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28 Sep 2022 8:46 PM:

As I understand it, the UK is still part of SEPA. Link: https://accesspay.com/knowledge-hub/payments/is-the-uk-still-part-of-sepa/

However, this does not help with regard to Barclays asking the Original Poster.  Maybe the OP needs to contact his branch/bank and find out why they want it closed.


Thread: Barclays requesting me to close my uk account

20 Aug 2022 12:09 PM:

Try these people, alternatively "google Longstay car parking Alicante" https://alicante-parking.com/index.en

Thread: Long term Airport parking

30 Apr 2022 7:36 PM:

I was informed by our insurance agent that the use of the key safes fixed on the outside of the property would more than likely invalidate a claim should the safe be broken into.  Check with insurance company and get any reply in writing.  Good luck.



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Thread: Key Safe

30 Apr 2022 7:27 PM:

We had a similar "hitting a brick wall" attitude with an insurance claim.  We had a suspected leak in our pool. The agent was contacted and a "specialist" was sent to assess the situation. He and his colleague were at the property for 4 minutes and took three photos. I showed them marking on the skimmer flap that had been taken over a number of days and stated that the level had not droppred in the last few days. they did not record the information. When asked for their opinion they stated that they would have to report to their manager.  Within 2 hours my wife logged into our account with the company and found that the case was closed.  I contacted the agent and he stated that the insurance company had sent a carpenter to carry out the assessment!!!!!. Over the next few weeks my wife had several conversations withe the insurance company who basically accused us of lying. Also stating the assors had checked the water meter and electric meter and also the pool self filler, and that these regitered as a "fault" elsewhere. After explaing that we were not on metered water and the self filler was off. It went quiet.  After two more weeks we employed a local pool company that carried out a pressure test and identified the problem immediatley.  They carried out the repairs, I supplied photos of the work and emailed them to the insurance company with a claim for the repairs.  It was then that they accepted liability and the claim settled.  We also had a go at them on Twitter that may've helped.

Sorry to prattle on but this was my experience, but an important lesson for us to employ an independant survey and record / photograph for everything for evidential purposes to support the claim.




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Thread: Insurance claim for Fire in Apartment

12 Oct 2021 2:22 PM:

Widtalker.I have bought a few properties in Spain via estate agents..I have never paid a agent for purchasing a property .. only the estate agents client that is selling the property is eligible for any costs... without a buyer you don't have a sale so why would a estate agent risk losing a buyer by trying to charge them 2% finders fee

Wether you have bought a few properties in Spain or not. I am simply relating here that this happend to me. The fact is that there are some estate agents that charge both seller and purchaser a fee.  I can only assume that they believe that by splitting the fee between the two parties hasten the buying/selling process.  I suppose it is up to the individuals concerned as to use an agent that does this.

Thread: Selling property without estate agent /good Gestoria


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