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26 Oct 2006 00:00 by Ray Apperley Star rating in Gloucestershire. 18 posts Send private message

I would like to express my caution based on experience of 2 years ago. I recieved a promise the a building licence and bank guaratees were in place before I placed a reservation deposit with a agent called Palerma Properties.  This was not the case as when my Solicitor checked as they were pressing me for 30% I was warned not to go any further. All readers therefore beware of using this agent.

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26 Oct 2006 14:07 by patpur Star rating in Castle Bromwich Bir.... 389 posts Send private message

Hi Ray do you mean Palmera properties,as they seem to  be in a race to be the worest Estate agents in Spain they promise  everything and actually do nothing.Ask for progress reports on your development,you will hear nothing,then they will send for you to sign the deeds saying the development is ready,when you get there it is not ready.then they will take you to sign the deeds,you will get a super fast explanation of the process get whisked to another room where they will pass papers to you to sign while they all talk spanish (about 6 of them around the table which makes it very imposing) and the palmera solicitor just saying yes thats alright sign  here for every bit of paper they put in front of you.Especially if the Builder is running out of completion time.Dont sign anything until everything is ready they will say you have to or you will lose your apartment which is rubbish because the builder is the one who will lose out for running out of time.Do not use Palmeras Solicitors They only protect the Builder and not the client (you) get an independent solicitorand get your fees back asthey do nothing for them. When you do eventually sign its thanks we have had your money now find your own way to the airport.lf you have any snagging problems they will take note nod there heads say yes this will be done and then do nothing at all.So as you can see you get No start service No middle service and certainly No after service.l would recommend that no one touchs this company with a barge pole.You have been warned.Regards to everyone Pat.

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26 Oct 2006 15:32 by difi Star rating in Roda Golf . 146 posts Send private message

Palmera Properties should not be confused with Palmera Estates who are a new company whom I can highly recommend.

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01 Nov 2006 09:10 by stan1754 Star rating. 6 posts Send private message

Hi, If  you are looking to get your money back, i have a contact, no win no fee. regards.

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07 Nov 2006 17:29 by poulton Star rating. 19 posts Send private message

I have been informed that the Palmera properties solicitor is also a director of the company not sure if this is true but???

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19 Nov 2006 11:11 by madelaine Star rating. 7 posts Send private message

Hi Stan

We are one of many, trying to get a deposit back from Palmera Properties, even have a letter from them agreeing to this dated 29/03/06 all be it minus agency fees. But they have still not honoured this, even though we do have a solicitor. We have been told that in order to get Palmera Properties to honour this letter, we will probably need to go to Court.  If we do go to Court we should then be able to get agency fees back, plus interest, but the costs of taking the case to court will cost, more than the agency fees. We would we would prefer it if Palmera Properties give us our refund as promised, minus agency fees, so that we can put this behind us. Would be interested in the no win no fees that you mentioned. Did you take them to court? how long is the court procedure?  Thanks Sue

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29 Nov 2006 16:00 by raquel Star rating in Valencia. 19 posts Send private message

I am sorry to hear of everyone´s problems with these agents. I work for an agent (who I must say is excellent!) and we have people coming into us from a certain urbanisation in my area who are experiencing problems as the whole thing is totally illegal, the stories I hear are heart breaking but there is nothing we can do to help them. They have handed over money, signed for properties that don´t have deeds, water or electricity, some are only half built and one has even been sold to two diferent families. They are all now wanting to get out! how do they expect us to sell something that we know is illegal and without any of the above mentioned! I like to sleep sound at night but unfortunately there is probably someone out there who will do it!



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01 Dec 2006 20:42 by poulton Star rating. 19 posts Send private message

Palmera Properties Took £200 to arrange the N.I..E number etc. then insisted that they fly over (£400 ) to sigh papers for NIE also they will lose the house if  they did come over within 7 days, then hassled them to complete, when they arrived and asked about Nie only to be told no longer able to arrange it, so do it yourself as to a refund NOT possible

 friends sold their own property  but P.P insisted on 6000 e or they would not allow it to go through.

Avoid at all costs  


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02 Dec 2006 10:40 by patpur Star rating in Castle Bromwich Bir.... 389 posts Send private message

Hi everyone that does not surprise me with Palmera Properties you pay your money and get nothing,as l said months ago anyone out there thinking of buying there Spanish dream home do not use Palmera at any costs,unlessyou like living in a nightmare and have plenty of money to lose.Regards Pat.

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02 Dec 2006 13:55 by haydngj Star rating in ALGORFA. 403 posts Send private message

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hi all  also be careful with prestigeproperties overseas they are palmera properties trading under that name with the exact same developments as palmera . i think they also trade under another name or names I'll try to find out what other names they have

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02 Dec 2006 16:46 by patpur Star rating in Castle Bromwich Bir.... 389 posts Send private message

Hi all, haydngi yes l think your right about Prestigeproperties also check out solmar if you can Regards Pat.

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02 Dec 2006 18:54 by davidwilliam Star rating. 10 posts Send private message

I seem to recall the name Internatioal Property Link Ltd. being alleged as a reincarnation of Palmera Properties.

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14 Dec 2006 11:28 by MaggieB Star rating in Dunfermline,La Marin.... 56 posts Send private message

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Does anybody have any information on Palmeral Villas,Jumilla,Murcia?  We paid deposit for a property there 2 years ago and still no construction work started.  Went to offices in Alicante in July to be told work was starting Oct 2006, was informed in Oct work would not start until early next year!! Requested bank guarantee constantly for last 18 months without success so now in process of getting legal advise.  Any information would be appreciated. Thanks.


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03 Jan 2007 17:29 by gunnerfitzy Star rating in Cork, Ireland & Form.... 70 posts Send private message

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Has anyone any positive experiences of Palmera Properties?

They are (glup) my agents for an apartment in Block 5, Mar Y Sol, Formentera del Segura, Alicante.

I'm quite concerned about the comments being made about the company. I have to admit that, in general, if I had problems or questions their office was usually quite helpful. Though I may just have been extremely lucky!!

Most definately I will be getting my own solicitor and snagging proffessional for the completion.

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05 Jan 2007 10:32 by Maxine Wilde Star rating in Leyland, Lancs. 24 posts Send private message

We have completed on our property with Palmera at Mirador De Las Palmeras (same development as 'Patpur').  We too thought we were having a nightmare but you have to put it into perspective - would you buy a property in the UK that isn't going to be built for years from an estate agent and pay a deposit amounting to thousands to said estate agent as opposed to the builders without contracting an independent solicitor?

We have had issues with Palmera with regard to specification but in fairness, we have had that in the UK when we have purchased new.

We did contract an independent solicitor when it came to completion but just wished we had done that in the first place - they were worth every penny if only to stop Palmera trying to make us complete before we were ready, ableit they helped us sort our NIE numbers when we were there to complete and also sorted out our utilities connections, non-residency with the town hall, etc.

Must be said, we are delighted with our purchase, we took a chance on the word of a salesman on the phone and a quick visit to a bit of overgrown grass but I think our satisfaction is due to the salesman at their East/West? Sussex office at the time realising what our exacting requirements were with regard to location/facilities.

I know it is alright for me to pass comment 'after the horse has bolted' but regardless of what stage you are at I would urge you to bring an Independent Spanish Lawyer without delay.

The solicitor Palmera 'includes in their fees' actually works for Palmera so how independent is that?  Also, I think they have a 'common' director with virtually every builder they use, they certainly did in our case!

Proceed with caution, without rose coloured spectacles and I'm sure all will be fine in the end - just check your contracts because this is the only legally binding article with regard to specification, size, etc, etc - no sales literature has any legal contractual value (eg; we didn't even get wall cupboards in the kitchen 'cos it just said 'fitted kitchen' in our contract.

Also, if there is a furniture package included - don't expect too much.  If you can negotiate a deal for a reduction and source your own furniture, I'd suggest you do that, if they've told you to look on Sol Rent for what you can expect, forget it, that is not what you will get!  W wouldn't bother buying a 'furniture package', furniture is so cheap in Spain you'd just have to order approx 8 weeks before you wanted it but if you were to order say 12 months in advance without a definate delivery date (to tie in with your visits over there).  Oh, and don't think that you will actually get the white goods, kettles, toasters, cutlery, etc, etc if they have told you that you will.

Well, hope we have all learned something - we'll certainly know how to go about it next time if this experience hasn't put you off completely!  I'll be buying in Spain from a Spanish Estate Agent and contracting a Spanish Solicitor before I pay a penny in future.  Oh, and perhaps we'd better stop watching a Place in the Sun - I know that's what started me off wanting a place over there!


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05 Jan 2007 10:54 by gunnerfitzy Star rating in Cork, Ireland & Form.... 70 posts Send private message

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Hi Maxine,

Thank you for your response.

I do realise now that I should have contracted an indepentent solicitor long before now but I will be they will still be worth every penny.

There is apparently a furniture and white goods package included (hopefully) but regreatfully this isn't stated in the contract. Only in a signed letter from Palmera. I can only wait and see what, if anything, is there on the day.

I can most definately say that I have learned alot so far from my first property purchase in Spain..... and I know the learning hasn't stopped yet!!



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05 Jan 2007 11:07 by Maxine Wilde Star rating in Leyland, Lancs. 24 posts Send private message

Hiya Michael

As I say we contracted our solicitor (in Torrevieja) at a very late stage - the total cost was supposed to be 1200 euros, 600 of which was payable up front.  We haven't paid any more since and we completed in May!

They did the paperwork for our NIE's and told us exactly what to do, it was easy and we saved (is it) 200 euro's per person Palmera charge.  Also, they arranged our water/electricity connection when the habitation certs were issued - again you'll find someone out there offering to do it for around 200 euros.  They did whatever they needed to do with the town hall to set up our non-residency payments.  They spoke fluent English and translated everything we needed to know.  Also, they were invaluable at the Notary, spent lots of time with us making sure we understood and that the deeds were correct.  A few days after completion we went into their office and they went through everything again and told us what we needed to do going forward (eg; collecting the original deeds, etc).  All in all (even though we haven't paid the full bill as yet) I don't think you'd get that time and service from a UK solicitor for around £800.

They will do our annual fiscal returns to pay any taxes due over there so that it will not affect our tax in the UK but they will charge for this.


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05 Jan 2007 14:49 by Smiley Star rating in San Pedro de Alcanta.... 2502 posts Send private message

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Hi Maxine I am sure that you had great service from your brief but while you make the comparison between UK lawyers and Spanish it is important to remember a couple of things - I am not a lawyer (UK or Spanish) and you will know if you have read previous threads of mine that I will be the very first to knock people where I think it is due. Lawyers in the UK perform a wholly different function to those in Spain in terms of searches etc. They perhaps are not necessarily as personable or friendly in terms of setting up utilities contracts etc but then in the UK it is a lot more straightforward to do that oneself. They also have to be qualified in the UK and members of the Law Society so that you know you have redress if there is negligence. Mush like the UK it would be very difficult to find a lawyer here willing to sue another one if you needed to, so important to remember to use one that is a member of the Spanish College of Law.

Gunnerfitzy when you appoint your new lawyer ask them for their Terms of Business in writing and ask them whether their fee is all inclusive of the extras such as NIEs and utilities contracts etc. Many many lawyers do not have TOB's and these things get added on after the event.



Smiley -

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23 Jan 2007 15:38 by FibbyUK Star rating in UK, Surrey & Playa F.... 2349 posts Send private message

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Just saw this posting on another forum

I have no knowledge of any truth in it, just thought I would post it here for anyone who is interested in Palmera Properties

palmera properties

, stan
1-23, 2007, 15:13 hr
it has come to my notice that the above company are now getting ride of staff from top to bottem, all that have brought from them make sure you get your deposits back. good luck.

react to this message in the forumsend a reaction directly to stan
Kind regards,



One off fee to pay your own La Renta tax (210 Form)
Check out my website:


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23 Jan 2007 16:05 by JeansSis Star rating. 2376 posts Send private message

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This message was last edited by JeansSis on 5/16/2007.

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