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30 Aug 2021 15:51:

We have just done the same. Paid both years at the same time. There were no problems at the bank. The clerk did suggest paying the money into our account and paying from there but we were happy to just have the forms stamped as usual. 

Thread: Form 210

05 Dec 2020 15:15:

I always complete the forms myself and take them to the bank. Previously I had the electonic signature to post them online but that was on an old computer and I believe they need to be updated regularly.  All I would use is the submission of the form so even 25 euros per form, there are two, is a bit steep in my opinion. 

Thread: Non resident taxes software - Form 210

30 May 2015 11:18:

We have a holiday home on an urbanisation which is basically split in two.  One president, one administrator, two sets of accounts, separate electric and water bills and now two bank accounts, All this happened without the agreement or knowledge of some owners.  That's all history now but at the last AGM (in 2013) a new President was elected and the accounts were not accepted as they showed a balance of nil in both accounts. 

There has been no meeting since 2013 so what is the legal standing as far as residents paying their contribution is concerned.  Some continue to pay by direct debit but we always go to the bank to pay.  My view is that unless a budget is set and agreed at an AGM, how can anyone know how much to pay?  The Administrator was not reappointed and never came back with new accounts, does not respond to emails and seems to have disappeared.  The last elected president has been unable to deal with "paperwork" as the previous president is uncontactable.  

The "other" part of the urbanisation has had a visit from the water company as the water bills have not been paid even though many of them have paid their community fees so presumably there must have been money in the bank to pay.

Where do we stand legally as far as not paying our fees and obtaining copies of bank statements to see where money has been spent.


Thread: AGM or lack of it.

01 Jan 2015 00:30:

Both my husband and myself have the old style paper licenses.  He has the green one and mine is the "new" style pink one. Neither of us has the photocard and from my understanding our licenses will continue to be valid until out 70th birthdays.  If there are any changes to our details we will have to apply for a photocard license which will cost us £20 and be valid for only 10 years. Wonder what the hire car company will make of them when we pick up a car next week.

Thread: UK Paper License

22 Nov 2014 20:20:

The area around Calonge is worth looking at.  Close enough to Playa D'Aro if you want the hustle and bustle and far enough away if you don't. 


Thread: where to buy (Costa Maresme/Brava)


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