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27 Aug 2016 10:56:

Hi Steve remortgage in Spain is complicated and horrendously expensive. Typically 6 - 7% of the mortgage balance as taxes Notary bank charges etc all have to be paid again. 

Based on your question impractical as well as there are no interest only products since the demise of the non Spanish lenders that were operating in Spain. 

Thread: spanish mortgages

18 Aug 2016 12:20:

As Team GB says Karcher rules - any number of different models to suit budget and I can recommend the long handles "circular" brush attachment for getting into cracks and crevices - be careful with tiling though because if they havent been well tiled or grouted as is often the case here or the mortar is old the pressure of the water can loosen it and get under the tiles 

Thread: Patio Pressure Washers

26 May 2016 18:33:

Hi Maria thank you - I hadn't gone anywhere and dip in and out occasionally and keep up to date with your posts on other threads - I trust that you and the family are all well :) 

Rgds P 

Thread: spanish mortgages

26 May 2016 00:29:

Welcome :) 

Thread: spanish mortgages

25 May 2016 19:53:

Thats Sabadell for you.....although many banks now require a copy of a Nota Simple for a property to approve owing to the number of people asking for mortgages who then fail to go forward on a transaction. For all of our clients we do a study of their economic information provide a quote that is subject to supporting documentation - which is the closest you will get to an AIP in Spain. If there is a grey area we will collect and package the documents and submit to lender/s for a verbal agreement and proposed terms.  

Furthermore we recommend to all clients that any deposits paid (even a simple 3000 Euro reservation fee) is paid only via their lawyer (ideally held in lawyers escrow) with a binding agreement that the deposit is paid subject to valuation and mortgage offer. A mortgage offer can be affected significantly by a valuation (subject to the type of property), especially in the case of rustic properties as bank valuations rarely meet the valuation of sale by vendor as they are deemed high risk by the banks. Some banks won't even lend on them at all. Thus if you have taken the correct precautions any monies paid should be secure. 

Thread: spanish mortgages


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