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05 Apr 2010 00:00 by pecosa Star rating in Las Palmas, Canarias.... 3 posts Send private message

 I am about to take my A2 motorbike licence over here in the Canaries but am moving back to the UK in September.  Will the A2 licence be valid for me to ride bikes back in the UK?  I know I have to change my driving licence to a Spanish one to take the A2 test but am concerned as to its validity when I go back to the UK.

any help greatly appreciated....


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04 May 2010 15:03 by dakarrally Star rating. 4 posts Send private message

i have been talking with a school here in Benidorm.


They want close on 800Euros for a A2 licence. - that is with about 15 hours training.

Can I sit the Theory test with out a school? They want 190Euros for theory! Also are tehre any sites/books with revision questions for theory test.


Thanks in advance


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04 May 2010 17:27 by Faro Star rating in London. 1139 posts Send private message

The whole driving licence thing is another scam over here and from the way the Spanish drive I can't say it benefits them.

I'm afraid I don't know much about bike licences. But it cost me about EUR1500 to pay for my son's theory and lessons to get his licence (car) because there is no provisional licence in Spain!

I did read a while ago they were talking about introducing provisional licences which would allow them to drive under supervision etc.

Best of luck!


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05 May 2010 10:01 by dakarrally Star rating. 4 posts Send private message

faro, you are one miseralble sob. i read your oyher posts and its moan, moan, moan. i don't like your comments about the spanish either.


please try to refrain from replying to me if you have nothing useful to add to posts. 

your post  answers none of the questions asked.

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05 May 2010 13:33 by Faro Star rating in London. 1139 posts Send private message

Dear Dakarrally

Obviously the sun is not shining on you today!

Please note this a free forum and what you get is opinions and sometimes a little off track but that's what it's all about on here living and learning and trying to help each other out. I'm afraid replies are usually bits and pieces of information and rarely do all your questions get answered.

I have over 20 years of experience of Spain and I am entitled to my view and opinions which may well differ from your experiences, views or opinions. I merely tell it as it is for me and what I like or dislike.

I try to help people save money becuase I see so many people over here paying over the odds. On the trademan front I am very much against what I call the ex-pat types who prey on newcomers and fleece them with shoddy workmanship. I admit I do not like Spanish burearocracy but who does?

But let's see if you stick around and help others and share your experiences be they good or bad for the benefit of others. There are many regular posters here who go out of their way to help and give good free advice.

Hoping your day improves.

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05 May 2010 13:54 by guslopez Star rating in Lorca, Murcia.. 745 posts Send private message

Dakarrally, I think you'll find Faro is Spanish !  Or of Spanish descent .lol. He knows what he's talking about .

To answer some of your queries No, as far as I know you can't do the theory without a school. If you take & pass the A2 test here, having changed your licence to a Spanish one I am not 100% sure they will change it back including that as the canaries are not clased as part of the EC. If you google re; vehicles you can find a lot of info on there ,if not you can e-mail with your specific query.



Todos somos Lorca.

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05 May 2010 14:41 by dakarrally Star rating. 4 posts Send private message

it's expats who make my day miserable. cheese and rice. blah blah blah, in enguhland... in enguhland... blah, blah blah.


i was loathe to sign up to this site however I needed information, ( i wasn't lonely and did not want to chat about how bad spain is and what a bunch of theives th spanish y are).

i amanyways,  getting this information slowly but surely from other sources. Looks like I can sit theory with out school but I will know more tomorrow.


I will post information when I have it.

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05 May 2010 20:35 by pecosa Star rating in Las Palmas, Canarias.... 3 posts Send private message

 Well, I never intended to spark off some kind of school yard bickering.  But, not sure where any of you get the prices from.  Here in Las Palmas if you already have your regular car drving licence you can do your A2 licence, exams, theory etc for around 200 euros.  Clearly it depends how many hours of practical classes you need, but you wont know until you start so I'm not sure where they can get a price of 800 euros from.


Anyway, I've since found out from the govdirect site that a Spanish licence is valid in the UK until you are 70 years old which is great news so I'm now waiting to get my UK licence "homologado" to a Spanish one so I can take the exam.

Let's keep this light folks.......the sun is shining!!!!!

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06 May 2010 16:39 by dakarrally Star rating. 4 posts Send private message

ok, to answer my own questions:

yes you can get your theory test done without going to a school

1. go to traffico, pick up form "SOLICITUD PREUBAS DE APTITUD"
2. go next door to traffico to a medical exam office (usually they are always outside traffico offices) and pay 45euros to have your medical done.    this will take 15 minutes
3. this same place will also usually do passport photos, you will need 4 photos -all the same.
   2 for medical exam & 2 for traffico
4. Go back into traffico - pay fee (81 Euros - this is for all 3 tests (1 theory - 2 practical))
   and give them medical exam and photos. also give them original and copies of passport & NIF.

That's all folks - they will arrange a date for your theory. Today they told me I could sit the
moto theory exam in english, which is news to me.

regards the test fees. if you fail the first go, then you have two more try. if you fail a second go you have one more try. if you pass the second go you still have two tries for the practical, it's weird but works out in your favor. so the 81 euros lets you fail 3 times. the passes don't cost you anything =)


p.s. i have es car licence

This message was last edited by dakarrally on 06/05/2010.

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15 Sep 2010 19:16 by menorcabikerchick Star rating. 1 posts Send private message

Don´t bicker, guys!!

On a similar matter, I´ll be tutoring a 16 year old for his A1 test, but wanna make sure that he can´t do the test in English before I start teaching him the Spanish for it...

Any ideas? Here in Menorca, I´m getting different information from the driving schools, Trafico, DGT webpage etc...

And Dakarrally, go to the "englishdrivingschool" page, and pay 30E to use their page...

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