long term rent with 2 dogs!!

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03 Aug 2015 12:00 PM by ninjatuck Star rating. 3 posts Send private message

Hi everyone, me and my wife are coming to look at properties at the end of august to hopefully rent for a year  from october time. The problem we have is that we have 2 dogs, 1 smal and 1 medium, very well house trained, so no worries there, but almost every property we have inquired about is saying no pets !! i have looked on site after site with no joy, as we would like at least a 2 bedroom with a private splash/swimming pool, and to be around expats if we require any help about anything. we are looking from anywhere from Alicante down to south Mercia, anyone got any ideas or know of anyone? i am 51 years of age and my wife is 42,,    thanks for looking, jason.

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04 Aug 2015 3:41 PM by Lifeline Star rating in Murcia. 367 posts Send private message

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Choice is limited, but not impossible, as we know people who rent with dogs and we have in the past.
I know holidaylettings.co.uk is usually weekly but worth a try if you filter 'accept dogs'  There are too many houses available for long term renting and a lot are not filled so some take dogs. My advice is to come without dogs for a week or so, hire a car and try eg. Camposol near Mazzaron in south Murcia or Torrevieja.In both places there are lots of English people.


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04 Aug 2015 6:47 PM by theresa1961 Star rating. 3 posts Send private message


We have got a two bedroomed apartment on the Hacienda Riquelme site, on the second floor facing the 17th tee on the golf course.  We have got a key holder Aidan and Mandy, who are both english and live in the next block.  There are a lot of ex pats who have bought on site, and there is a town centre, with an information desk.

They do allow dogs, but if you are interested please let me know and I will get my key holder to speak to you about this.

Please let me know if you are still interested or, if you have managed to find anything.

Theresa and Eric


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04 Aug 2015 7:06 PM by ninjatuck Star rating. 3 posts Send private message

Thanks for the message, We need somewhere with a private pool or splash pool im afraid, but thanks for letting me know, jason.

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05 Aug 2015 12:53 AM by theresa1961 Star rating. 3 posts Send private message


No worries, I hope you get sorted out.  If you still need to speak to our key holder, he has got a lot of apartments and villas to rent out, let me know and I will pass on your details to him.  Or you can just check out his website which is: aidan and mandy.


Theresa and Eric


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05 Aug 2015 9:18 AM by ninjatuck Star rating. 3 posts Send private message

will do and thankyou very much.


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05 Aug 2015 3:39 PM by hughjardon Star rating in Jaywick Sands. 419 posts Send private message

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Having a dog in Spain is cruel the heat is the problem most dogs I see in Spain look ill panting all the time lethargic and just look plain fed up, also communal living in apartments and communitys is a problem dogs crapping all over the place and bad owners leaving them locked up all day barking etcI know that happens in the UK but the Spanish are particulary cruel to animals from what I see.

My advice If you love your pets stay in the UK.

Love Hughsie xx

Done the Spain thing Happier in the UK

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05 Aug 2015 4:56 PM by Lifeline Star rating in Murcia. 367 posts Send private message

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Hugh, much of what you say is true but there are many even Spanish who take great care of their dogs.We have a beautiful Spanish born black Great Dane and have to be very careful in daylight hours. We take the advice of our vet who says that no black coat dog should be walked in the sun when the temp- is 30+ EVERY day we get up and walk her before sunrise and after dark. There are lots of people out walking then. There are lots of animal charities and they get dogs rehomed to Germany etc.


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05 Aug 2015 10:17 PM by GuyT Star rating. 505 posts Send private message

Interesting about black dogs. We had a black Great Dane on our farm in the Western Cape (South Africa). In summer we were >40C every day. Of course, on a farm you rarely take dogs for a walk, but my pack of seven dogs (incl the Dane) roamed the mountains from dawn to dusk. I'm not talking walking, but bounding, like springbok. They would come back to the farmstead after a an hour's run, covered in sweat and really happy. I never gave a thought to it being too hot. I figured that the dogs would know when they should lie doggo, so to speak. But I used to lose a couiple of dogs a year to tick-bite fever, no matter how much I checked them. 

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