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13 May 2018 11:12:

I was researching power of attorney (PoA) earlier this year, and I came across the issue of problems with UK notarised PoA’s.

The issue is described here, but essentially it was about whether a UK notary performed the same role as a Spanish one, and in particular the capacity of the grantor. Having read the various reports I came to the same conclusion described in the article, so it’s as well to make sure that the wording is suitable. NB the issue relates to property, but I think the principal is the same.

In the end I didn’t need a PoA, but I did email the company in the link for a price etc, and it can all be done by email and then notarised locally. There may be somewhere locally that can prepare it for you, but I would ask them about this issue, to see if they are uptodate.


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Thread: Power of attorney

12 Apr 2018 13:42:

That wasn’t the point I was making, if you read my post. You used to have to submit a copy of the retur when you paid through the bank, but now they link the payment you have made to the copy they store on their system. I’ve also explained why I think you have an NRC.

Having said that, I’m gonna leave you to it, there’s nothing more I can be bothered to add. I’ll leave you to try the chat, although I don’t believe they speak English, but I may be wrong.


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Thread: How to inform Agencia Tributaria

12 Apr 2018 11:45:

I am pretty certain that you no longer need to submit the paper return, UNLESS you are required to submit supplementary documentation. This would be clear from the pdf notes, as would what you need to do. For example, I have some notes from a Modelo 210 where the payment was made from a UK bank, and it is quite clear that you do not need to submit the return, exceptl as mentioned earlier, but there are clear instructions on how to make the payment.

if you have a digital ID you can check submitted returns on the same page as you generate a new form. My guess is that they only show when they have received the funds and matched the returns, so I would give it a few weeks. If you are not sure the technical online chat is quite helpful.


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Thread: How to inform Agencia Tributaria

11 Apr 2018 23:04:

There are 2 versions of the form, the presentation via digital ID and the predeclaration. I,m not clear now which form you actually submitted,, as roviding you completed the latter correctly, then the details should be in the pdf. If, instead you submitted the the presentation via digital ID, then you should o as Roberto has described, as you enter the NRC at the bottom the form

Thread: How to inform Agencia Tributaria

11 Apr 2018 21:58:

Assuming you used the “predeclaration” Modelo 210, the instructions on how to complete the process should be detailed in the notes of the pdf form you generated.

The”tax payments” section of the virtual office is only accessible with a digital ID or Cl@vePin

Thread: How to inform Agencia Tributaria


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