Structural Modification - What is required?

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19 Nov 2021 1:02 AM by VAO Star rating. 20 posts Send private message

We are currently looking at buying a property in Murcia. It is understood that the property has the license of first occupation. However the property has been modified significantly compared to other properties in the neighbourhood. Just wondering if to put the deposit down or wait for solicitor to confirm if modification have approval. what is the implication of buying a property that has been modified without approval? can permission be sought retrospectively?

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19 Nov 2021 2:08 AM by Kavanagh Star rating in Oil Drum Lane Newcas.... 1298 posts Send private message

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What professional advice are you paying your solicitor/lawyer for?

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19 Nov 2021 2:44 AM by VAO Star rating. 20 posts Send private message

the usual...

that should not stop me making enquiries or carrying out my personal due diligence or indeed getting a more constructive or helpful response from the community.

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19 Nov 2021 8:31 AM by windtalker Star rating. 1934 posts Send private message

Nothing to stop you putting a holding deposit down ..this deposit must be paid to your lawyer ,.. (warning do not pay the deposit to a estate agents ) on the understand that all the alterations have been approved by the local authorities and backed up by the architect approved inspection don't pay for any of this the seller can't sell the property without planning approval in place ..

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19 Nov 2021 10:03 AM by acer Star rating. 1515 posts Send private message

You should be cautious.  I had planning permission, or so I thought, for an extension to a property in Murcia, but many years later I found that I was conned by the British architect.  The approval granted was for a considerably smaller construction, so I was obliged to re-apply - still waiting for a response!  These things take time.

So I suggest that when you receive details of the licence you have a good translation to ensure that the approval exactly reflects the work done.

Ten years or so ago a lot of work was done w/o any approval and I know that a hard line is now being adopted by our local planning dept in Mazarron.  If you really like the place you might want to offer to proceed with a good sized retention to cover the additional costs you may incur.


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19 Nov 2021 11:42 AM by VAO Star rating. 20 posts Send private message

Thanks for thefeedback acer and windtalker. Very helpful. I appreciate. 

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