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04 Jul 2016 16:55 by Hz Star rating in lincolnshire. 32 posts Send private message

I have a tv brought from uk LG smart tv  it still has settings from when I had sky tv, I have a iptv box and have no problems watching uk tv but want to watch spanish tv, have skynetlink internet, dont know if that matters, my friends just switch off their iptv box choose source on tv remote which i do not have have input instead. choose tv and away they go but cannot see tv choice on my settings either, 

not sure if I have an aerial or one indoors not sure what to look for, house was brand new noone had lived there so ot sure if owner ever  bought aerial, for roof

presuming he did what do i do as cant find these channels 

and what does indoor aerial look like have sockets I think for a tv but not sure how and what to connect 

help am frustrated 

want to watch spanish tv 

oh and they also get bbc1 and bbc 2 with skynetlink but not sure if I do as cant seem to get terrestrial tv, 

also have tv/rad on my remote always thought that was to change to analogue tv 

thanks in advance 

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04 Jul 2016 17:19 by mariedav Star rating in Ciudad Quesada. 1112 posts Send private message

Skynetlink is not terrestrail TV, it is broadband or wi-fi. The terrestrial channels for Spanish TV (TDT) can only be received with a TV aerial. Either communal or private. You should have an aerial socket on your wall (we have two, one marked TV and one marked radio). You need to connect that socket to your TV. Look in your instruction book and see how to receive TV but without an aerial you won't get anything.

All modern TVs have a digital receiver built in and you simply set up your TV as shown in the TV guide (normally Menu, digital setup and carry on from there). If you have an older type TV with no digital tuner then you need a box similar to a freeview one from UK (TDT receiver in Spain).

It's the aerial that's important, though. If you are quite high up you may get some channels with an indoor aerial but most places need a roof aerial.


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05 Jul 2016 20:27 by tteedd Star rating in Hertfordshire & Punt.... 975 posts Send private message

Before we moved to our present flat we used an active antenna to receive Spanish TV without an external antenna.

It came from a Carrefour hypermarket.

As well as being an antenna it has an RF amplifier in it and has a power supply which needs pluging in to a wall socket.. I was sceptical when I was originally told about them, as we could receive nothing with an ordinary set top Ae.

You may have to move it around the room for the best signal (away from the metal in the reinforced pillars of modern buildings) but we received all the Spanish channels from two different transmitters.

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