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07 Jun 2010 00:00 by carolandrichard Star rating in West Yorkshire and P.... 93 posts Send private message

We have a few four day holidays booked, I can see that most of the suppliers will do a full/full for three days or less, but does anybody know of any supplier who will do this on four days? Having just returned a car 3/4 full with no chance of a refund hurts a bit!

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07 Jun 2010 19:22 by Marksfish Star rating in Vera, Almeria. 2571 posts Send private message

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 As you live in Palomares, you may find Dave Baxter on Al Andalus Hill in Vera Playa may be able to help. Can't think of the contact details, but Noreen should be able to help if she looks in.


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07 Jun 2010 20:16 by reidpj Star rating. 239 posts Send private message

07 Jun 2010 20:25 by tricia52 Star rating in Dublin. 277 posts Send private message

Hi, have just sent you a pm with details of Daves car hire business as Mark suggested. We have used him a few times and have cars booked with him over the summer hols too. Good luck.



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07 Jun 2010 23:16 by nfm2862 Star rating in Welling, Kent & Al A.... 1461 posts Send private message

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Many thanks Tricia & Mark.

Carol & Richard, please contact me via the website address below or by PM & I will let you have some more information.







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07 Jun 2010 23:56 by morerosado Star rating in Guardamar del Segura.... 6927 posts Send private message

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Hi Noreen, long time no see. We're back in Spain (Yes AGAIN!). How are you?


PLEASE SUPPORT  http://www.galgosdelsol.org/ 







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08 Jun 2010 00:49 by kev2006n Star rating in Sussex and Playa Fla.... 343 posts Send private message

 Auriga crown do full full on all rentals. Ignore what it says on the various sites. Ask them directly. They have changed their policy as too many customers were getting upset! Good god is the customer right! Kevin

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08 Jun 2010 09:58 by carolandrichard Star rating in West Yorkshire and P.... 93 posts Send private message

Hi everyone

Thanks for your responses. I have Dave Baxter's details and made a booking with him yesterday for one of our trips.

Auriga do not do full/full, we used them a couple of weeks ago and even though I asked at the desk when we collected the car she said sorry, no, if it was 3 days they would do it but not for 4 days, even though I said I would never use a full tank etc etc, she wasn't budging, hence us returning it 3/4 full and the hefty profit they made on that one. This policy I believe has actually changed in the last couple of months as its not that long ago they did us a full/full and that was for a week. I suspect as we are now in the summer not only do they hit us with the ridiculous prices, but also change their other policies so the customer loses out again.

Goldcar used to refund unused fuel, but again this was on 3 days or less. Our next booking is with them, 4 days, and the voucher says full/empty as they are not able to refund unused fuel. I've also checked Solmar's site directy and they only do full/full on 3 days or less.

Roll on the winter and sensible prices again!

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08 Jun 2010 11:02 by reidpj Star rating. 239 posts Send private message

Solmar allow full/full if you book through a broker - try bravocarhire.com (bravo allow you to choose a supplier)

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08 Jun 2010 17:16 by carolandrichard Star rating in West Yorkshire and P.... 93 posts Send private message

Hi Reidpj

thanks for that. I've never used Bravo Car Hire broker before, I have to say I like the layout and that all charges and conditions etc are clearly laid out before you decide to book. Unfortunately, for the 4 day period I was looking at Solmar (and the others) came out considerably more than what I've found elsewhere, even taking account the full/full policy. I guess its a bit of swings and roundabouts at the moment! I have however bookmarked the site so will take a look there when I'm doing the usual trawl.

cheers, Carol

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20 Jul 2011 19:45 by deniadan Star rating in Denia. 8 posts Send private message

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This message was last edited by EOS Team on 21/07/2011.

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20 Jul 2011 21:16 by Costachris Star rating in Yorkshire and Arroyo.... 38 posts Send private message

It's not just the full/full policy that causes the concern but the price that is being charged for a full tank. i recently hired a car from Goldcar at Murcia and was charged €78 for a full tank. Fortunately, I had a lot of travelling to do and ran the petrol tank down and toppedit up again. It cost me €50. So €28 pure profiteering.

Normally I hire in Malaga where I use Helle Hollis who are excellent. As a member of their Owners Club they have all my details, give me priority fast lane service and allow a return full policy which means I only pay for the fuel I use. It's not acceptable that some are worse than others on this. If they put customers first they'd stop making a profit out of this unfair fuel policy.

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01 Apr 2012 11:25 by rufusofgalicia Star rating. 2 posts Send private message

 I have posted this elsewhere on EyeonSpain when searching spanish car hire fuel information, but I then saw this thread on Murica.

I had written my own experiences down to post on my blog, but it may be of interest and a help.

I live in Javea, near Alicante, and two weeks ago I planned to travel to Galicia just for a weekend and bring back with me my relatives and personal belongings. No doubt I was going to need a wide comfy powerful vehicle, a kind of 5+2 seaters or stationwagon.

My first thought was to fly to Santiago de Compostela, get the rental car at the airport for the weekend, and then drive it to Javea where I would return it.

But to my surprise, one way rentals for only three days or less seem to be really expensive: Picking up the rental car in Santiago and returning it either to Javea or any close location -such as Denia or even Alicante- would mean to pay more than 230€ for only three days rental!

Being a bit disppointed, I went through many message boards looking for some advice regarding this matter and I ended reading the FAQ in Tipoa Car Hire website.

Once I did this, I reconsidered the fact of hiring the car in Javea or nearby and returning it in the same location. But the rental car rates were way too high still and the stationwagon model I was searching for was not available.

Then I decided to search Google for further advice and I saw a number of recommendations, suggesting that renting from an airport might be cheaper and give me a better choice of vehicles. Although I was not going to fly from Valencia airport, I gave it a try by searching again at Tipoa Car Hire.  

So I finally rented a Stationwagon as it was my wish, with zero excess and insurance coverage for a total price of 50€ (15€ of which was my voluntary zero excess cover with Mondial assistance). The confirmation voucher was sent by email a few minutes later.

The information on the booking voucher revealed that the car hire supplier was Centauro, well known Spanish rent a car company that operates the FULL OUT/ EMPTY IN fuel policy. So my initial reaction was thinking that finally the 50€ rate wasn't that good, if I at the end I had to pay the initial tank of fuel at a premium per litre price...

I printed my voucher and once I presented at the Centauro Rent a Car facilities in Manises Polygon (their office is not at the terminal building but they provide their customers with a prompt bus service) the staff behind the desk fully explained to me their fuel policy regarding three or less days car rentals :  for rentals of three or less days duration, they apply the FULL/FULL fuel policy.

Although I still had to pay a deposit for the initial tank of fuel when collecting the car, I was told that I had the chance of returning it with the tank full and that initial amount of money I paid as a deposit for the fuel would be reimbursed.

That was good news! 

A rental car that didn't seem to be the better deal (because the fuel policy I thought they would apply) turned in the perfect rental car for 12€/ day; with zero excess; with tyres, keys and windows insurance.

I must say I wasn't that lucky the time before when I rented a car in Alicante airport with Tipoa also. The provider at that time was SIXT and even when the fuel policy they operates was FULL/FULL, I was not convinced at all of the rental car model they offered me, as it was not exactly what I was expecting to get or wanted.

So I guess the moral of this story is that FULL/EMPTY fuel policy might not be that bad sometimes; and that it is also worthy to consider renting cars from airport locations, as their open longer hours and offer better deals.

I loved my red brand new Citröen C4 Picasso with panoramic windscreen!

Ven a España, no está nada mal.

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