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Soy... un hombre

Sobre mi... I'm in IT.

Vivo en... Duquesa, Manilva

Me gusta... Does walking the Dog count as one?

Trabajo de... As I said - IT - Nutty Professor type!

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Me, the Mrs and Rosie too! But we'll never, ever forget our Tyler!

We support AAA Abandoned Animals Marbella - Do you?

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16 Aug 2011 4:06 PM:

If you want to send and receive mail to and from the UK, then may I suggest that you try Offex Spain, if you have an Offex in your area.

We use Offex Marbella, and they deliver your mail to an Offex point, which is usually a business in the area such as a Greeting Card shop for example, that offers the extra service as an Offex point.

We address our mail to the UK as normal and drop it off at the Offex point and pay for delivery (no stamp needed as they do that).

When people send us mail, they send it via a P.O Box address at Gatwick Airport, which is then delivered to our local Offex point for collection and we pay a small fee when we pick it up.

Our mail is delivered to the UK, or delivered here from the UK, within 3 to 5 working days!

You can also send Special Delivery items to and from the UK, and also parcels.

I can categorically say that we have never had post go missing whilst using their services.

Thread: Correos - Post

13 Aug 2011 6:14 PM:

Anybody get a good glimpse last night?


Thread: Big light show 11-13th August

10 Aug 2011 12:00 AM:

Hi everyone,

This week marks the return of one of the biggest light shows of the night sky!

Perseid Meteor Shower

We on the Costa Del Sol are in for what could be a truly spectacular event.

Look to the skies!

N.B. Always wanted to say that, since I love the X Files and Warehouse 13, and think 'Paul' is one of the best movies of all time!

P.S. Yes! I am kinda 'out there' at the moment, but then again can you blame me!?!?!

Thread: Big light show 11-13th August

10 Aug 2011 10:27 PM:

Honestly, I think everyone has missed the point...

This kind of behaviour from the youth of today cannot, and will not be tolerated, in the UK, Spain or anywhere else in the world whereby freedoms are not curtailed!

What we are seeing in the UK right now is out and out wanton vandalism, thuggery at its worst!

It must be stopped!

Thread: Have you seen the UK news

06 Aug 2011 2:21 PM:

Burger2 "Technoape, Is that on balconies? Ours is an apartment block."


The only reason we said no the charcoal is because:

a)  of the fumes of burning charcoal and fire lighting fluid spoiling peoples washing - not to mention getting right up your nose!

b) They are a fire hazard, as the burning embers can fly all over the place, especially when it's windy.

At least with Gas and Electric BBQ's you only have the smell of sausages, burgers, pinchos, albondigas, onions served with lashings of ice cold beer!

that's it... gotta have a BBQ right now!!!


Thread: Barbeques


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