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19 Oct 2020 20:39:

I know the village your property is in . There is a few agents within 5 to 10 mins drive use one of them. Just sold mine you need to be realistic if you want to sell , I know plenty of people who have  taken a loss just to sell up . 

Thread: selling

18 Oct 2020 22:24:

Thanks Roberto  I am hoping to complete on or before the 16 Dec 2020 . The sale price also includes most of the furniture which cost a lot of money, I am selling to a Spanish resident , which is good really as not many xpats viewing properties on the moment on my resort, it's a cash purchase as well. So fingers crossed just want out of spain now . Has a good 15 years met lots people, and a few Tony's from down the pub . But they are everywhere, and probably in the Lake District as well . 

Thread: Sold my property

18 Oct 2020 17:13:

Maybe the property was bought in 1960.  .......which property ?

Thread: Sold my property

18 Oct 2020 13:27:

Windtalker , thanks for the information, The 15k seems a lot to take off  I get the 3% held back money . My solicitor is charging me 1000 euro plus IVA I have used him for 3 properties before this one . I got feeling the tax man will say I paid  120k sold for 170k  50k profit but that's not the case . It's was  120k plus tax's etc call that 15k the work I have done it 30k . Agents fees to sell 7000 plus Iva , and solicitors fees and taxes when selling. Anyway we will see , the sale going through now , this will be the last time I buy in Spain. In the middle of buy a holiday home in the Lake District. Less hassle than owning in Spain . Good luck for the future. 

Thread: Sold my property

17 Oct 2020 19:54:

This is for people who have actually sold and made a profit, Not what Tony from done the pub says .  I bought a property for 120k then plus tax's  I have now sold it for 170k , I have had a pool built and other stuff probably spent 30k no receipts. I am a non resident, how much is the tax man going to want from me . I know he will hold the 3% back of the sale price . How much else will he take. 


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Thread: Sold my property


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