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16 Nov 2011 12:00 AM by bonny Star rating. 3 posts Send private message

Hi i put 10,000 euros away for 3 years, with bank inter.

the first year they said 22 % 2nd year 22 % 3rd year 33 %.

if it did not make it in the 1st year the money money would

go back in our bank .After the 2 years the money did not go back in.

After the 3 years the money went into our bank,

But we lossed 30 euros,So it never made anymoney in 3 years.

Is there anything we can do about it, We think it should have made some thing

in 3 year's,Waiting your reply R Garrett


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16 Nov 2011 2:53 PM by rod Star rating in Uk and Spain. 469 posts Send private message

How on earth did you expect to get such a high return?

If it sounds to good it probably is!

The only thing you can do is learn from it its your word against theirs

Personally I wouldnt give a SPANISH bank F---ALL and anyone with any sense should move cash out STRAIGHT AWAY


At least in the UK you can complain to FOS


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16 Nov 2011 7:10 PM by Bri Star rating in North. 591 posts Send private message

 Hi - did you or do you have any info re the investment you were making?  We have just ditched Bank Inter but not because of poor returns.   And I can assure you, there are plenty of crap bank accounts in the UK - you don't have to go to Spain to lose money through a bank.  But 3 years ago 22%???  It must have been a very high risk investment so you are lucky to only lose 30 euros.  I very much doubt you can do anything about it except to remember it and don't do it again without understanding exactly what you are investing in and whether it has a realistic chance of achieving the growth claimed.  



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16 Nov 2011 8:55 PM by sandra Star rating in . 810 posts Send private message

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Those interest rates seem far too high for even a high risk investment. Over the past three years  in the UK interest rates have been almost 0% for an easy access savings account and very little more if you tied the money up for three years.

Without seeing the actual advertising literature that Bank Inter used to attract you to the investment  it is difficult to offer any advice.

The only UK investments that have offered any sort of return over the past few years have been Cash ISAs and then it was only between 2 and 3 percent. Of course if you are resident in Spain an ISA is not available to you without a UK address and NI number.

I too would be cautious about investing in Spanish banks mainly because their charges are too high and ambiguous  and  if you do not speak fluent Spanish it is easy to miss or mis-understand the 'small print'.   It is equally as easy in the UK, where I speak fluent English, to be mis-informed or mis-understand as my loss some years ago of £500.00 over a five year period on a Scottish Widows investment proved.

Be Careful.


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17 Nov 2011 9:48 AM by johnzx Star rating in Spain. 5255 posts Send private message

                              it is impossible for anyone to make a constructive comment on this without knowing the exact details of the offer you signed up for.
However, I suspect the offer had lots of vague suggestions about what might happen abut that the bottom line of the offer did not contract the bank to make any actual return.
A few years ago I had a sterling investment with Sol Bank (substantially higher than the 10,000 Euros you had).  The first year returned 6%. The reinvestment offer for the next year seemed vague and was tied in an uncertain way to the value of Telefonica shares. 
 I sent the details to my accountant son in UK who found errors in the offer.
The bank were very ‘surprised at the error and said no one had spotted it in the 18 months the offer had been available’   but they accepted the error was present and that it could have meant a cero return.
Incidentally Sol Bank charged me £800 to transfer the investment to another bank, and that was after I had tried very hard to get a better deal. They were totally inflexible.

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18 Nov 2011 4:23 AM by stephensteve Star rating. 32 posts Send private message

Hi Guys,

I am living in Queensland, Australia and it is quite common for savings accounts to earn 6% in the high street banks and

credit unions with no risk at all !!!!

 pity I haven't got any money..!!!

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18 Nov 2011 10:26 AM by Bri Star rating in North. 591 posts Send private message

 Yes, but I bet you can't get 22% or 33% with no risk!!!!    Even in tough times you can still find 5% in the UK - but before tax, so below inflation in fact.  



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18 Nov 2011 11:05 AM by Ojosazul88 Star rating. 171 posts Send private message

Who was advising you........ Bernie Madoff?

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18 Nov 2011 11:49 AM by rod Star rating in Uk and Spain. 469 posts Send private message

Gordon Brown

He He

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18 Nov 2011 12:15 PM by Bri Star rating in North. 591 posts Send private message

 If it is not a wind up - I wonder if it was in fact 2,2% and 3,3% - Spanish use of comma confusing???? 



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18 Nov 2011 2:09 PM by sandra Star rating in . 810 posts Send private message

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I think you mught have hit the nail on the head there, but even that does not account for her 30 euros loss unless there were charges applied to the investment. That would account for the minus return.







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