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28 Jun 2022 9:23 PM:

 “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."

Thank you ads for highlighting this petition again.

I happened to see this when out with a few friends and we have all signed. I had already signed and so I signed for my husband this time.

Anything that can help these poor souls and put a stop to Putins evil actions is worth trying.It also helps to ease our sense of helplessness when seeing the awfulness that is happening in Ukraine.

I have pasted the link to my Facebook page and hope it will generate even more signatures.❤️❤️

Thread: International AVAAZ petition

28 Mar 2022 12:05 PM:


Thread: International AVAAZ petition

09 Apr 2021 2:49 AM:

If costs are awarded then I would expect to recieve ,on top of the amount claimed, all costs incurred. That is lawyers upfront fees paid plus any other costs which are permitted to claim. You need to know what costs the court has awarded i.e., full or part. and see proof of the courts decision.



Thread: Court costs

23 Feb 2021 6:39 PM:

On Tuesday 20th October 2020 the Judge  scheduled a Final Hearing in our case against Banco Popular. 
In April 2005 we paid our initial deposit to Banco Pastor (who were subsequently taken over by Banco Popular) for an apartment that was promised to be completed by Christmas that year.

In June 2008 after a visit to the local planning department we cancelled the contract and engaged Maria at Costa Luz Lawyers to take up our case for the return of our deposit plus our substantial stage payment..

We were on the verge of selling our home to meet the cost of completing the purchase when, after the  visit to the local planning department, we discovered that all the assurances given by the builders of the imminent  handing over of our property were far from the truth. 

Funds (obtained via a charge on our home) that  we transferred to Spain in readiness for the move were swiftly repatriated and the legal process started for return of our deposit. We had had enough of the delays, excuses and downright lies from both the developer and our crooked lawyers who failed to obtain the promised ,and contracted, Bank Guarantee.

It has been a long, stressful  and expensive slog to get to this stage.
Our retirement plans were completely destroyed but we are now hopeful of a  fair and final judgement and most of all closure to the whole debacle.

And we are still awaiting a judgement on our case !

Thread: Still Waiting.........

29 Nov 2020 1:52 PM:

As usual Ads has most eloquently described ; the status quo that existed during the so called Spanish Property Boom and, the ongoing problems of trying to retrieve your deposits and achieve some form of justice by the way of adequate interest,compensation and full reimbursement of all legal fees.
 This all being the situation we found ourselves in in 2008 after purchasing an off plan property in 2003.

After twelve years, we are still awaiting justice. The courts are so slow and even the outcome of our most recent, and eagerly awaited, court case (which took place on the 20th October) has been delayed.  It is frustrating and becomes

a dilemma regarding who and what to believe when  the lawyer, who initially welcomed us with open arms, now seems irritated by our rare  by straight forward request for information about the result of the case.

Hopefully, it will all be settled one day soon and the successes we read about on Eye on Spain wil one day be ours.



This message was last edited by sandra on 29/11/2020.
Thread: CostaLuz Lawyers are the best


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