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16 Jan 2013 12:11:

Hi Caroline

Great news and I'm so pleased you have got real justice at last and not  just won a useless court decision like many of us. Let's hope many more can gain from this example of those in the right getting what's right!   For some of us it seems we have just been robbed of our life's saving's despite the bank not providing a BG and winning our case against the developer.  Our 10 year fight for justice bought us nothing but lies and deception from the agent, the developer the original lawyrers (Spanish and English) and worse still the Spanish government.


01 Jun 2012 13:07:


I think you are both very right on this. People love to go on about the UK  benefit system.  Many  have no doubt abused the   system, but they are in relative small numbers and often a scapegoat for the right wing / racists to bang the drum.

Is anybody suprised at the current state of Spain?.  The level of toxic debt is still being hidden by the banks even as there's a rush to pull out money in huge amounts. The lies, deception and greed has come back to bite in a big way. Perhaps if some of the Euro MP's had got there head out there arses some time ago, some of the rot might have been prevented?.

Thread: spanish workers going to the uk for work

08 Feb 2012 12:09:

Hi ads

I have asked them on several occasions, but I always get much the same answer in that though in theory we should have a case, the justice system is such that the odds are not stacked in our favour?.  Unless I've got it wrong, the blame for no BG can also be put at the original lawyers feet (now gone under). and possibly the first Spanish lawyers we were transfered to.  As for paying for litigation, the agreement was that Aifos and OVP would be taken to court for breach of contract which of course happened and we won against them (for what it was worth?). Back then, taking the bank to court wasn't even seen as an option. I think that starting a BG case would mean starting from scratch.  I haven't written off the idea but to be honest I just don't trust the system to do what's right?. I know we should be able to have a strong case, we were never given a BG, of that there is no doubt, and I fully understand that unless cases like this are bought to court more often then the case against the banks is unlikely to gain much momentum.  Can you imagine though ploughing more money in, only to be told after years of more waiting that  the justice system has cheated you again!  I need something solid at least, not just another gamble on justice.

Thread: Return of deposits from Aifos in 2003

08 Feb 2012 10:35:

I've just had it confirmed by my lawyer that the Aifos offer of 50% in 8 years time looks like the best we will get if the creditors agree to it?, but because of no law or regulation that says they will pay, it is most probably useless!. 

Once again you have to ask, ''Is the Spanish justice system/government any better to those so clearly cheated through government lack of regulation and implemented law than the known crooks many of us have won long court battles against? ''.

A win in court can so often meen nothing in Spain, no justice, no integrity, no honesty, no truth, just lies and deception from those paid hansomely who have no intention of doing what they clearly know is right. Where left to turn for justice?, the EU don't want to know, the UK government don't want to know. Pressure on Spain just falls on deaf ears because they know they have nobody in a higher position to answer to.

I've been trying to get justice for years and it's 10 years in June since I put a deposit down, to come to this?.  Of coures well done everyone for keeping up the fight, and especially those who have put so much time/energy/money in to it,  but after all the efforts, have we got anyone on our side who will recognise right from wrong and more importantly can force change?.

I really feel that this situation with Aifos is so clearly wrong that without recognition of that from those in a position to take action, then what chance for others cheated on other developments?. 

A justice system that can be relied on in Spain simply does not exist!!.  Until that changes then perhaps many of us have just wasted our time and money???

Thread: Return of deposits from Aifos in 2003

06 Feb 2012 12:42:


I have spoken to maria about this, but get much the same answer in that there is no certainty that this route will work?. Having said that, I think maria feels that this route is our only chance of getting any money back however small?. I think maria has had success in a two or three cases through this route?, but when you consider have many are in the same boat and the percentage who have had their money returned, despite the fantastic factual petitions raised, the odds look pretty hopeless. I just don't have the money to gamble or feel like waiting years more for a decision that seems to have poor odds at best of a 'real'  win as in return of monies. If I had any trust in the justice system then I would be keener to give it a try, but even the best lawyers know that being in the right in Spain doesn't mean justice like we more often than not take for granted in the UK. The Spanish justice system is very often just one 'wrong' after another sadly, and there's no body of regulation to put a stop to it.

Thread: Return of deposits from Aifos in 2003


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