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19 Dec 2021 1:07 PM:

This tax is also paid by Spanish residents. The owners of more than one property have to declare on their annual tax return. It is assumed that holiday homes are second properties whoever owns them. 



Thread: Non res tax- ouch!!

26 May 2020 12:44 PM:

Ithink Tallante will be too quiet, it is quieter than Las Palss as there is only the restaurant there. I agree that the coastal areas are busier but you could check out some of the bigger towns such as Fuente Alamo , Alahama de Murcia and Totana if you fancy inland areas and communities. 
You really need to check the area for yourself as only you know what you really want. If you are not certain try renting for a few months in the area you fancy. It is easier to move from a rental than sell  (and cheaper) if you have made a mistake.
Good luck and have fun searching.

Thread: las palas

24 May 2020 10:40 PM:

We lived in the campo as I said but when we reached 70 realised we had to be realistic and look to times when we not be able to drive. A car is essential in the area as public transport is nonexistent. To br honest Las Palas cannot be described as pretty but it is a pleasant place. There are many other villages in the srea you could look st. A couple of estate agents that specialise in the area are Fuente Alamo Real Estate - I have to say here that they are personal friends of ours and have been trading in the area for almost 20 years. If you wanted to get in touch either ring them or email and they will give you good advice. The other longstanding agent in the area is Old Farmhouses Spain  but their properties are mainly in the campo. 
El Alamillo is near Puerto de Mazarron and you can walk into the port in about 20 minutes. There is also a beach at El Alamillo but it is a bit pebbly. A nice area though. 
Hopefully you will be able to visit later this year as we are coming out of lockdown little by little and the Prime Minister has said that Spain will be open to tourists in July. Fingers crossed it happens. At least we have been able to visit pub and restaurant terraces for the lst two weeks. 
all the best Jean.

Thread: las palas

24 May 2020 8:41 PM:

We lived in the campo near Las Palas until about  four years ago until we moved to an area where we can be nearer to facilities. As has been said the town is small amd friendly. There is a medical centre, chemist, bank and a few bars in the village. There was a small supermarket at the end of the village but do not know if it is still open. The nearest larger town is Fuente Alamo which is approx 20 by car. There is a Mercadona there, more shopsbars and restaurants. 
I can recommend some local estate agents that specialise in the local area if you would like to private message me.  Also know an excellent solicitor based in Puerto de Mazarron if you want details.

Good luck in your search


Thread: las palas

17 Oct 2019 11:01 AM:

Normal loo cleaning products should not be used if you are on a septic tank as they kill the bacteria needed to break down the solids. Mercadona did sell a product to help keep your septic tank healthy but it is so long since I used it that I have forgotten the name. From what I remember it was an orange or red box with plastic sachets inside that were flushed down the loo. Look for the phrase " pozo negro" on the box. Sorry I cannot remember anything more than that.

Thread: "Bosque verde" toilet products.


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