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13 Dec 2011 00:00 by ds8819 Star rating. 13 posts Send private message

 Hi,  am new to spain and settling in nicely.... after a summer of relaxation, now it's time to do some work!

I am finding it very frustrating sourcing things, I seem to be spending days chasing around to no avail, so any advice or recommendtions of where to go to get stuff would be most helpfull.

Here's what I am looking for so far ( my list is sure to grow!)....

VINYL FLOORCOVERINGS... I have tried leroy merlins in Malaga, but their selection is rather poor... about 4 or 5 rolls, but nothing much of a choice... I'm seeking a 'tile' design, as Iwant it to put on a curved wall not the floor. Are there any 'floors2go stores or similiar that have a large selection to chose from?

OUTDOOR PLANTS... looking for some large'ish semi mature tropical type plants... again somewhere that has a good selection


CERAMIC WALL /FLOORTILES ...  reasonable prices (why are these so expensive in spain?)

BUILDING MATERIALS... sand & cement, bricks & blocks etc


I can find small suppliers locally, but frequently they are small shops that don't have much choice, or only available to order. I need places with a good selection of products to browse, chose what i want and take away with me.


I live in the campo near Campillios (Malaga), 



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13 Dec 2011 15:00 by lobin Star rating. 219 posts Send private message


Dirección Exposición Central
 Ctra. de Cártama Km11,4 Frente al Parque Tecnológico de Andalucía 
Apartado de correo nº8 
Código Postal: 29590 Málaga 
Teléfono: 952 43 42 00 
Fax: 952 626242 

Horario ininterrumpido desde la 8 de la mañana hasta las 20 horas.
De lunes a Sábado. Julio, Agosto y Septiembre cerrado Sábados tarde.

Empresa dedicada a la distribución de materiales de construcción para empresas constructoras.
Gama + servicio + experiencia = mejor presupuesto.

Si está interesado mande los datos de su empresa y los productos que pueden interesarle.

Dirección: Carretera de Cártama km. 11,4 Frente a Parque Tecnológico. 
Código Postal: 29190 Málaga. 
Teléfono: 952434200 
Fax: 952626242

Fabricantes de Terrazos y piedra artificial.

Dirección: Carretera de Cártama km. 11,4. Apdo. Correos nº 8. 
Código Postal: 29590 Málaga. 
Teléfono: 952626272 
Fax: 952625689

Theses are three suggestions that came up just googling "materiales de construccion".  They seem to cater to builders rather than DIY owners but perhaps you can try contacting then for further details.  I don't know if they will be able to communicate in English, though.

I hope this helps.


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13 Dec 2011 19:18 by cazzy Star rating in Inland Andalucia. 185 posts Send private message

 Try Lantejuela, near Osuna for tiles. They make them there and also sell seconds, thirds and fourths, these are cheap as I guess they are rejects, personally I couldn't tell the ditterance.

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13 Dec 2011 20:22 by ds8819 Star rating. 13 posts Send private message

 is  Lantejuela a town, village, an area of Osuna?.. or the name of the tile place?

Do you have an address for the place please?

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13 Dec 2011 21:32 by cazzy Star rating in Inland Andalucia. 185 posts Send private message

 Sorry I don't have an address, but it is only a village and it is easy to find just ask someone for the tile shop. They have a very good range, you might have to ask them if you want seconds, as they are not on show.

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13 Dec 2011 23:06 by rod Star rating in Uk and Spain. 469 posts Send private message

Spain is an ABSOLUTE nightmare when you want to do a larger DIY job

LEROY MERLINS is the best place like an old FOCUS in the UK but not a patcjh on a B&Q

All small jobs I use the FERETERIA small local shops for paint,glues screws nails etc

I have a complete workshop in OUR garage LOCK UP all tools from UK wnen Im over Ialways have small JOBS to do

Regards Rod

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20 Dec 2011 12:17 by ds8819 Star rating. 13 posts Send private message

 fereterias are a nightmare!..... getting exactly what you want is nigh impossible!

The local ones here don't have a 'shop' area to browse, just a 'trade' counter, so as my spanish isn't that good it ends up resembling the 2 ronnies '4 candles' sketch! ....... by the time i have got something near to what I want I could have driven to malaga, had a shufty around leroy Merlins for an hour, and driven back!.... this i often have to do.... not ideal, and their 'building' section is poor.

I much prefer rummaging and fondling until I find exacty what I want rather than trying to me-mo in spanglish for a couple of hours only to be disappointed

I'm disappointed with the response on this forum, surely someone must have had the same problems???


My next supplier problem is finding somewhere i can get a replacement double glazed panel made up to size for my patio door, and I could also do with a decent car accessories/parts supplier. I want some spark plugs, filters etc...




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21 Dec 2011 19:14 by nitram Star rating. 124 posts Send private message

I am sorry you are dissapointed with this forum, as over the years i have found it very intresting, full of knowledge and helpful, and it´s  pointed people in the right direction

Sorry ds8819 along with others on this forum  this is spain you have moved to and what you could get,have or want in the u.k they don´t do or have anything like what people could get in the u.k.

Perhaps you should embrace where you have moved to and intergrate and use local products thats what most of us have done and  not had any problems.

Come to our fereterias you can rummage around find things that you have not seen in the u.k for many years, on the other hand what you really want could be shipped back from  the u.k.



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21 Dec 2011 19:27 by formentera costa Star rating. 369 posts Send private message

in our local ferreteria they do not speak any english and I

only have a small amount of spanish but we have always found what

we required after a very short time, the people are great and helpful.



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21 Dec 2011 21:15 by foxbat Star rating in Granada. 1114 posts Send private message

foxbat´s avatar

ds8819...& rod...

B&Q have large depots here in Spain. They trade under the name bricodepot . See link for latest offer catalogue.

For Malaga the nearest depot is in Granada, just off the A44 Granada bypass in an area called Pulianas. About an hours drive from Malaga.

Have a sneaky feeling they might also do the replacement d/g you are looking for if not, check out cristalerias in your location. Most can supply D/G units made to measure...

For Automotive bits suggest try aurgi similar to Halfords but in my mind better because the guys on the counter actually know what they are talking about...nearest branch to Malaga is in Guadalhorce at

Calle Diderot 3
PoIígono Industrial Guadalhorce (junto a ITV)
Málaga, Málaga 29004 ES
  • Teléfonos: 95 119 23 84
  • Horarios: De Lunes a Sábado de 8:30 a 20:30 ininterrumpido

Hope this helps...


Edited to add   for ferretaria's again with very helpful staff try branches of


website link has lists of locations by province

This message was last edited by foxbat on 21/12/2011.



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