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08 May 2011 12:50:

We have lived in Spain for two years now.  We were told to (and did) take out Residencia after 3 months but could not become Tax Residents (ie. make an application under the UK /Spain dual taxation agreement) until we had been Resident in Spain for 6 months in one calendar year.  As we became Residents in the month of August we had to wait until the end of June of the following year before we met that requirement. 

Incidentally, once you start living in Spain, regardless of residency, you have to go along to your local town hall and apply for your "Padron" (Empadronamiento) which is usually free or costs about 1€ and which you are then supposed to carry with you at all times. This is supposed to be renewed annually.

Thread: 3 or 6 months are you considered a resident in spain?

16 Sep 2007 17:04:

Fibby - you might be interested to know that Monarch fly into Murcia from Gatwick - and do have cheap fares.....

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10 Jul 2007 14:46:

There is a "long term rentals" section under the "Members Properties to Rent" link on this website.

Thread: Looking for long term Rental URGENT!! from 08.08.07

02 May 2007 10:12:

Hi Mike,

Thanks so much for the information you sent - extremely helpful (and daunting!) - I think we'd better start now!



Thread: 10000000's of questions about moving permanently to Spain.

26 Oct 2006 15:32:

Palmera Properties should not be confused with Palmera Estates who are a new company whom I can highly recommend.
Thread: Palmera Properties


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