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08 Jun 2017 1:27 PM by Tiggytiger Star rating in Los Boliches / Torro.... 47 posts Send private message

Hi There

My partner set up his own business and registered for Autonamo to ensure he was fully legal and paying what he should be, he was advised by his Gestor that he qualified for an incentive whereby he would only need to pay 50e a month for the 1st 6 months.  His 1st payment was due last week and he made sure he had the 50e in his bank but they tried to take 130e instead which he hadnt got.  Becuase of this he has now been fined 300e for non payment. His Gestor is denying all knowledge of the incentive.  Does this sound right ? Is there anyway he can plead ignorance as it was his 1st month pay the 130e and avoid the fine or does he have no option but to pay the 300e plus the 130e.  Just seems a little harsh when he was only doing as instructed.

Many thanks for your advice.. 


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09 Jun 2017 10:33 AM by eos_ian Star rating in Valencia. 506 posts Send private message

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The reduction in the Autonomo fee has to be specially requested at the same time you sign up for  Autonomos. If you ask for it after you have signed up it will be rejected.  You need to make sure it was requested when he signed up and then claim it back, but he will need to pay it probably nonetheless. The best thing is to go and visit the 'Seguridad Social' office and get them to clarify his situation. However, something has been applied to his fee as 130 euros is not the standard rate and as far as I am aware the Seguridad Social does not charge 'parcial' rates, it always charges the full month whether it is 5 days or 25 days. Maybe your friend doesn't qualify for the full discount to 50 euros and only gets a parcial discount... you will need to check  with the SS office. If your gestor said he knew nothing about it, find another gestor. This is really basic stuff for a gestor, they all know it.  BTW 300 seems a bit steep, I thought it was more in the region of 20% of your monthly payment plus interest....


good luck



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09 Jun 2017 2:53 PM by Tiggytiger Star rating in Los Boliches / Torro.... 47 posts Send private message

Thanks for the response Ian.  Yes the reduction/incentive was all arranged by his Gestor during the signing up process.  I will tell him to go and check it out with the SS before he pays it, as I thought it was a bit steap at 300e fine plus the payment of 130e.

Does age and business type have any barring on the amount he would be paying each month, as the Gestor has now advised its not 50e per month for the first 6 months due to his age and business.  He seems to be getting a different explanation depending on the time of day he speaks to them :-)

Many thanks again I have to admit it all mystifies me :-o



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