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23 Oct 2015 5:17 PM by rightmove Star rating. 42 posts Send private message

Just a thought ive just ordered 500lts of oil £170 i ordered the same 7 months ago it runs a 3bed house hot water for people & central heating, seems cheap as chips. Do properties in Spain not have this form of heating ?

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23 Oct 2015 5:30 PM by mariedav Star rating in Ciudad Quesada. 1144 posts Send private message

Of course houses in Spain have this type of heating. Easy to install and cheap at the moment. Not so cheap a year or so ago, of course and maybe not so cheap in the future.

Houses in Spain can run off electric, gas, oil, solar and whatever you can get anywhere else.  

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23 Oct 2015 6:01 PM by newworld Star rating. 940 posts Send private message



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23 Oct 2015 9:26 PM by ayrez Star rating in La Marina Oasis. 378 posts Send private message

The difference between the price of gas oil and diesel here in Spain is much less than in UK.  I think our gas oil was approx  90 cents per litre last year so a huge difference to Uk prices.

From the amount you paid in UK, the price for gas oil has varied very little since we left over 10 years ago.


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25 Oct 2015 8:29 AM by casperruby Star rating. 165 posts Send private message

Very interested in the idea of oil fired central heating. We are uk based at the moment and visit our house in granada area when we can we basically use a log burner and a couple of mobile gas fires.

What if anyone knows is the current price for heating oil in spain as I must say its peanuts in tge uk at present we are quoted for 1000 liters at about 36p and in tge summer you could get it for 28p per litre.

Using tge price of 90 cents as the previous poster offered would make it approximately 60p which is very expensive.

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25 Oct 2015 9:22 AM by bobaol Star rating. 2256 posts Send private message

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Ayrez is right. It's about 90c a litre.


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25 Oct 2015 9:56 AM by casperruby Star rating. 165 posts Send private message

Well someone's making a lot of money and its not tge end user

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25 Oct 2015 10:18 AM by windtalker Star rating. 1838 posts Send private message

The price of domestic heating oil in the UK is 32pence per ltr  including vat and delivery that's more than 50% cheaper than Spain the cost of gas & electricity is also more expensive in Spain as aposed to the UK all you have to do is Google the UK &Spanish prices the high Spanish prices are put down to lack of competition and price fixing in Spain but hey hoo it's not just the expats that are being screwed it's the Spanish as well.

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25 Oct 2015 10:21 AM by bobaol Star rating. 2256 posts Send private message

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Probably why it's not very popular here. Mains gas, previously only found in big cities, is becoming more popular. A five radiator and gas boiler installation can be done for about €2500 and gas is very cheap compared to other systems. Even my central aircon is cheaper to run for heating than oil would cost. Wood burning stoves are very good for heating the whole house but some systems are not very controllable.

We had a paraffin heater for some time but the cost of odour free paraffin exceed that of the petrol I put in the car.

Also remember that fuel costs in Spain attract a 21% rate of IVA unlike the 5% VAT in UK. Good job we don't need as much of it here.

The biggest improvement we have had done is replacing the windows with proper double-glazed and sealed units.

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