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14 Aug 2009 00:00 by foxbat Star rating in Granada. 1114 posts Send private message

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Having a browse around the Spanish CAA website I found an announcement that stated that Ryanair are now operating a daily service from Granada-Jaen airport to Madrid.

Now I have, as you know, very strong reservations about Ryanair, but if it means I don’t have to drive down to the cattle market called Malaga Airport, I will consider most other options, especially given that I live about 15-20 minutes away from GRX.
So I did a little investigating to see if Ryanair’s GRX-MAD service could be of any use to us when coupled with their MAD-LGW service.

Departure time from GRX depends on what day of the week you choose to travel; on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday, the flight leaves Granada at 0810, arriving Madrid at 0905. On Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday it departs at 1750 arriving Madrid 1845.

The onward Ryanair flight to London Gatwick departs at 1915; it cannot therefore considered as a connection on Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday given that Ryanair close their gates 40 minutes before departure ie when the flight from Granada is still in the air… and on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday would be passengers for London are going to be hanging around Madrid for 10 hrs…so that’s not really a connection either…

I have a sneaky feeling that on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday the aircraft used for the MAD-LGW flight is in fact the same aircraft that is used for the GRX-MAD flight…with a 30 minute turn-round time at MAD the timings are about right…but if this is the case the flight would not be available for through passengers because Ryanair don’t have a licence to operate a through service GRX-LGW.

Bloody shame really…but typical Ryanair…!

On a slightly different tack, I then posed the question to myself what about BA / Iberia GRX-LGW and came across something which defies all logic…

Taking a typical day (Friday 28th August) GRX-LGW ONE WAY; one flight only because only one Iberia flight serves LGW; it departs at GRX at 0950, change at MAD the fare comes in at a staggering 1422 Euros…ONE WAY!

If however I pair that outbound flight with a return flight from LGW on Sept 29th, again changing at MAD, the total RETURN fare comes in at just 427 Euros…

I don’t think even Mr Spock could explain the logic behind that sort of pricing…




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15 Aug 2009 11:22 by claire T Star rating in Torremendo, Orihuela. 689 posts Send private message

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Hi Foxbat - I totally agree with you. 

This summer I went to the US with a friend from Glasgow and we found a deal for the 7 flights involved for about £600.  It meant going from Glasgow via Amsterdam so I thought I could have a few days in Glasgow on the way out and then,on the way home, I would just skip the final leg of the journey (Amsterdam to Glasgow) and get a flight from Amsterdam to Alicante.  However, if I wanted to not take the last flight the price jumped to over £1200!  I then asked the airline if I could simply "miss" the final flight and they said no as my luggage would be booked through to Glasgow!

So I had to go all the way back to Glasgow and arrived an hour after the only connection to Alicante - which meant I had to stay a further night in Glasgow before flying home to Alicante. 

... and my return flights Glasgow to Alicante were over 200€ too!

Had a wonderful holiday though!!



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15 Aug 2009 14:04 by foxbat Star rating in Granada. 1114 posts Send private message

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As I said even Mr Spock would have problems explaining the logic of airline pricing...!

When Monarch flew their last flight from LGW to GRX the fare from Gatwick to Granada was over £250  but the return flight from Granada to Gatwick was just £3...

As a company Monarch deliberately priced themselves out of existance on this route; after rescheduling the departure time from Gatwick from 1415 to 0630, thus ensuring that South Coast passengers either had to front up at the airport by taxi or stay overnight to check in at 0430, long before the trains start runningthey noted an immediate decrease in the number of passengers travelling so they put up the fares in an attempt to recover the lost revenue. They then had the nerve to suggest that it was falling load factors that caused them to abandon the route...whereas the real reason was that Granada Airport couldn't afford to subsidise Monarch to the extent that they do Ryanair.

Ryanair have since gone on to exploit their position even further by introducing more flights from Granada, to such destinations as Madrid,  Barcelona (actually Girona), Bologna,and Milan (actually Bergamo). Their original Granada -UK routes remain as before to East Midlands,Liverpool and Stansted.

It remains to be seen whether the STN- GRX route will survive the Stansted shake-up this winter that M.O'L has promised / threatened if his flight crews continue to press for Union recognition...

BTW... Following on from my thread starter I had a look into Ryanairs T's & C's and came across this little gem...



Ryanair is a 'point-to-point' airline. We therefore do not offer, and cannot facilitate, the transfer of passengers or their baggage to other flights, whether operated by Ryanair or other carriers. Passengers should not book onward flights connections with Ryanair or indeed with any other air or surface carrier.





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18 Aug 2009 17:46 by Poppyseed Star rating. 892 posts Send private message

We have sorry experience of the 'point to point'. My OH used to fly Sweden to Germany (can't remember which airport), and from there to Girona. The flight from Sweden to Germany was once delayed so he missed the flight to Girona and had to spend the night in Germany and buy another ticket to Girona! On another occasion the flight from Girona was delayed so he missed the last train to Benicarlo and had to spend the night in Barcelona. The joys of Ryanair! But they are still the best option for us most of the time.

Regards, Poppyseed




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