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11 Oct 2015 11:34 by aliton Star rating. 331 posts Send private message


I placed a topic about buying a Villa for three years and then selling it entitled....... " Homes under the hammer Camposol".  Thought it might be useful as this is what this Web site if all about  i.e Eye on Spain its called

This honest posting was taken down two weeks ago by the moderators and i dont know why.... no PMs nothing and no explanation . Do you posters normally get an explanation or is this  site be managed by big brother ?



This message was last edited by aliton on 11/10/2015.


  Fomer member revisiting r.




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11 Oct 2015 13:57 by windtalker Star rating. 1787 posts Send private message

The post you are refering to was locked by E.O.S along with one other because it turned in to a letts slagg of Camposol by the trash that gets on hear, most of the comments that are posted on E.O.S are posted by people that have never been to Camposol and dont even own a place in Spain all thay are doing is reading rubbish from free news papers that is not true.

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11 Oct 2015 16:06 by Tadd1966 Star rating in Los Montesinos. 1755 posts Send private message

windtalker you are spot on smiley

aliton you can always send the mods a pm

“The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance; it is the illusion of knowledge”

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11 Oct 2015 16:26 by MFraser Star rating. 33 posts Send private message

What a shame, Aliton.  There must be people living on Campasol and other urbanisations that would love to read your 'Homes Under The Hammer' post.  Any chance it could be posted again?  Or maybe sent via a PM to anyone that asks?  Of course, you will have had to keep a copy of the script...

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11 Oct 2015 21:49 by eos_moderators Star rating in España. 169 posts Send private message

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Hi there, to contact us you only need to send us a PM and we will get back in touch asap. We blocked the thread for reviewing the other day due to irrelevant and inciting comments. We have since cleaned the thread and reactivated it (almost an entire page edited!). Normally when a thread of this much off track it gets locked for good but seeing the interest we have reopened it. 

EOS Moderators
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This thread is currently locked.

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