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06 Apr 2010 00:00 by pocoverde Star rating. 11 posts Send private message

Sorry about this being my first post but I'm pulling my hair out.

Yesterday Endesa took €5000 (yes you read that right) from my bank acount which I have had the bank return

I moved here 2 yrs 7 mths ago.

In that time I have never had a bill (& Endesa couldn't help me because I didn't have a contract number)

They have never read my meter until March this year.

And have charged me random amounts ever since I got here.

I called Endesa yesterday only be told that they couldn't help me, call back tommorrow.

My bank manager called them, was cut off twice & then given a complaints number & told I would be contacted in 10 days.

I was told to go down to the local Endesa office to sort out the problem today & organise a split payment. I cued 4 hrs to be told they couldn't help me, the bil has been paid & if it is returned they will try & take the money again from my bank.

I've been advised not to cancel the standing order because that will likley cause Endesa to cut me off.

I have been billed for the use of the €5000 in 1 month which means I have been charged a higher rate of electricity....... i don't even think a physics lab with a partical accelarator would use that sort of electricity in 1 month!!

All I want to do is sort this mess out :(


One very upset











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06 Apr 2010 22:29 by neutral Star rating in Dublin/Benalmadena C.... 172 posts Send private message

 Can you get your last bill printed at your local Endesa's office and sign up for their online service,once you've signed up you can view all your old bills in English and also submit meter reading which might go some way to helping you out.



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07 Apr 2010 07:01 by foxbat Star rating in Granada. 1114 posts Send private message

foxbat´s avatar

In order to get Endesa to print out the last bill will require a contract number so its a bit of a Catch 22 situation.

However; you say you havent ever had a contract or a bill...without a bill its difficult to come up with a contract number but it might still be possible.

If you have access to online banking and I assume you have, how else would you have found that Endesa have stabbed you in the back for 5000Euros... if you highlight the Endesa debit as shown on your on-line banking account it will open up to produce a record of the amoount paid, where from, to whom, the amount and the date. More importantly there will be a number on the account, something like EE_XXI followed by an eleven digit number. This Eleven digit number is your contract number.

We had a broadly similar experience with Endesa; make no mistake, they will insist on payment of the full amount unless you can prove they are in error. In our case, just after our 'builder' had our meter installed, supposedly it blew up; Endesa, we were told, removed the meter promising to return the next day and fit a replacement. Surprise, surprise they never showed, and for the next eighteen months, we just paid standing charges of around 20 euros every two months.

Despite repeated approaches to Endesa to get the new meter fitted nothing ever happened. Eventually a meter reader turned up who didnt just shrug his shoulders; he said he would report us for using electricity illegally; it wasn't until we were able to prove that we had approached Endesa that the implied threat was removed and a new meter was duly fitted, on the understanding that the meter would be monitored for six months and a bill presented based on our consumption over that six month period for the eighteen months that we were without a meter.

True to their word, after six months we got a bill for approaching 2000 Euros...and there wasnt a damn thing we could do about it other than pay up! I have to admit that their estimate of our consumption during the eighteen months without a meter was fairly accurate.

There may be another reason why you dont have a contract...you might still be on a builder's supply. Have you ever had sight of a Bolletin de Enganche? Or a Licence of First Occupation?

Both of these are prerequisites for a Vivienda (ie 'Normal) contract with Endesa or any of the suppliers.

Again we found out the hard way...

Even after the new meter was installed, at no time were we made aware that we were in effect living in the house illegally. In Nov 2009 we had a letter from Endesa appear out of the blue stating that we were still on builders supply and that legally Endesa were going to terminate the contract and cut us off within 30 days unless we regularised the situation and applied for a Vivienda contract.

Our Brit builder was supposed to have done all of this as part of his contract with us, but he buggered off when we refused his blackmail game of demanding more and more money to 'finish the job.' So the bolletin de Enganche and the Licence of First Occuapation were never applied for.

So; all of a sudden we needed to move fast; I paid a visit to our Town Hall to find out what I needed to do and was immediately stuck with a bill for 200 Euros; seems our reluctant builder hadnt even paid for the Works.Licence to do the Renovation in the first place.

We explained that Endesa were going to cut us off and they explained exactly what we needed to do to set the new contract in place...First engage a leccy to inspect the existing installation in regard to the latest rules and regulations re the supply and to make any additional changes brought about the new rules set in place in 2007...these changes cost us just under 1000 euros but we did get the Bolletin we so desperately needed. Next we had to engage an independent Architect to issue a Cerificate stating that the work carried out was in compliance with current building regulations and in accordance with the work set out in the original Licence application. This cost us another 250 Euros...We took the Certificate and the Bolletin down to the Town Hall who checked them over and stated that the Licence of First Occupation would be issued within a week...(lol)

Of course nothing happened, no Licence appeared. Then one very cold January evening at around 7.30pm Endesa appeared; calmly switched off the supply, removed the fuses and the meter and buggered off leaving us with no light and heat. (Not strictly true since we do have a wood burner in the living room).

I visited the Town Hall the next morning demanding to know where my damn Licence was...and was asked to return at 1 oclock when it would be made available for my personal collection. I had a bit of a rant whilst I was in the Town Hall and it was heard by a 3rd party who just happened to be an engineer with Endesa. He listened to what I had to say, phoned his boss, phoned my leccy, and gave him permission to reconnect us, without a meter, pending the issue of the new contract which had been applied for but was awaiting the paperwork. To cut the story short; that was in January; in January a new meter was installed and the new contract issued and I got the first bill; it was an estimate; Standing charge only, then came February, again an estimate, again Standing charge only which brings us into March.

On or about the 16th a meter reader appeared, took a reading and went off; and since then nada, nothing, zilch, nowt. No bill, no money taken from the account. It should have gone out on the 31st. So tomorrow I will have to go and visit my local Endesa office; fortunately they are the same people who were actually very helpful in setting up the new contract. The thing that concerns me is that we are going to get hit with 3 months consumption and being January through March it's going to be heavy. It gets pretty damn cold in the mountains.

Pocoverde; it wasnt my intention to hijack your thread; I just wanted you to know what you could be up against. You need to get it sorted; the longer it takes the more its going to cost.

Just hope some of this helps







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07 Apr 2010 08:06 by pocoverde Star rating. 11 posts Send private message

Hi Guys,


Thanks for your replies......Foxbat all experiences with Endesa are useful, thank you for takeing the time to reply.

My 4 hrs at the endessa wasn't a complete waste of time. I have my last bill!! I'll register online & print out all my facturas.

What I think has happened is when I bought the house & they changed the name on the contract I think that is when the problems began. I'm not diputing I've used the electric, I just want to pay for it at the rates for the time period it was used over & not at 2010 rates with all the excess charges for going over my usage for 1 mth. I want to be able to split the bill over a period of time but at the moment Endesa don't want to know. My house is defintaley not a new build & has had an electric supply for a long time...... I haven't seen a licence of first ocupasion, I doubt it exisist. My house is one of the first ever bought by a forigner in the 1950's.

The town hall has told me by law Endesa have to read the meter every 4 mths (they can obviously find it & read it if they managed to do it in March) & i have a complaints form to fill out. I'm going back to the town hall to get some more advice.

I'll keep you updated as to what happens as it may help someone else in the future.



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07 Apr 2010 08:35 by foxbat Star rating in Granada. 1114 posts Send private message

foxbat´s avatar


Good luck with the registering on line bit...Ive been trying for over a year and given up!

See how you get on...!





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07 Apr 2010 14:08 by lasiesta Star rating in Costa del Sol. 58 posts Send private message

5000 euros bill!! - its madness!

I manage a number of properties here and electric must be the biggest problem. Some of my clients have also had the same problem as yourself in that suddenly they get large bills, just recently I had a client with one of nearly 2000 euros. The owner didnt have this amount and endesa have now agreed she can pay in installments.

Another case is with tenants. One owner had a bill of 900 euros for 1 month (normally had previously paid 40-50 euros) Endesa said they hadnt read the meter for some time so hence the high bill, so how can he calculate the tenants usage? Other owners dont believe that this happens and you end up with both owner and tenant refusing to pay!!

However I currently have a property where the bills are about 12 euros a month, the bills even show 0kw usage even though someone (a whole family infact)are living in it! I have called endesa so many times and asked them to get a reading but still nothing so no doubt a large bill will arrive one day and theyll demand immediate payment!

How can people be expected to manage their finances, especially in these difficult times, when they cannot assume a reasonable monthly payment? Most people know what comes in each month and roughly what they need to pay out. I can budget around 100 euros a month for my electric but if I were to get a bill of 5000 I could not pay this!!

Something should really be done about Endesa and their meter reading/billing methods. They should read them every 2 months as they claimed they would and not just keep guessing readings! And the government or someone should force them to act more professionally.

With companies behaving like this, and all the other current problems, Spain is running the risk of people moving out.

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07 Apr 2010 19:53 by pocoverde Star rating. 11 posts Send private message

Thank you for your reply Lasiesta :)


I'm not planning on taking it lying down. I've now discovered that they thought I had been using no electricity as a family of 5 since i've moved in ..... but I've still made payments, none of which have been taken into account.


I urge anyone with problems to make an official complaint to the Junta, if there is enough complaints Endesa should be made to listen.


I'm trying to register for my online account...... it isn't easy is it!



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08 Apr 2010 12:52 by lasiesta Star rating in Costa del Sol. 58 posts Send private message

good luck with the online access, Ive done it many times and it is a bit hit and miss at times!! And good luck with your battle, I agree that people should make official complaints as something needs to be done about them.

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08 Apr 2010 13:19 by pocoverde Star rating. 11 posts Send private message

Catch 22 wiith the online forms....... the forms goes through but the info doesn't match what they have on their records, unsuprising really when you have to input 2 surnames & there is only 1 surname on my account & you can't leave it blank.


Ho hum, never mind........ i'm off to start writing the compaints letter. I know in my area many people have been affected with issues concerning Endesa, expats & Spaniards alike & I'm thinking of getting the town hall involved to encourage complaints to them.



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08 Apr 2010 14:33 by neutral Star rating in Dublin/Benalmadena C.... 172 posts Send private message

 Put your surname down twice for the online form it worked for me last week after many attempts.



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08 Apr 2010 15:00 by pocoverde Star rating. 11 posts Send private message

tried that already :lol: but thanks for the tip :)


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08 Apr 2010 16:47 by foxbat Star rating in Granada. 1114 posts Send private message

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pocoverde...I assume you are using your NIE number to register; drop the X  off the prefix and substitute 0 (zero) and don't use the hyphens.

For your name...for Christian name use Don; first surname use the christian name that appears on your account; second surname use your actual surname as it appears on the account.

Use your normal email address but the password 8 characters or more must include at least one uppercase letter, at least one lower case letter at least one number and one non standard character such as a ! or a ? or a / etc...

Definitely use the reference number of your last account or it will chuck you out...

If all that fails...give up!

Good luck!





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08 Apr 2010 16:53 by neutral Star rating in Dublin/Benalmadena C.... 172 posts Send private message

 I used my NIE number that started with X and it worked the NIE number is also on your last bill too so make sure its the same also are you clicking Tarj Residencia instead of the NIE/NIF as that is where I was going wrong the rest is as foxbat has said.

Best of luck



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08 Apr 2010 22:54 by pocoverde Star rating. 11 posts Send private message

...your not going to belive this, finally got all my details accepted & now it won't let me log on!!!


Maybe tommorrow i'll have more luck


p.s. thanks for the tips ... they worked :)

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09 Apr 2010 09:05 by neutral Star rating in Dublin/Benalmadena C.... 172 posts Send private message

 Depending on what system your using Internet  Explorer or Chrome etc you'll need to allow www.endesaonline.com on the pop up blocker or else it may look like the wrong password is being tried believe me I had that problem too.



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10 Apr 2010 16:51 by pocoverde Star rating. 11 posts Send private message

:lol: do they want me to use the online account!!

I'm taking a deep breath before filling in the complaints forms in triplicate...... I'll have to photocopy them because there isn't enough space given & refernance it with bank statements & then cue another 4 hrs at Endesa to give a meter reading, try & organise split payments & hand in the complaints forms before asking for more!


PV xx

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13 Apr 2010 14:02 by praguepix Star rating in Marbella Villa. 101 posts Send private message

On the topic of endesa......I have just received a bill for 498 euros for a two-month period. We are still receiving bi-monthly bills although everyone else I know gets a bill each month. The previous two months' bill was 70 euros less....although we used more electrical appliances in that period (November 21 - January 23).

It seems as if my monthly charge for electricity is going to average out at around 122 euros a month. Our house is fairly spacious but I don't see our useage as high - two adults, no need for air-con, usual appliances, evening use of electrical heating in colder months, usually one room at a time.  Swimming pool pump too, although that can't consume much power.

Is this a reasonable charge?  Our water bills average 100 euros a month but we have lawns front, sides and back of the house and the sprinklers go on in the early morning when it's hot and dry.


The Owl of Minerva spreads her wings only at the onset of dusk....

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21 Apr 2010 18:22 by pocoverde Star rating. 11 posts Send private message

A quick update for those that are interested...... Endesa haven't called even though they said they would

I went to the Endesa at 8.30am on Monday only to have to que for 2 hrs.

They have split my bill into 12 lots without telling me.

I noticed there was new factura on their system which I haven't received so had it printed out ...... estimated very low.

They wouldn't take a meter reading.

Handed in my complaint.

Received a letter today asking for the whole bill!!


I also noticed that when they have estimated me zero electricity on my 4 bills that i have that Endesa have been billing me for electricity usage! I'm waiting for all my facturas to see how long it's been going on for.


PV xx

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30 Apr 2010 15:44 by pocoverde Star rating. 11 posts Send private message

another update, I have had letter apologising for any grievence & the matter won't happen again but it is so airy fairy they could be apologising about anything as there is no real detail in it & I still don't have my facturas. An Endesa engineer has also been to my house this week & taken down all the details from my meter because he had been told to but wouldn't take a reading ...... they seem to be able to find my house when they need to, all I need to persuade them to do is read the meter!!


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05 May 2010 18:00 by pocoverde Star rating. 11 posts Send private message

today i've received 9 bills dating from July 2009 all with 'real' readings on. They have now billed me twice for these months, once an estimate & now a faked real but none of the facturas take into account the previous bill. What a mess!! To cap it all they are going to take the money out of my account TOMMORROW!!

I've had no contact, I've no idea if they have cancelled by by big 5k bill or if that is still outstanding, I've no idea what I owe.

Looks like I'll be back to the endessa office again on monday.


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