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25 Mar 2011 00:00 by sneezey Star rating. 64 posts Send private message

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Help! Does anyone know how to stop cats peeing and pooing in the flowerpots and in the garden borders?

I have a litter try as well but as it has been raining so much that doesn't work outside.

I tried covering the soil with large stones painstakenly collected from the no avail my cats still do their business where they shouldn't and the smell is quite offensive.

I would welcome any ideas, before the heat of the Summer...

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25 Mar 2011 12:24 by bobaol Star rating. 2260 posts Send private message

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 I have one of those "sonic" alarms.  When a cat goes past, it emits a sound above human hearing which is supposed to scare them off.  Unfortunately, I bought it in UK (B&Q about £20) but haven't seen any in Spain.  Maybe a big company like Leroy Merlin would have them.  They run off two 9v batteries which last about 6 to 8 months (depending on passing traffic).  I had used things like squeezed lemons, sprays and so on but they never seemed to work.

One thing I am going to try is an organic solution.  A plant called Coleus Canina is known as the Scaredy Cat plant.  Apparantly cats (and dogs) hate them,  They have a pretty blue flower that comes out in July to September and I am going ot put them in pots around the garden and see how it works.  I have absolutely no idea what they are called in Spanish nor if they are even available in Spain.


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25 Mar 2011 15:26 by DavidDB Star rating. 11 posts Send private message

 Cats also hate acidity, espescially Lemon juice which is very potent. If you spray some fresh lemon juice near your plants and areas near the edges it tends to stop them. 

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25 Mar 2011 23:05 by lavge Star rating in Granada. 19 posts Send private message

Get a dog!


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26 Mar 2011 10:33 by orda Star rating in Manilva Heights. 203 posts Send private message

26 Mar 2011 22:10 by morerosado Star rating in Guardamar del Segura.... 6933 posts Send private message

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Some MEN are no better! The times I've seen them here in Spain. Why should they think it's fine to urinate when they think no one can see them. Three times lately I've seen men do it.

One lunchtime I was enjoying a glass of wine on a hotel balcony that faced the sea but with waste ground in front at Los Alcazares & a guy wandered by, had a quick glance around then did the deed, taking ages. A soon as I saw him I yelled at him. Boy, did he get a shock.

A couple of days ago alongside the N332 outside Torrevieja a car had pulled just off the road & a guy had walked about 30 metres away from his car onto open land, in full view of anyone driving along, & relieved himself!

As we walked back to our car a week ago on the Friday we saw a guy peeing against a fence right in front of an apartment block at Playa del Cura, Torrevieja. He heard us coming towards him & tried to move away quickly which was difficult as he'd unbelted his jeans & there needed to be held up. Whether you believe me or not we parked there again this past Friday & someone has dumped a turquise bidet at the exact spot. I had to laugh.


Orda, that was out of .....










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26 Mar 2011 22:31 by orda Star rating in Manilva Heights. 203 posts Send private message

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Morerosardo ** EDITED - Offensive **.  That was a joke.

 I hate cats but I wouldn't really hurt one but come on they are a bl**dy nuisance.  Especially at 3 in the morning when they are whingeing and squealing cos they can't get their leg over!  If we did that we'd be locked up for harassment and stalking and then locked up.LOL.  Then possibly castrated.


This message was last edited by EOS Team on 27/03/2011.

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27 Mar 2011 22:13 by mr.kevin Star rating in Costa Blanca. 189 posts Send private message

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See the dog in the pic, well Tera is a lovely dog, but she sure knows how to deal with cats.

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28 Mar 2011 13:46 by goodstich44 Star rating in northampton. 1652 posts Send private message

I sometimes run flat out after them shouting abuse at the same time. That does the trick for a few weeks!. When we had a dog it wasn't a problem.

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29 Mar 2011 12:43 by Sneezey Star rating. 64 posts Send private message

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Thanks for all your suggestions, I think I have cracked it. After trying petrol, stones,shouting, etc..  I tried a fly spray from Mercadona, cheap but seemingly effective against cats. It has a lemon scent mixed in with the usual pong of fly spray. I sprayed it on all the areas where the cat was doing his business and.. Hey presto, he hasn't been their since..... touch wood.

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29 Mar 2011 21:05 by Comadreja Star rating in the Sierra de Cadiz. 51 posts Send private message

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 Cats never do their business near where they eat, so you could always try puttng down a bowl of food!  Not as daft as it sounds.  You can stop after a few days, but afterwards they will always associate that area with feeding.


This message was last edited by Comadreja on 29/03/2011.

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30 Mar 2011 10:38 by crostrad Star rating. 82 posts Send private message

Our house is on a very narrow street in the old part of the village -and one of the few with a small area of flat roof that we can sit out on to get the sun. As soon as we had the place reformed and the flat roof area prettied up--the local feral cat population decided it was the place to be for a poo 'n' pee

One morning I carried my breakfast tray up to the roof and suprised the neighbourhood tom doing his biz.-so I grabbed a glass of water and chucked the contents at the cat-missed-and heard an annoyed shout from somebody who got wet in the street. I stayed indoors all morning.

I later discovered  the solution by accident. One evening as it cooled off, I painted the roof with waterproofing rubbery vulcanizing stuff to stop a small leak that we had. The next morning there was a trail of paw prints about half way accross the roof--then they back tracked and left a trail over the neighbouring tiles.

Result ! No more puss p&p. 

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30 Mar 2011 13:07 by goodstich44 Star rating in northampton. 1652 posts Send private message

......the real 'puss in boots' eh

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30 Mar 2011 13:11 by crostrad Star rating. 82 posts Send private message

I almost wished that he'd sqatted down and come to a sticky end.

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