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16 Nov 2019 09:43:

Windy 45 mins to the beach is that you walking it, its 20 at  mins at most. I do the trip once a week in a car from Balcicas to los Alcázares 

15 min (16.7 km)
via RM-19



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Thread: Advice on Sierra Golf

14 Nov 2019 23:31:

Sierra Golf is not like a a normal golf resort, its not gated or has sercurity guards on 24/7 so most of the comments below are from people who have never been to the place, you will need a car as its out in the hills. Go and have a look and rent for a week. 


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Thread: Advice on Sierra Golf

09 Mar 2018 21:46:

I sold a property a couple of years ago in Murcia had the same probably something like 2 years to get the money back in  the end a paid a new solicitor to get it back, I got it within a couple a of months, i paid 300EU I think, the first solicitor had submitted the forms late, and filled the forms I wrong, so the forms where just left to rot at the tax office untill I got the new solicitor involved


16 Jan 2018 17:33:

I have just googled it and yes it says 4 years old before it has its first itv, can the dealer not help ( that’s if you bought from a dealer, what evidence are they looking for they will know themselves from your Reg plate how old the cars is, I have never heard of this problem before

Thread: Fined €200 for not having ITV - car only 2 years old!

16 Jan 2018 15:03:

If you are defo talking about the 3% non res tax you can claim it back for a few years after the sale, because my first clown ( aka Solicitor ) did not claim it back in time,i t took  me over 2 years to get my 3% back I know people get it back in 6 months, I had to hire a 2nd solicitor to get it back, as the first one was a waste of space. ( Sold in Murcia )

Thread: Reclaiming 3% non resident Tax Refund after property sale


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