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12 Jul 2021 12:18:

If you still feel it's important then keep it.  If not sell it.  Having said that, can you reuse it elsewhere as some sort of security device.  I take it that it is linked to your phone?  Don't ask me how you could do this, it's just an idea!

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09 Jul 2021 20:21:

Mmmmm,. Methinks this guy could actually be looking for potential dates / partners on this forum.One wonders?



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Thread: Does your occupation matter when it comes to dating?

30 May 2021 12:08:

Hi Rozojc, My wife and I live in Chiclana De la Frontera a few miles south of Cadiz/San Fernando. The bulk of problems of buying / selling in our particular area is the fact that many of the properties have been built illegally. Ours for instance is on land thats indivisio, the house size is different to that declared to the ayuntamiento.  Some houses have no legal electricity supply and have no standard services to the properties.  The Spanish don't seem to mind these issues and are snapping up properties in the area in an attempt to get out of the big ciites due to recent covid problems.  Having said that and lived elsewhere in Spain, I love the area.  The beaches are superb there is a vibrant nightlife and whilst the area is not as "British" as many of the costas one is able to travel a few hours south to get your britfix if you need to.  Like elswhere in Spain when doing your house searching / buying, use a reputable estate agent, solicitor, check to see how much community fees are etc.  Many of the TV programmes don't tell you that commuity pools are invariably closed from september to june.  The nearby towns of Conil, Medina Sidonia, Vejer, Puerto De Santa Maria are also worth looking at.  When you have the opportunity post covid to visitI, I would recommend to look for a short term let in order to get a feel for the area.

Good luck with your house hunting.

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14 Apr 2021 14:59:

I submitted my tax return last year. My Gestor stated that as I had a police pension I needed to obtain a letter from the UK Tax authorities stating that this tax was ONLY taxable in Spain under the article 18 agreement. This I did.  The letter was duly apostiled and along with all my income etc submitted to the Hacienda.  I was further informed that my UK OAP that IS to be taken into account in Spain was under the Spanish tax threshold (14k) and therefore need not be declared in the future.  Incidentally my wife has recently (March this year) contacted the UK tax auths.to obtain the letter which is winging its way to her now.

It might be advisable to visit the UK Gov website and review all those types of Gov jobs, as not all of them are tax exempt under the agreement, but your UK tax advisor should be able to clarify this


26 Jan 2021 18:01:

Hi Nicbax

I've just today had my monthly salary paid into my Sabadell account from the Nationwide Bldg Soc. No fee for doing so.  But I will be keeping my beady eyes on them just to make sure they don't sneak something in.

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