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11 Jun 2017 10:13 PM by Sanchez1 Star rating. 853 posts Send private message


I bought a property in Malaga province in early 2014.  I sold it a couple of months back and this seems to have triggered a complenentaria tax demand.  So far all I have received from the Andalucian tax authorities is a notification to say they disagree with the valuation of the property i.e. they think it was worth more than the price I paid.

The letter says I have 10 days to get an independent valuation done to challenge this.  However, I only received the letter (via my lawyer) a month after the tax office sent it, so it's too late to appeal.  It looks like I'll be stung for around 3,000 euroas extra tax.

I am now back in the UK and no longer resident in Spain.  I have no intention of paying this additional tax.  It seems like daylight robbery.  I've always done things properly in Spain - paid all my taxes etc but this is a joke.

I'm in the process of closing my Spanish bank accounts so they can't embargo them and help themselves to my money.

Am I likely to have any issues if I don't pay this?  Are they likely to chase me through the UK courts for such a relatively small amount?

Thanks in advance.


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12 Jun 2017 8:52 AM by johnzx Star rating in Spain. 5241 posts Send private message

Sanchez  I only received the letter (via my lawyer)

I expect you need more than an EOS  guess, so I would suggest you ask your lawyer


PS.  If you are going to renege on his debt, I am surprised you asked in another thread about how to pay the imputed tax, I guess on the same property


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13 Jun 2017 12:25 PM by Aitor Star rating. 2 posts Send private message

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