Qualification required to use public transport in the UK...

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16 Aug 2009 00:00 by foxbat Star rating in Granada. 1114 posts Send private message

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This from MSN News 16 August...

Schoolboy gains bus qualification

Schoolboy gains bus qualification
A schoolboy has gained a qualification for getting on a bus - despite not knowing he had taken the test.
Bobby McHale, 15, received a letter from an exam board recognising his ability to walk to the bus stop, wait for it to arrive and to board the vehicle.
It came from the Assessment and Qualifications Alliance, the largest of the three English exam boards, and was titled Using Public Transport (Unit 1).
I have absolutely no comment to make apart from;
a) Do you still pass if you get on the wrong bus?
b) Has the UK completely taken leave of it's senses.
c) Have the examination authorities nothing better to do?




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16 Aug 2009 07:55 by pilgrim Star rating in Costa Calida. 234 posts Send private message

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Maybe just  another case of the laughing stock jobsworthies, trying to fill their time??
I am sure these people must live in some sort of isolated insular vacuum.



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16 Aug 2009 09:49 by philevans Star rating in Axminster Devon & Sa.... 187 posts Send private message

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I can actually see the logic in this one.

If an assessor gets £20 per unit, someone stands to make a lot of money

what next

Ordering a Taxi

Buying a Takeaway whilst pi**ed

Still its god thiy ave 1 fir spelin

Typical UK



What you see is what you get 


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16 Aug 2009 13:04 by kev2006n Star rating in Sussex and Playa Fla.... 343 posts Send private message

 Was the boy disabled in any way and therefore it was a milestone for him to do this? Otherwise I think we have lost the plot totally!

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16 Aug 2009 13:29 by foxbat Star rating in Granada. 1114 posts Send private message

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Just your average run of the mill teenager caught up in todays beaurocracy...

Top Google response to the subject ine 'Using Public transport Module 1'


Speaking as one who used to drive a bus in some of the not-so-pleasant areas of Portsmouth, I particularly like the forum response item 4...it is oh so true...and one of many reasons why I gave up the job after 6 months...





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