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07 Mar 2021 7:48 PM:



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Thread: 'New' tax on income from property.

07 Mar 2021 7:41 PM:

I am looking to buy another place in Spain,I am English have a U.K. passport. But I can qualify for a Irish passport and looking to get one ASAP, My question is if I do get another property should I do it with a Irish passport, this way would I qualify for less tax to be paid , Where if I use a U.K. passport I will pay the higher rate . Does this sound possible.  ? 

Thread: 'New' tax on income from property.

14 Feb 2021 7:48 PM:

It took me 2 years to get mine back £5k apx. I had to get another solicitor on the case because the first one was useless. So I paid £200 , and I had it with a month . I hadn't paid non resident tax and I made a loss also . 

Thread: 3% retention

03 Jan 2021 12:08 PM:

.....  Deleted post went on twice 


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Thread: CGT

28 Dec 2020 11:16 PM:

How mad is this , just sold a property contacted the 3 utilities companies with my final readings, and to close my account down , This is the answer from all 3 , they will only close the accounts down when the new owners contract them and say they have bought the property and want to register there name to the property. So let's say they don't register for 3 months, who pays the bill for what they have used in the meantime. ME , and my solicitors says yes that's how it's done . Crazy System 

Thread: Utilities


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