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Soy... un hombre

Sobre mi... grew up on the Isle of Sheppey: Educated Eventually: now living in Devon

Vivo en... Axminster Devon & Sabinillas

Me gusta... music, All things Spanish

Trabajo de... Director of IT/Programmer

Mi firma en el foro es...

What you see is what you get 


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23 Oct 2012 08:33:

These might be worth a look



Thread: What grows in Spain?

11 Oct 2012 13:22:

I wonder if its because you can now choose your seat before you fly for £3. They will lose a lot of revenue from speedy boarding. May have something to do with it!!!

Last year for christmas week Bristol to Malaga 450. Gatwick - Gibraltar 250

This year Bristol is cheaper the Gatwick??????

I dont understand it either

Thread: Easyjet flights - substantially higher in 2013?

22 Aug 2012 19:00:

why not check this out http://download.televisionfanatic.com/index.jhtml?spu=true&partner=XPxdm016&gclid=CIC6q4LY-7ECFYYTfAodkDUA9g


I expect there is others too

google 'TV Channels'

Thread: Would like to watch English speaking TV

19 May 2012 15:08:

These people do themselves a disfavour, they are missing out on so much

I went to night school to learn spanish (the fundamentals) 25 years ago, I then got an a weekend ferry to Santander to try out my new lingo. The first bar I went in, there was a man in his 50s infornt of me at the counter, he said "Coffee" at which point the barman said "Cafe con leche", the man continued "No Coffee". This went on for another 3 or 4 times, all the while the man just got louder and louder, eventually he walked out, which was probably just as well as I was beginning to lose my patience with him.

I can honestly say, I felt embarrased to be British. (Hope he died of thirst)

Since then I have made lots of friends in Spain, Spanish and English, and get involved in all types of conversation - its Brilliant

To anyone too embarresed to try- DONT BE, the Spanish are very patient and if you try they will help you all they can

Thread: No Brits please!

15 May 2012 14:02:

Maybe the tide is turning




Thread: Legal tip 758. More Case Law on Bank´s liabilities for off plan refunds 15 May 2012


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