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14 Apr 2021 14:59:

I submitted my tax return last year. My Gestor stated that as I had a police pension I needed to obtain a letter from the UK Tax authorities stating that this tax was ONLY taxable in Spain under the article 18 agreement. This I did.  The letter was duly apostiled and along with all my income etc submitted to the Hacienda.  I was further informed that my UK OAP that IS to be taken into account in Spain was under the Spanish tax threshold (14k) and therefore need not be declared in the future.  Incidentally my wife has recently (March this year) contacted the UK tax auths.to obtain the letter which is winging its way to her now.

It might be advisable to visit the UK Gov website and review all those types of Gov jobs, as not all of them are tax exempt under the agreement, but your UK tax advisor should be able to clarify this


26 Jan 2021 18:01:

Hi Nicbax

I've just today had my monthly salary paid into my Sabadell account from the Nationwide Bldg Soc. No fee for doing so.  But I will be keeping my beady eyes on them just to make sure they don't sneak something in.

Thread: bank charge for money transfer

26 Jan 2021 17:53:

all I can add to this is information coming from some people shopping in Gibraltar to get their English fix.  The Spanish customs siezed most of the goods not because of the lack of duty paid, but because the goods contained either meat or dairy products.  Rather than take the risk of having your goods siezed, why not simply pop into one of the many shops that import UK goods on the costas.  Can't help if there are none in the area to which you are going to.


Thread: Import duty

26 Jan 2021 17:44:

Hi, my wife has managed to claim from the bank (Caja Rural) last year.  In 2017 she submitted all documentation to a firm of solicitors in Malaga on a no win no fee basis.  They established that there was a valid claim and the court process began.  Two years later she went to court and won the case.  The bank appealed.  Two years later (2020) the bank decided to settle out of court and case closed.I will point out that although she signed paperwork changing the mortgage and probably a disclaimer the court chose to ignore this disclaimer.  The solicitors fee was 20% of the award made to her.

Hope this helps, just be prepared for a long wait.

Thread: Mortgage Floor Clause Question

09 Jan 2021 18:34:

I'v copied and pasted part of the story from the express.  Note the "expert" states "could"

And this could be the case according to a leading tax advisory firm.

Partner at leading tax advisory firm Blick Rothenberg, Robert Pullen explained that from January 1, UK owners with property in Spain could suffer bigger tax rate on income.

He said: “From January 1, 2021, UK-based owners of Spanish real estate will suffer a 24 percent tax rate on income, after the previous 19 percent tax rate expired when the transition period ended on December 31.

“This is a swingeing increase of over a quarter.”

Thread: 'New' tax on income from property.


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