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08 Jun 2018 13:12:

Last week we realised that we hadn't had our usual reminder from our abogados in Valencia who handle our non resident tax for us - also hadn't had any contact regarding our spanish house sale ( they have power of attorney to take care of things)-several emails went unanswered and we were getting worried. We tried phoning and it just rang and rang-getting very worried by now as we had no other way of contacting them. Then I saw the pod cast option for Maria so I just asked if she could tell us how to maybe track them down. Maria was able to get in touch with them for us and sorted out communications. Seems that an "upgrade" from Microsoft outlook had broken our email so messages both ways had gone off into cyberspace.I also picked the wrong time of day to try calling the office!

Anyhow all is ok now thanks to Maria going out of her way to sort the problem for us. Thank you Maria - you're a lovely person to be so helpful.

Thread: superb help from Maria L. de Castro at Costaluz Lawyers

03 Nov 2017 14:44:

Hi, don't know if your friend has any local bars out in the campo. We used to have parcels with DHL and Sur delivered to our bar in the village - depends if delivery firms are still willing to do that, also if there is a local bar happy to take stuff in for him.

Thread: Sending Parcels to Spain - with no postal address ??

05 Sep 2016 01:12:

Good moaning, (itz just pissed madnight, so I can say good moaning) Any one tell me the price of fork handles ?

Sea bream form the farm- deelicious, but wtf are breaks ?  I prefer the north sea porns from Mercadona.

 I haddock a clue what's going on here, time for me to settle down for a kipper - I cod to get up early and dn't want to feel crabby in the mornay

Thread: Poor Quality Food in Spain and tasteless veg

24 Apr 2016 20:31:


Yes, probably the case with winter/summer schedules. Not too in tune with train stuff as I don't really like train travel, but my partner likes the rails!

I agreed to give it a try this time - we shall see the outcome.

Thread: Renfe train tickets

23 Apr 2016 19:46:

Hi, We are back in the u.k at the moment and my partner booked us a couple of tickets using the Renfe site last week. Barcelona to Valencia for the end of April, and all went smoothly.

As others have mentioned you can get the site in English but as you get nearer to handing over payment details it switches to Spanish - so it helps if you have a grasp.

They do offer an app to download ticket to your device - but we opted to print the ticket.

We did notice that if you try to book over a month in advance there are no tickets offered ( we tried making this April booking in early March and couldn't  get any train details) - but trying last week ( April 12th) it worked o.k.

Thread: Renfe train tickets


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