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12 Oct 2021 2:22 PM:

Widtalker.I have bought a few properties in Spain via estate agents..I have never paid a agent for purchasing a property .. only the estate agents client that is selling the property is eligible for any costs... without a buyer you don't have a sale so why would a estate agent risk losing a buyer by trying to charge them 2% finders fee

Wether you have bought a few properties in Spain or not. I am simply relating here that this happend to me. The fact is that there are some estate agents that charge both seller and purchaser a fee.  I can only assume that they believe that by splitting the fee between the two parties hasten the buying/selling process.  I suppose it is up to the individuals concerned as to use an agent that does this.

Thread: Selling property without estate agent /good Gestoria

10 Oct 2021 8:13 PM:

I had my property on the market with an agent.  She introduced a lady to the property who showed interest thus obtaning my details.  Nothing more was heard of for several weeks.  I then received mail and lo and behold it was the lady that had expressed interest.  She wanted to meet in person to discuss purchasing it band did offer somewhat below the asking price.  She was obviously trying to circumnavigate the agents fee for puchasing (2%) and get a cut price deal into the bargain..  She obviously tried to take me for a mug thinking that I would agree - needless to state she was given short shrift.

Thread: Selling property without estate agent /good Gestoria

03 Aug 2021 12:54 PM:

Whilst you may be correct in what the UK gov site is stating. You know very well that it is not always the case how the Spanish authorities interpret the legislation.  Recently my wife and I exchanged our residencia permanente (green credit card size) for the TIE. Of note, I'd had my original NIE certificado since moving here in 2009 that I exhanged in 2019 for the Residencia Permanente The NCP officer at the Extranjeros office told us that we needed to make this exchange. Also a close friend of ours could not trade in his old car for the new one without the TIE which he duly obtained.

Short of standing there and debating the issue with the NCP official (and we know who would have won that argument) we just kept our mouths shut and completed the exhange.  For the sake of €12.00 to us it was a no brainer.



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Thread: TIE deadline for British Residents?

12 Jul 2021 12:18 PM:

If you still feel it's important then keep it.  If not sell it.  Having said that, can you reuse it elsewhere as some sort of security device.  I take it that it is linked to your phone?  Don't ask me how you could do this, it's just an idea!

Thread: Should I reuse/ resell my baby camera?

09 Jul 2021 8:21 PM:

Mmmmm,. Methinks this guy could actually be looking for potential dates / partners on this forum.One wonders?



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Thread: Does your occupation matter when it comes to dating?


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