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13 Aug 2009 00:00 by Rach-Sam Star rating. 4 posts Send private message

Hi all

Me and my friend are looking to move to Spain early next year ,

We are Hoping for bar jobs and we think we've already got an apartment lined up.

Weve Covered the basics like spainish bank accounts  , Paying Bills , Water and Gas etc

We have come to crossroads though on the wages front

So we are just wondering if anyone has any info on what the wages are like for bar jobs

And if anyone knows an average figure for what we are looking at earn monthly / per hour

Any information would be greatly recieved

Many Thanks

Rach x x



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13 Aug 2009 21:34 by JPD Star rating in Hull, East Yorkshire.... 385 posts Send private message

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Thr average bar wage is around 5/6 euros per hour but tips can really make a big difference especially if the bar has waiter service our next door neighbour can earn an extra 30 euros a shift

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14 Aug 2009 00:17 by Rach-Sam Star rating. 4 posts Send private message


Is that a standard wage throughout spain ?

  Rach x

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14 Aug 2009 01:20 by kev2006n Star rating in Sussex and Playa Fla.... 343 posts Send private message

 Hi Rach-Sam, Spain seems to have the highest unemployment levels in Europe. If you need to earn money to get by I would have thought you should find yourself a job before entering into deals to rent flats etc. Only my humble opinion.

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14 Aug 2009 09:54 by JPD Star rating in Hull, East Yorkshire.... 385 posts Send private message

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It seems to be on the Costa Blanca anyway

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14 Aug 2009 10:50 by Emerald Property Management Star rating in Estepona,Malaga. 180 posts Send private message


On the CDS it is around €5/6 p/h. However, as Kev said,jobs are not easy to come by and alot of bosses tend to not worry too much how they treat their staff as they can easily find someone else willing to work for them. Alot of bars and restaraunts are not offering contracts or are offering part time contract when you are working full time hours. This is illegal and hefty fines are issued to those caught. You MUST get a contract as this also means your employer has to make social security payments on your behalf. In order to get a contract you have to have an NIE number so you need to get an NIE before you can get a job. Make sure you have enough money with you to cover yourself while you are waiting for your NIE to come through and while you are looking for a job.

On a happier note, I once worked in a restaraunt for €5 p/h,with a contract and our tips at the end of the week doubled our wages! Also, because I had a contract, when I fell pregnant I was totally covered by the social security payments I had paid. If you are working somewhere busy you can afford to live on your tips and save your wages.

Hope this helps alittle?


Vicci Healy  Emerald Property Management and Building Specialists ...

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14 Aug 2009 12:08 by Elizabeth Jane Star rating. 6 posts Send private message

I agree the employment situation everywhere is not good at the moment but speaking as a person who has not yet made the permenant move out to Spain yet - how can you find bar work etc whilst you are still living in the UK?

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14 Aug 2009 12:21 by kev2006n Star rating in Sussex and Playa Fla.... 343 posts Send private message

 I don't think it will be easy. Plus the peak of the summer will be over shortly. I think you need to have enough money to survive in Spain whilst you look for a job. Plus everyone has the same idea of working in a bar to make ends meet. I think some radical rethinking is needed otherwise it will end up as nothing more than an extended holiday.

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14 Aug 2009 13:48 by Goldie Star rating. 154 posts Send private message

I think you will find it hard to find employment  and the language may be a problem, if it was me I would make sure that I had an open plane ticket back to the uk, just in case things dont work out.

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15 Aug 2009 22:05 by Rach-Sam Star rating. 4 posts Send private message

Thanks very much for your comments , it has been a great help .

We had a plan to save enough money to rent an apartment for a month for example then whilst there find a job

and plan to live there for about 6 months as we have research that most employees offer 3 , 6 and 9 month contracts.

We were planning on going there March / April time , just in time for the ' Summer Boom '


Many Thanks once again

Rach x

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