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31 Oct 2022 9:19 PM:

As for new properties buyers on Mar Menor Golf Resort Murcia  many new listings are selling in weeks if not days, many sellers have been there years and are now moving back to the U.K. for all sorts of reasons, partners have died etc etc . But 90% of the new buyers are Brits and simlar story. So even though many Brits are selling plenty are still buying.

Where is am seeing a big change is British are not buying bars and restaurants like they used to because of the Brexit 90 day rule . Hard to run a bar if you can't stay for long term . Thousands of these bars of gone since Brexit. And will never return, unless rules are changed. 

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02 Sep 2022 8:35 AM:

Looking at driving to Spain, I only had one jab, I don't know if I  reading it correctly but it says you can travel in France without having to buy PCR test etc , And it says Spain will let you in if you travel from a EU country without test being done. France is EU . The U.K. is not . Has anyone done this route , did you have any problems ? 

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07 Mar 2021 7:48 PM:



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Thread: 'New' tax on income from property.

07 Mar 2021 7:41 PM:

I am looking to buy another place in Spain,I am English have a U.K. passport. But I can qualify for a Irish passport and looking to get one ASAP, My question is if I do get another property should I do it with a Irish passport, this way would I qualify for less tax to be paid , Where if I use a U.K. passport I will pay the higher rate . Does this sound possible.  ? 

Thread: 'New' tax on income from property.

14 Feb 2021 7:48 PM:

It took me 2 years to get mine back £5k apx. I had to get another solicitor on the case because the first one was useless. So I paid £200 , and I had it with a month . I hadn't paid non resident tax and I made a loss also . 

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