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13 Feb 2016 13:39:

Definitely Seguro Parking.

Thread: Longterm parking

23 Aug 2015 12:09:

Towards the end of July around 30 apartments on our development had their electricity cut off due to direct debits not being paid.

On our July Debtors list there were a substantial number of missed payments for owners who are usually not on the list & from responses received from those owners, it would appear that Bank Accounts were frozen from the end of June.


Thread: New Bank Regulations digital ID

23 Feb 2015 17:20:

I have done this twice LHR - MAD - Almeria & it has worked fine but I would be panicking if I had less than an hour betwen flights.

Travelling from London, we left from the same terminal that we arrived in but the terminal is huge & by the law of sod, we arrived at one end & departed from the other. It was a good 15 minute walk.

Doing the journey in reverse, we had to use a shuttle train to get from one terminal to another & again, this took quite a while.

Friends  of mine did this return journey last Summer & even with the same carrier, they did not get their flight at Madrid due to delays departing from Almeria & they had to stay overnight.

Personally, I always leave loads of time & I would definitely want at least a 2 hour stopover.





Thread: iberia Flights Malaga - Madrid - Manchester

02 Jul 2014 19:05:

Baz, please contact me via the website with your dates / airport & I will provide you with an updated quote.

There is a disclaimer on the front page of the website regarding prices, perhaps you missed it?


Thread: Car Hire Recommendation Al Andalus Car Hire

31 Mar 2014 21:29:

I believe that you have to get a bus or taxi into Almeria Bus Station & then pick up the Alsa bus which you can pre-book.

However, this bus only goes to Vera Bus station so you would need to get to Turre from there.


Thread: Car Hire (back up plan)


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