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30 Jun 2018 10:40 PM:

Thanks for the feedback . Yes I am going to try the British Consulate ( again ) as they didnt seem to be prepared to do anything when approached before .  It would be imposible for anyone other than a very qualified nursing staff to deal with the day to day medical needs. We would try to get her back to the UK by private medivac flight and I wonder if anyone knows of the rough estimated cost of doing this to Manchester from Costa del Sol.  ??

Thread: Disaster in Spain .. any help appreciated

29 Jun 2018 9:35 PM:

I dont know where to start with this post , however counting on the many experts who advise on Eye of Spain . My sister in law (66) lost her husband 2 years ago as he died in Spain and was getting on with life in spain as a widow in  until one day at start of year she was badly injured in a bike accident and has been in Hospital for four months . She is now totally incapacitated fed from a tube and needs 24 hour care which she is getting from hospitalin Spain . Her family want her back in the UK but shes not fit to fly or even communicate with family who have been told she will be sent to re hab /physio for a period then must leave the care of the spanish health service. She has lived in Spain since 2010 and has spanish citizenship ( I think) but has no relatives in Spain and familly dont quite know what to do . She is unable to talk has very little movement is fed through a tube and seems to be wanting to end life . This is a terrible situation but can anyone give some advise which i can pass on.

Thread: Disaster in Spain .. any help appreciated

02 Jul 2016 1:33 PM:

At least ....We can beat them on the field ( Belgium and brussles ). Well done wales football team.

I did respect Nicola  Sturgeon but now dissapointed "what was she doing" at the EU last week ??. This was a UK Ref not  the Scottish Ref . Should Newcastle on tyne council send a delagation as well because they voted REMAIN ??.


Thread: BREXIT

01 Jul 2016 8:42 PM:

Oh ENA . You just reminded me why i never bothered with this forum for a year ... full of  know alls.

Thread: BREXIT

01 Jul 2016 6:54 PM:

This is a long thread so, not sure if anyone has mentioned calling the referendum " invalid and illegal" because millions voted for the £350 million a week promissed for the NHS ( as stated on the Big red bus). I voted remain but millions of pensioners who voted leave " thought" they were helping the NHS. Surely this massive lie is aginst the law and a re run should happen ASAP.  Never really liked Cameron but at least most of what he predicted was true . The UK Referendum ( NHS Promise) was the biggest lie this century . Closely folllowed by the bag stabber Gove . " I dont want to PM" ....   The words  OJs song back stabbers says it all. " They smile in you face"... , but  all the time they want to take your place" ... the back stabbers.... baaackstabbers


As this Leave BUS was emblaz was a massive Lie and a false . The EU and all the red tape and regulation must include


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Thread: BREXIT


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