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24 Nov 2010 00:00 by LauraStevens Star rating. 3 posts Send private message


I am currently working on the new series of HOmes from Hell for ITV and we're looking to chat to people who have had problems with their properties abroad.  We are also looking for people who have had a bad experience with Parador.  If you'd like to chat to us or find out more information please contact me by PM or email with your story at:


Kind regards

Laura Stevens

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24 Nov 2010 16:33 by elricho Star rating in York. 34 posts Send private message


I know that is against the ethics of the British media, however would it not be possible for once to portray Spain in a positive light.I am also aware that this does not make good viewing for the British Public to hear how people actually enjoy living in another country,but to continuosly try and run it down with negative reports is, in my opinion a little sad to say the least.

Yes, people have bad luck stories to tell, but many people have lived in Spain quiet happilly for a lot of years. its a fantastic country with so much to offer.

Kind Regards


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24 Nov 2010 17:06 by Hammer100 Star rating in Camposol, Mazarron. 94 posts Send private message

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Just had these in our area looking for doom and gloom. Was interested in the people that had problems and unfortunately there are a few that have had a horrid time but apparantly they were not interested in anything positive.

Wonder when this airs will they give the percentage of good vs bad?



Dedicated Property Management - Mazarron

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24 Nov 2010 18:32 by Karensun Star rating in Orihuela Costa. 1476 posts Send private message

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Here we go again ! Lets bash Parador, Ryanair and anyone else we can think of!!

Can we do a POSITIVE one?? We bought via Parador Properties just over 8 years ago and we found them VERY GOOD.

  ' Do unto others as you would be done by'
         Now a non-smoker !  

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24 Nov 2010 18:52 by Honeywater Star rating. 65 posts Send private message

As a happy home owner who enjoys all that Spain has to offer and who loves the country -yes, warts and all!- I'm also annoyed by the media's overemphasis on negative stories. I'm sure there are plenty of them, the same as in many other parts of the world, including the UK, and I have a lot of sympathy for those who have found themselves at the center of such stories.

 But, hey, Spain is about a lot more than that. Viva Espana!

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24 Nov 2010 20:29 by haydngj Star rating in ALGORFA. 403 posts Send private message

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We have lost money on an off plan purchase but would never think all the people in Spain are trying to rip me off.We have bought another appartment here in Spain I want to thank almost all the Spanish people for making me welcome in this country . I can count on one hand the times I have had a cold shoulder from the Spanish people. The problem some expats have is that they think the Spanish should change there ways and be more British, how  self centered is that?I was born in Wales and the same thing goes on in the uk. don't like the Welsh, dont't like the English, don't like the Scots, don't like her in the next street so the whole street get a bad name. Please look further than your nose and everything looks a damn sight clearer.


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24 Nov 2010 21:16 by chills Star rating. 89 posts Send private message

The programme is called HOMES FROM HELL, get it. Not homes from heaven, that may be in a later series, I don't think. It is a fact that many thousands of people HAVE been ripped off, by estate agents, developers, local and provincial goverment. There are many stories to be told. Nothing on this scale would be allowed to happen in the U.K.



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24 Nov 2010 21:38 by pilgrim Star rating in Costa Calida. 234 posts Send private message

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elricho, I totally agree with you!!

I am an Englishman, born and bred in London. I now live in a beautiful part of this country, initially mainly for health reasons.

Yes, people have been duped and some have lost everything, which gives no credit to the country.

However, it is a different Spain today, I believe.

Maybe Laura Stevens would be better employed doing research on the justice and recompense that some people are starting to receive?



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25 Nov 2010 10:40 by Jimbofinn Star rating in Calasparra. 190 posts Send private message

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We also used Parador and whilst they were not perfect we found that they were able to help and guide us through the buying processes etc. and the people that we had to show and run us around were great and fun to be with.  ITV need to look closer to home and look at the shisters who are ripping people off there.  Parador are/were? no more than an agency that put potential buyers in contact with sellers - ergo estate agents and if I were to equate them with our recent dealings with English estate agents (high street names at that) then Parador would come out on par with them.  I agree with the comments above that there is no store in screening a program that has little or no real substance to them other than showing other peoples misery.  Ms. Stevens bugger off and look somewhere else to do your S*** stirring.

Rant over.


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25 Nov 2010 10:42 by Hammer100 Star rating in Camposol, Mazarron. 94 posts Send private message

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"Nothing on this scale would be allowed to happen in the U.K."

Sorry but you are wrong. Bellway Homes, East London. 1995 all the promises in the world about a new town, new schools, new medical facilities, transport links. 1995 - 2010 some houses built but not many and standard was very poor. 2010 the first little bit of success, the first bus route installed after 5 years of protests by residents. How do i know - I bought a house offplan in 1995.

Not only Spain that has problems.

Like I said would they try to conduct a survey and announce the results Happy / Not chance they would.


Dedicated Property Management - Mazarron

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25 Nov 2010 11:40 by PeterInSpain Star rating in Marbella, Spain. 39 posts Send private message

Dear Laura,

This is just the sort of lazy 'journalism' that has made ITV what it is today.

I do realise that there are many unfortunate people who have suffered in Spain (or in UK or Florida or Cape Verde etc etc etc)through one reason or another, indeed in some cases at the hands of unscrupulous individuals or companies.

However, there are countless thousands who have had positive, life-changing experiences through owning property, living or working in Spain. Laura, I would be quite happy to point you in the direction of some of these people, I'm sure they won't charge you a fee should you decide to interview them. I have copied this to your email address as well and look forward to your reply.

Kind regards, Peter (one of the countless thousands)




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25 Nov 2010 12:01 by Faro Star rating in London. 1139 posts Send private message

maybe if someone like Ads spoke to this woman they might also consider looking at the problems of the Spanish legal system and that when someting does go wrong it goes horribly wrong and that English people are being treated appallingly. In many ways this is the real nightmare.

bank/insurance guarantees - unregulated professionals - lack of professional indemnity insurance - court delays

Spain is a great country if everything goes well for you but it's hell when you have to fight the system and more so in a foreign country with a slow and procedural system.

Are you suggesting the program might be better if we got a few estate agents to talk up the market?

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25 Nov 2010 13:31 by goodstich44 Star rating in northampton. 1652 posts Send private message


yes, I think that is the real nightmare, but one that on the surface looks to affect only those who for what ever reason need to rely on the system working when needed. The irony is that all the good work going in to changing the dreadful legal system will benifit those who are quick to criticise  bad publicity and 'so far' have not needed the legal system to act in a reasonable way. Improvements to the legal and justice system will help everyone on the right side of the law, and not least the whole Spanish property industry.

I would say to people, ''By all means sing the praises of Spain, but ignore the reality of just how bad the legal/justice system is at your peril. One day you might well need it?''

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25 Nov 2010 17:06 by gazza Star rating. 74 posts Send private message

I am really pleased for everyone that is happy in Spain and wish it could have been us. Instead I am still repyaing the 71,000 I borrowed 5 years ago for a property that I've not received and never will. A bank guarantee was not issued so my chances of getting the money back are next to nil. 

These developers/agents/solicitors and banks need highlighting for the robbing, conning bas****s they are and I for one wouldbe willing to be interviewed to help expose all of them.


(A fed up mug from Almanzora Country Club)


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25 Nov 2010 17:27 by Faro Star rating in London. 1139 posts Send private message

gazza - shout as laod as you can and don't let anyone hush you up and have a go at you for giving Spain and all those people you dealt with bad press!

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25 Nov 2010 17:35 by goodstich44 Star rating in northampton. 1652 posts Send private message


so sorry to read that, so many of us in a similar situation. Please sign the petition beolow (if not done so?) to raise awareness of the dreadful situation many find themselves in, thanks to the Spanish legal/justice system.

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25 Nov 2010 17:44 by peteha Star rating. 111 posts Send private message


Why dont you contact the person making this programme,arrange a meeting

and discuss the problems concerning stolen deposits,slow or non existent justice etc..

show her the petition.

whilst these problems are discussed regularly on this forum they need a much higher 


I am sure she will find this a much more interesting and worthwhile subject than the one she is 


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25 Nov 2010 17:54 by goodstich44 Star rating in northampton. 1652 posts Send private message


should be


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25 Nov 2010 17:54 by elricho Star rating in York. 34 posts Send private message


I really do feel sorry for you guys who are having problems with the legal system and companies in Spain, it must be an awfully stressful position to be in. I hope that you manage to get everything that you have paid out and hopefully more back, although I doubt that this will be the case. Hopefully the individuals who have caused you this will be brought to justice and get their just rewards, again I doubt in some cases that this will be the outcome.

The best of luck to you all guys. 


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25 Nov 2010 21:17 by goodstich44 Star rating in northampton. 1652 posts Send private message


thanks for your kind comments. I think if we can encourage everyone involved in the the Spanish property industry to get behind those forming petitions and supporting action for change, then we could make those in power listen!

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