Car hire at Malaga Airport- full tank/full tank!

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12 Jul 2008 12:00 AM by LunnB Star rating. 18 posts Send private message


We are flying to Malaga airport next week and I wondered if any one knows a company that hires cars on a full tank/ full tank basis.  We are only going for 4 days and there is absolutely no chance of us using a full tank of fuel. I strongly object to taking back half a tank and getting no refund!

Lunn B

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12 Jul 2008 2:09 PM by morerosado Star rating in Guardamar del Segura.... 6927 posts Send private message

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Hi Lunn, there's endless threads on this full/full lark. You just need to read, read, & do more reading as we all have to do. 

If it was Alicante or Murcia I'd say use Econorent booked through but they don't rent out of Malaga.









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12 Jul 2008 2:44 PM by samson Star rating in Solihull/Benalmadena. 126 posts Send private message

Record are the only company in Malaga airport i know of that offer full/full now.

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15 Jul 2008 8:27 PM by LunnB Star rating. 18 posts Send private message


Thanks for that. I have now booked with Record on the full/full basis. The price is very competitive too. 
Regards, Lunn B

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15 Jul 2008 8:55 PM by samson Star rating in Solihull/Benalmadena. 126 posts Send private message

Hope you remembered to join the members club. You get points for each booking you make that convert into euros. On a weeks hire its usually about 6 euros which you can either take of your next booking for continue to save them up.

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15 Jul 2008 9:40 PM by bobaol Star rating. 2255 posts Send private message

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Think I mentioned it before but the Record bit was not exactly how it seemed.  They advertise half and half (pick it up with half and bring it back with half) and you don't pay for petrol.  However ,the reality was they gave you a full tank (and charged you for the extra) and you brought it back half full.  The other option was pay for the full tank and bring it back empty but didn't actually offer the pick it up full and bring it back full if the rental was over 4 days.  This was, however, at Alicante so hope Malaga has a better deal.  For the first time, Auriga Crown wouldn't give me the full/full option on my last visit and was loathe to try bringing it back full just in case they wouldn't refund it like they have in the past.  I tried to use it all up but still had almost a quarter when I took it back so they must make a fortune from all of us.

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15 Jul 2008 10:58 PM by morerosado Star rating in Guardamar del Segura.... 6927 posts Send private message

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Bob, Econorent booked through gives you guaranteed full/full at Murcia & Alicante airport. (Just in case you haven't read the thread). We use them. Great prices & no cancellation charges. 16€ for the extra insurance per hire period too.

Econorent car hire only at Alicante & Murcia airports. A cut above the rest !

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16 Jul 2008 1:27 AM by FibbyUK Star rating in UK, Surrey & Playa F.... 2349 posts Send private message

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Book with Econorent early, they are very popular.............
Once you have booked your flights, even if it's months in advance, BOOK WITH ECONORENT immediately!
We once booked direct with Econorent in error, rather than via and when asked to pay for the fuel, we argued the toss, they made a phone call and we were granted full/full.
Great service from Econorent, nice people, can't wait to see them 2morrow when we arrive in Espania!
Also, Martin Day of is the most freindliest and helpful man I have ever mey on e-mail!!
And no, I don't work for, or are paid to promote either of these companies, just a customer...............




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16 Jul 2008 8:52 AM by semijubilada Star rating in London/Torrevieja. 1052 posts Send private message

Record have changed their policy regarding fuel but as I booked through DoYouSpain and the voucher stated I didn't have to pay for fuel I stood my ground and refused to pay. 

This happened on two trips, the first one they wanted me to pay for a full tank, the second they said I could pay for 1/4 or half a tank at a reduced rate.  As you never know what the capacity of the tank is and how many miles you are going to do each trip I declined.

Last two trips I've used Econorent and will stick with them, they are only a small company so it is important you book early.  Although I did read that an email to Martin Day can also produce results if the website says no cars available

The best thing about using this company is when you arrive you can sail past all the long queues at Alicante walk to the car park and find that only one person is there before you.  

A lot of people don't like using white vans out of the car parks, but this one is worth it.

Although if it gets too popular then I might have a long wait so perhaps I'd better recant what I said previously

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16 Jul 2008 9:04 AM by samson Star rating in Solihull/Benalmadena. 126 posts Send private message

People seem to have strayed from the original question of Full tank/Full tank at Malaga airport and now most of the replies are coming back referring to the policy at Alicante or Murcia airports. I used Record last week at Malaga and they was still using the full/full policy then. 
The only time they asked me to pay up front was when the fuel strike was on as they could only offer me a car with a quarter of a tank if i did not want to pay for a full tank. I declined and they was fine about it. I took the car with a quarter tank and had to return it with quarter tank. I got fuel no probs at the first garage i came across.

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17 Jul 2008 7:59 AM by omar1386 Star rating. 14 posts Send private message

Hi, I recently went to Malaga airport and all the car hire services I went through said they had a full/full system. It seems pretty common to me lol! x

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17 Jul 2008 12:50 PM by morerosado Star rating in Guardamar del Segura.... 6927 posts Send private message

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Omar, perhaps it is relevant then that you post all the car hire firms that you say do full/full at Malaga airport then, seeing as you know something most others don't, thank you.









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23 Jul 2008 4:39 PM by TechNoApe Star rating in Duquesa, Manilva. 1278 posts Send private message

Vip Supporter

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Hi All,

I must admit, I agree with Omar as all the hire firms we've ever dealt with have offered this service, however this may have changed due to the current oil prices?

We now always use Helle Hollis and they still offer their cars on a basis of full tank/full tank.

They do take a deposit on the fuel, but you get it all back if you return in full. If not they do like everyone else and charge on a quarter tank basis.

We always use them because of the fact tthat their cars are ALWAYS very, very new, have an excellent insurance package, and allow cross border for Gibraltar and Portugal, as not all companies allow the later.

The insurance package they offer also includes for collision waivers and bail bonds, which again some hire companies don't include as standard.

And again, you can join their owners club and gain discounts. 

PS. We've just come back from there last week, so it is possible it may have changed during that time, but I doubt it!

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Me, the Mrs and Rosie too! But we'll never, ever forget our Tyler!

We support AAA Abandoned Animals Marbella - Do you?

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24 Jul 2008 4:44 PM by Sonia El Star rating in Wales / Carvajal, F.... 212 posts Send private message

We used Record at Malaga a couple of weeks ago and only got a quarter of a tank.  When I queried it should be full I carefully read the Doyouspain voucher that stated - you will be supplied with fuel - no mention of how much.  

It was nearly midnight we had queued for about 45 minutes and were really tired so didn't bother but put in some fuel at the first station on A7 just in case. I'll admit I'd rather quarter of a tank than the full empty policy but it's a but unnerving late at night.  

The car was also filthy and obviously not been cleaned. No-one to check it out as usual.  So you have to do your own inspections for dents and bumps but who is going to believe you.  The car rental companies really are taking us all for a lovely profitable ride.

We've got the Insurance4carhire policy and they DO NOT like it at the desk when we refuse their extras issuing dire warnings about break down costs etc. 

The queues that night were at Record and Auriga other desks deserted. Has anyone used the Easyjet option? Most of the companies seem more expensive than these two so not risked it.

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25 Jul 2008 4:00 PM by LunnB Star rating. 18 posts Send private message

We used Record for our 4 day stay (arrived home last night) and had fuel on a full/full basis. Unfortunately we had to wait over an hour for the car and we were lucky as our cases came on the conveyer belt pretty quickly. The queue behind us was very long! The car we had was dirty and dented all down one side although the lady behind the desk pointed this out and stamped our receipt. We shall be looking for another company in future.

Lunn B

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25 Jul 2008 4:53 PM by Sonia El Star rating in Wales / Carvajal, F.... 212 posts Send private message

I wonder how long that car had been damaged?  When we checked in on 12.07 a lady came back to the desk as we were being processed to complain that their car was damaged - all down one side!  She was told to mark it on the form.  Don't know how she got on as we left the area but she was standing firm in refusing to take the car. Very difficult at midnight. These hire companies are really taking the P. 

A colleague who recently hired in Ireland said they were charged up front 100€ for fuel. So it's not just Malaga that are ripping us off.

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16 Sep 2008 11:53 AM by Kevin B Star rating in Kent and Duquesa. 34 posts Send private message

Hi All, 

This is my first post here. Just to say we used carmalaga on our last trip in August and they do full to full and include full insurance. The service was first class. They meet you at arrivals and take you to your car parked outside the arrivals hall. The whole process of picking up the car took less than 5 minutes. You drop the car off opposite the terminal building and they take you buy minibus to the departures lounge. the ride is less than a couple of minutes.

Absolutely brilliant service and I will definitely be using them next time.


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16 Sep 2008 4:41 PM by rodger Star rating in Lulworth, Dorset.. 59 posts Send private message

On the subject of RECORD, I will be picking up a car (ALICANTE) booked through BATH travel. The Contract is FULL/EMPTY. Last time I picked up a car from them they said the tank was full but it was empty. This time I will ask and remind them about the FULL/EMPTY and hope they've seen the booking prior to my arrival. Whatever happens I shall keep any petrol receipt if the tank is empty and hand it in to BATH Travel on my return (the date and time should prove that the tank was empty. Not thinking of argueing at the RECORD office then waiting for them to sort out a full tank.

Any other advice on hiring appreciated as I'm a bit green on this. Remember to take my driving license!

Thanks for your time.

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18 Sep 2008 10:23 AM by Sonia El Star rating in Wales / Carvajal, F.... 212 posts Send private message

Cautionery note re Record (and possibly other firms) at Malaga. Our flight was delayed for 2 hours (thank you Easyjet) and consequently by the time we landed arrived at the car hire place after 12:00 midnight and were charged 30€ extra due to the time. We argued that it was not our choice to arrive after midnight but the flight was delayed and that when it happened in July we had not been charged any extra.  The girl behind the desk then said we were calling her a liar and got very angry. As we didn't fancy a long walk home(!!) we capitulated and signed the forms.

Because we refuse their extra car insurance as we have the Insurance for Car Hire policy they insisted on taking an imprint of our credit card.  When we returned the car they said they were unable to give this back as it would be at the office not the airport. We insisted that they sign our hire agreement that the car was in good order. 

If they don't get you on the fuel they get you another way!!

We were told that the car had 7 litres of fuel and was quarter full, so we stopped at the first petrol station to fill up.  After 5.80€ the fuel started coming out?  With no car manual and no idea how the digital guage worked we gave up. After a few days driving we noticed that the digital markings had moved and actually the car had been full.  Unfortunately we realised this too late and didn't take full advantage of the extra fuel by taking a nice long trip.  Have to add that the car Renault Twingo but looked good but was rubbish at hills. 

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23 Sep 2008 10:42 PM by debbie 1964 Star rating in Stoke-on-Trent Staff.... 63 posts Send private message


I have booked with Econorent for half term week (27/10/08 -03/11/08) and have had a Berlingo(very good for golfers) for £88 full/full .Booked with them before and never any problems.We are picking it up from Alicante.If you need to book a car and dont want to get ripped off this is the company to go with.
We had a 9 seater in May and it cost £246 for the week.
If you are booking for a long period try SIXT, but go on the monarch airline site as you get a better deal than going direct,we had a Peugeot partner(like a Berlingo) for a month in July/Aug 26/7 - 22/8 for £344 but it was full/empty but you can use all of the fuel up in a month.Hope this is of some use to you.

Debbie & Nigel W

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