arrives unexpectedly. 

Perhaps someone with experience of renting can tell us how best to avoid this.







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