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Sobre mi... Expat South African now living on the Western Side of Estepona since 4 May 2010.I lived in SA for 52 Years.Inheritated a Property here in Spain in 2009.

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18 Oct 2020 18:42:


I spoke with my Barrister Cousin in Norfolk this afternoon and she said the Wet Ink Saga was absolute rubbish. The letter can be signed by an Original Biro Pen  but signed  and stamped by an Authorised Official in his Capacity to sign. Letter can not be signed by Customer Advisor, this is  not allowed.

Hope this helps



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09 Oct 2020 15:51:

Hi  Marie

Sorry, I got a little mixed up there. I meant to say the "registro card (on the Registry of EU foreign nationals resident in Spain) to   T.I.E.   Card



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09 Oct 2020 08:53:

I have read in the Latest Euro weekly Newspaper that David Searle says it is obligatory to change your N.I.E Card to a T.I.E card by 31/12/2020 That is not true. What I have read is, if your Present N.I.E Card has been encrypted with "Residente comunitario permanente en Espane desde dd/mm/yy " then this card will exist alongside the new T.I.E. Card after 31/12/2020. You maybe required to change it over at some time in the future.

See also link below.

https://www.thelocal.es/20200708/qa-wha ... dency-card

Thread: TIE

06 Oct 2020 17:08:

It is best to get it done before the 3st December 2020. The rules change in 2021 and it will be much difficult to obtain then.

See link to Citizens Advice Bureau Spain below




Good Luck



04 Oct 2020 08:51:

Hi Tracy

This website might help you



Good Luck


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