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19 Feb 2015 9:19 AM by Pilgrim Star rating in Costa Calida. 231 posts Send private message

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While I am aware that many ex-pats return to the UK when they either become homesick or more importantly worried about third age help from the medical authorities here in Spain when they need it.

My wife and I decided, probably wrongly, to continue to enjoy our life in this beautiful country and worry about help later.

We felt, because we were fiscal permanent residents, that when the time came, things would work out. Wrong!!

Spanish people, enviably in some ways, have  very strong family ties. So illness and care, with the help of the medical people here, for whom I have the greatest admiration, work with the family as needed.

While we have some savings, we are not millionaires and it looks like the costs for a care home, if you can find one, I understand, are exhorbitant!

Does anyone by chance know of any facilities in the Murcia region, that cater for people with chronic illness, that does not charge the proverbial arm and a leg?

I would be grateful for any help or observations.

Thank you in advance. 




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19 Feb 2015 11:05 AM by Mickyfinn Star rating in Spain and France. 1835 posts Send private message

I don't know how you are fixed financially but there are quite a number of options available in Britain living in rented semi care. You can have your own apartment and independence but with 24 hour care available. The rents usually include the cost of the care and maintenance. Utilities and council tax are extra.

Have a look at these sites.



I’m afraid no residential care will come cheap, especially in the private sector. I have heard of some in Spain on the Costa Blanca but I don’t have any details. 

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19 Feb 2015 11:19 AM by mariedav Star rating in Ciudad Quesada. 1185 posts Send private message

As said, elderly care is normally done by the family in Spain. There are retirment homes, both state run and private. THe state run facilities can have a long waiting list as there really aren't that many of them as yet although they are on the increase due to changing lifestyles in Spain, more women working for example.

If you get a place in a state run facility, the cost is 80% of the Spanish pension or about €560 a month. Private care homes are considerably more at anything from 1700 to 3500 euro a month.

There is a residential care home near us called Residencial Rojales. This is more like a retirment home rather than a care home, though. but nursing and housekeeping care is provided. I have absolutely no idea of the cost. There are also care homes (again, I have no idea of the facilities offered or the costs) around Alicante.

Age Concern UK has details on care homes available in Spain so you could possibly write to them asking for information.

Age Concern England
Astral House 1268 London Road
London, SW16 4ER.

Like all things, as we weren't brought up in the system we are pretty unaware of what is available.

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19 Feb 2015 11:37 AM by Mickyfinn Star rating in Spain and France. 1835 posts Send private message

I think the principal issue for the OP is in UK there is likely to be some financial help from the state depending on income and financial assets. In Spain it's likely to be zero.

Time is the school in which we learn Time is the fire in which we burn. Delmore Schwartz.

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19 Feb 2015 12:40 PM by Roly2 Star rating in Almeria. 646 posts Send private message

In Andalucia, we have an organisation, aimed at Brits, who specialise in care in the home.    I think they do also do the rest of Spain, but they are based in Andalucia.    This is the website:   http://www.angelsnursinggroup.com/

I know a few people who have used them and they speak very highly of them.  Good luck.

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16 Jun 2015 11:22 AM by hugh_man Star rating in Kent/Roda . 1592 posts Send private message

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There is a charity in the Murcia region known as HAH, Help at Home.

I have no idea of the criteria or their philosophy but they may be worth talking to



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