Change to tax rate for non resident home owners??

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15 Oct 2013 14:02 by bringiton Star rating. 29 posts Send private message

Hi All,

I just received a call from the Hacienda who advised me (from my limited understanding of spanish) that there will be a tax rate change in 2014 for the submittance of tax through Modelo 210.

Does anyone know anything about this?


Many Thanks,


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15 Oct 2013 15:54 by Kathyslad Star rating. 329 posts Send private message

As far as I am aware the personal tax rate for 2014 remains the same as 2013. It was supposed to go back to 2011 levels, but didn't. I would be very surprised if it was Hacienda that called you with this information. Are you sure its not some sort of scam.

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17 Oct 2013 16:23 by costa23 Star rating in South of England. 3 posts Send private message

Check out the website for Agencia Tributaria  (If you look on their website on most pages top right is an option for the page to be displayed in English). Click on Electronic Office (Sede Electronica) press OK on the next screen and you should see a page of links. In the centre under Important Formalities click the link to non residents. The top item is modelo 210 click "formalities" to the left. There are even instructions on completion of Modelo 210 in English that you can download and a link to the electronic form (also in English)  that you can complete on your computer and print out. The rate for 2011 was 24% of 1.1% of the Valor Catastral (post 1994 values) and shown on your  IBI bill. In 2013 it is the 2012 Returns that require filing by this 31 December. For this you need to take the 2012 Valor Catastral from the 2012 IBI bill. For 2012 and 2013 the rate of 24% has gone up to 24.75%.  The instructions even set out an example calculation for 2011 so all that needs changing is the small rate change. Take the printed form to your bank for payment. When I did this year's form I used the option import data file and all my 2011 data appeared - it is saved in your c drive) I only had to change the year, percentage and payment amount.

Costa 23

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17 Oct 2013 16:28 by kathyslad Star rating. 329 posts Send private message

Well, unless its me, I thought thats more or less what I said, except you've explained how to deal with the modelo 210, which wasn't the question.

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17 Oct 2013 17:23 by bringiton Star rating. 29 posts Send private message

Thankyou for the responses. I managed to get a Spanish speaking colleague to call them and apparently the change is that the modelo 210 can now be filled out online and paid in a bank that doesn't have to be a Spanish bank. I will check this out on their website also. Thanks again. K

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18 Oct 2013 08:10 by johnzx Star rating in Spain. 5247 posts Send private message

Just to clarify the heading.  The tax rates changed for income in 2012 (from 24% in 2011) to 24.75%.  That applied to residents (on the lower level of income) and non-residents.  There was no discrimination against non-residents.

I agree with Kathyslad, I would be extremely careful if you get a call from someone saying they are Hacienda.  I cannot imagine that would ever happen, but ‘times they are a’changing’ !

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30 Oct 2013 21:33 by del007 Star rating. 274 posts Send private message

Hi costa23,

Even using the 210 instruction guide it is not a simple task to fill out your form.  Can you advise the account number for transferring you tax liability via a UK bank to the Banco de Espania.  When I go to the Tax Agency website I can get it in English initially but when I move away from the home page it returns to a Spanish format.  When calculating my tax liability I am multiplying my Catastral value by 1.1, then multplying this sum by 24.75, I then split this total in to two equal shares and apply them to my wife and my own 210 form.  Is this correct?

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31 Oct 2013 07:46 by johnzx Star rating in Spain. 5247 posts Send private message


                     Just to clarify it is 24.75 PERCENT  

This is 'one I did earlier' for a friend, which I have not yet paid at the bank.  It is a joint return so the  478 euros value is the Cat valor x 1.1%  divided by 2  x  24.75%


NB If you are making two returns, say husband and wife, you cannot use the same on line form (to save in putting all the info again)  for the second person.  You must start from stratch as each online form has a unique number.

(It maybe that you can put both parties on the same form this year, but certainly until last year it was a separate form for each owner or part owner, and a separate form for each property they had an interest in.  For me this meant 3 returns for my son and one for his wife  (son has 2 apartments, one shared with wife, also a garage space in another block = 4 returns)