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11 Dec 2015 17:38:

Many thanks to everyone that replied to my request for advice, particularly johnzx...I was hoping you'd contribute. We now feel more relaxed about the drive to Santander.


10 Dec 2015 00:07:

We are driving to Santander this coming Sunday to take the ferry back to the UK and, after speaking with a friend of ours yesterday, we are really worried about the drive.  He told us about the time he was driving his UK registered camper van to the Santander ferry and, whilst overtaking a slow farm vehicle alolng the way, he and the farm vehicle were immediately overtaken together by a couple of much faster cars (he believed them to be Spanish registered).  All three vehicles, including his own, got past safely and he thought nothing of it until he was stopped round the next bend by a couple of Spanish traffic Police.  They told him he must pay a fine as he was seen overtaking by crossing a continuous white line ie; not to be crossed.  He couldn't understand their attitude as he knew there was no white line. (He is a very safe driver...aslo not the type of guy to exaggerate). The Police wouldn't listen to him and, as he protested his innocence and asked why they hadn't stopped the other two cars, they moved their hands to their guns in a threatening manner which he read as 'Pay up or else'.  He had very little money on him, so they took him to a cash machine where he had to use his Credit Card to pay them a substantial sum.  This all happened a few years ago but we didn't know about it until yesterday when we visited our friend whom we haven't seen for some time.  Perhaps things are very different now but we are left wondering what on earth we could do if that happened to us?  Is there any way we can get out of an unwarranted fine?  Can the Spanish Police do what they like?  Any advice at all would be very welcome. I said, 'I would have asked them to show me the white lines they were talking about,' but our friend said I wouldn't if I had felt as intimidated as he was made to feel. 


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28 Nov 2015 11:02:

We have had many properties together, buying property that needed 'attention' and doing the necessary work ourselves before selling in the hope of realising more cash than we had when we started.  We think we know a thing or two about property buying and selling and the point that stands out most when it comes to selling is definitely 'A property is worth what someone is willing to pay for it'.  Can the Spanish market be any different to that of the UK?

Thread: Going up - or Down?

28 Nov 2015 10:31:

Thanks for all your replies, folks.  They have certainly been very helpful.  You're right, windtalker...we've been shown property in holiday type complexes, all very nice in beautiful settings but not what we're looking for.  If we buy a place, we realise it will be for the long-term.  We're hoping we have at least another ten (twenty?) years of active life left to us and who knows what the situation will be like in Spain if/when we want to sell.  So, it's looking more like a case of 'rent before you buy' for us, most likely on a small estate (urbanisation) where we have people we can talk to/get to know.  After looking at several isolated properties, we have accepted the fact that we need to be closer to our neighbours! 


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Thread: Sold our Spanish Holiday Home.. no regrets

27 Nov 2015 12:04:

Great thinking, Harrieman!  Hope it all goes well for you...

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