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19 Sep 2010 00:00 by leema Star rating in Washington Tyne & We.... 655 posts Send private message

We all voted to keep the one we had, I am happy with them and got no complaints and looks like we did the right thing as they have been brilliant with regular monthly meetings, so we will see what happens at our AGM next year, AEA in Duquesa Port are the one we are with.


Maureen & Dennis

Coto Real

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24 Oct 2016 18:35 by ehw Star rating in Western end of the C.... 41 posts Send private message

The Ammex thread appears to have been dead for some 6 years but in recent times there have been important developments regarding both Ammex Administraciones SLP and Ammex Consultae S.L. in Manilva. Does anyone have any news about Ammex that they can make public?

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12 Nov 2016 17:08 by ferrotty Star rating. 5 posts Send private message

Ammex are administrators of the La Paloma Urbanisaion Manilva area, they seem to be doing a good job and the La Paloma Urb are apparently the envy of all others, there financial position is excellent, what is the issue with Ammex?.

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19 Apr 2017 00:07 by ehw Star rating in Western end of the C.... 41 posts Send private message

Approximately six months have gone by since I asked if anyone has any news they feel able to pass on about Ammex. The sole comment made does not serve much purpose as it says Ammex SEEM to be doing a good job. That is not exactly a vote of confidence in them. Then it goes on to say that the La Paloma Urb. is APPARENTLY the envy of all others. Finally it states that the financial situation of the Urb is excellent. Surely that has much to do with the owners and nothing to do with the administrators. "What is the issue with Ammex? It is that question that is so fascinating. Considering the size of the Ammex operation it is amazing the no-one ever raises any issues. Is everyone doing the same as me, waiting for someone else to be the first to raise an issue?


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21 Apr 2017 16:49 by ferrotty Star rating. 5 posts Send private message

Quote  Surely that has much to do with the owners and nothing to do with the administrators


Well actually it has to do with the Administartors as the last Administrators of La Paloma were ripping us all off, also how am I suppose to know what information you require if the thread is no longer there, maybe you can add some light as to why your asking the question in the first place.

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22 Apr 2017 11:04 by ehw Star rating in Western end of the C.... 41 posts Send private message

I disagree with you. The administrators are employed by the owners to do a job and supervising their activity is the responsibility of the President of the Community and the committee. Obviously if an administrator was "ripping us all off" the President and committee were not doing the job they'd been elected to do.

I have made it ABUNDANTLY clear why I am asking the question.


This message was last edited by ehw on 22/04/2017.

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22 Apr 2017 13:15 by ferrotty Star rating. 5 posts Send private message

Boy you got one bad attitude to someone trying to help, please don't reply as I'm done with this thread.

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14 Jul 2017 20:38 by baskerville Star rating. 4 posts Send private message

Today, without warning, Ammex Administrators, the administrators of The Community Of Owners Of Hacienda Guadalupe in Sabinillas, Manilva, the President Of that Community and a member of the committee who had no right to be on the Committee have anounced their resignation, en bloc in an event which I have never known the likes of in 30 odd years. Does anyone else have any information about Ammex.

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14 Jul 2017 21:37 by nigel188 Star rating in Estepona. 509 posts Send private message

I have heard some  bad reports about Amex Administators from friends of mine.

Therefore I would not recommend them to anybody. This  is soley my own opinion.

Maybe other Forums users have more information for you.


This message was last edited by nigel188 on 14/07/2017.



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07 Sep 2017 14:41 by baskerville Star rating. 4 posts Send private message

News regarding the well known admimistrators based in Sabinillas Ammex Adminstraciones S.L. and Ammex Consultae S.L. The businesses are up for sale and the asking price is dropping as they lose urbanizations. The loss of Hacienda Guadalupe has been a major blow to them but they have lost others too. Will they be trying to re-establish themselves in Germany with an agent in Marbella. Time will tell?

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19 Sep 2017 15:04 by Janette14 Star rating. 1 posts Send private message

Ammex Administrations are definitely not for sale. This is unfounded gossip. All Administrators lose and gain urbanisations for any number of reasons. Ammex have resigned from Hacienda Guadalupe, they were not dismissed. Their offices are in Sabinillas and Estepona.


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