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11 Dec 2017 22:41:

What part of Spain are you looking for ?

Thread: unfurnished rental !!

22 Nov 2017 10:16:

I sometimes struggle to agree Windtalkers but his last few post are spot on, I have had 3 properties in Spain over the last 10 years all on golf course, I now have a property on the Mar Menor Golf Resort in Murcia, and what a great community they have here mainly British but also people from other countries and my next door neighbor is Spanish. I have everything I need very close to hand,people who are getting older should think long and hard before moving to a isolated village, I was living in Cumbria 2 years ago in a lovely village Temple Sowerby just outside Penrith and this village had good access to the byepass a doctors & pub, but other villages around have nothing you can get cut off in bad weather and also have no shops, doctors etc and this is why people with no proper transport leave the village and move nearer to Penrith, So would you move to a isolated village in the UK, if you wouldn’t why would you do it in Spain.

Thread: Almeria villages / recommendations

20 Nov 2017 18:40:

A week ago today I traveled with a man and van from the UK we traveled to Murcia the first drop was a place called Canare , the  nearest place was Cehegín both small villages and both about 1hour from Murcia city, well if this is what people call the real Spain good luck to you, in the middle of know where, nothing in the village that I seen, it did have a small bar, and that’s  all I saw, In the last 10 years I have had a few place in Murcia on Golf Resorts, yes people come on here and slag them off, but god after seeing what I seen last week. I won’t be moving any time soon, if I need a pint of milk at 9pm I can walk to the Spar, if I need a doctor 5 mins away, if I need a big supermarket 10mins. If I need the coast 10 mins away. We all get the same sun. Think longer and hard about some of these villages,

Thread: Almeria villages / recommendations

20 Nov 2017 17:43:

Ok this is not from Jimmy down the pub, this is what happened to my wife’s Spanish Reg car, she is a UK national, she wrote her Spanish Reg car off in the UK, the Spanish insurance company paid out with 1 month, so you would have thought if the there a chance for the insurance company to not pay out, they would have asked if we was Spanish residents or not, they never did. This morning I have been to my car insurance Spanish broker to pick some docs up, and I have asked the question, and she says I can go anywhere in Europe ( U K also ) for 90 days, and she has given me a number in case I breakdown in the UK.  So it’s all a bit confusing, me thinks ?

Thread: Spanish Reg in the UK

20 Oct 2017 09:24:

For people that fly OUT of Alicante many flights are cheaper to fly OUT of Murcia if you got a family of 4 it can be a lot of a saving.

Thread: UK Flights


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