Has building stopped at OCC?

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10 Feb 2009 00:00 by Truff Star rating. 46 forum posts Send private message

A recent visitor to OCC stated no building work was in progress on the day they were there. Does anyone have any further information?

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10 Feb 2009 11:42 by Kate and John Star rating. 9 forum posts Send private message



We were e-mailed photos of building work via our solicitor. Not sure when these photos were actually have been taken!.

But it would be interesting if it has stopped I think I will e-mail our solictors again see what the progress of the build.

We were under the impression that they were getting together with another building company to continue the build.

We wonder if this is still going ahead!. Who knows!!!

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10 Feb 2009 16:10 by Ken-n-Pat Star rating in Telford Midlands. 26 forum posts Send private message

I am going out next week playing golf and intend to visit OCC on the Wednesday. I will let everyone know what's happening. Will take some pictures and upload.


The contract says should be ready June 09 with the usual two months...if this isn't forthcoming I intend to start to try and get money back.



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11 Feb 2009 10:23 by Kate and John Star rating. 9 forum posts Send private message


That  will be great if you can do this and keeps us informed as I think no one else ,e.g solicitors and Huma will be as informative at this present time.



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11 Feb 2009 10:25 by Martini Star rating. 24 forum posts Send private message

Our solicitors have informed us that building has ceased at OTC, she says that the builder is in financial trouble and is moving off site in a couple of weeks, however, Huma have or are completing a deal with a large building company who will be moving on site in a couple of months to complete the work. This gives Huma the financial stability for this project and the banks will then issue bank guarantees once the new builder gets involved. She also added that we were in a more stable condition because we are with Huma Indalado not Med, how true that is we do not know. We are just keeping our fingers crossed as we could loose £100K.


Diane & Brian

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11 Feb 2009 17:36 by rob6578 Star rating. 103 forum posts Send private message

Where is the money coming from to complete this build?

HUMA seem to have run out of funds, prices have dropped by probably 40%, so why would a building company get involved? 

What difference does a new builder make towards the bank guarantees?

Will all the money paid by buyers to HUMA be made available to the new builder? If not, how can this project proceed?

This is just another delaying tactic & an attempt to con even more money out of desparate buyers!

Don't be fooled by it!

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12 Feb 2009 10:59 by johnfozard Star rating. 143 forum posts Send private message

I have deliberately stayed out of this forum recently as I never saw OTCC as an option for me and only posted on ACC forum - but I feel I must give the OTCC people some facts I have learnt.

I visited Huma @ Mazarron in November last year - to discuss options in an amicable manner with a view to getting as much info as poss.

I met Natalia (part English) - now gone in the staff reorganisation. You may be aware an email was sent form a disgrunted employee to many ACC buyers that Huma was bust!

I found out that on the hill at MCC to the left of the entrance there had been at least 12 (or maybe more) reservations taken (possible contracts - I do not know). Talking to established houses there built already and occupied - the owners said there had been a plan to build on that area for around 2 years and they said Huma had said that they were all sold and ready to develope anytime. I was told by a few of those residents that they never had BG's either - luckily they got properties!

There was no sign of any building preparation or marking out. I was a offered a plot in this area. I declined.

I was told that there were no BG's avaiable for these plots currently (as they were necessary meeting going on to resolve the problem of BGs) and no guarantee of when they would be available - I was told they could come around Xmas!

I got the impression that the chances of BG's at MCC would happen before any BG's @ OTCC.

On OTCC - I was told there would be no chance of BG's in the near future. I got the impression they were going to try and build the first row possibly without BG's. I did not get a good feeling about OTCC - as the sales pitch rather went away from  OTCC when I insisted I would not progress without a BG on signing. The emphasis seemed to be on the MCC site. I was told that someone had pulled out of OTCC on the first row and I could sign for that  now! - I declined - that is how I was caught in ACC - the type of property I wanted suddenly became available when I was ready to walk away.

I asked about discounts due to the falling prices and was given the impression that the list prices for new build were it - no concessions to the real world. Take it or leave it!

I deliberately did not want to be aggressive in my approach - so it was difficult to insist of indepth answers to obviously uncomfortable questions and so I backed off pressing too hard.

I got the impression in November OTCC was in trouble and BGs were not forthcoming.

If you read my entries in the ACC forum it is clear that Huma (whatever company you think you are with) has run out of cash (they have publicily stated this - I have read) and what little cash there is keeping it afloat and also to fulfill it's obligations to complete MCC - as there is a strong Residents Association that is fighting like mad against Huma after they cut off the generators to over half the site not on mains electricity. Over half the site has no Habitation Certificate. It shows that having no Habitation Certificate leaves you very vulnerable to the builder whims and their financial position and muscle.

Since the ACC - there is a pattern emerging with Huma's approach - you must see it- I will not spell it out!. The truth is the property market is dead and falling fast (then add the dramatic drop in the £ and liable to fall against the euro even further) - add up to an expensive payment in euros for the next/final installment on OTCC plots. Really no one in their right mind would speculate on Spanish property at this point - as the potential losses short/medium term are looking very serious. Only you know if it is worth the money in £'s - if and when they get built.

I also wonder where the backing will come to even complete the first row of 24 plots or so in OTCC  - let alone all the reservations taken to date for the next lot of plots. However on the bright side - I suppose that Huma would get money in if they complete the first row - so there must be a light in this tunnel at least. However you must get an assurance of a Habitation Certficate - which means that Huma have to finish that area fully to local planning standards.If not your water/electricity could be a ransom tool. At MCC the water is controlled by Huma and needs electricity to purify and pump - but luckily the permanent Residents are very active there and can fight Huma as the HQ is on site.

The whole thing looks unfortunately pear shaped currently.

However as always I hope that OTCC gets built - and I am sure the cessation of building there and lack of BG's has come as a bit of a shock to all - as it looked for a short while the first row at least might get built this year.

Fingers crossed for all OTCC buyers!




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12 Feb 2009 12:39 by rowlandsbb Star rating in 2010 50/50 Macclesfi.... 760 forum posts Send private message

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Just arrived back from Spain and as everyone knows from different sources the building at OTCC has stopped

It is of course a personal decision, if you did not have a BG at ACC ,as to whether you are better off in Huma Indalo Sl or Huma Med  

Many without a BG at ACC were advised that changing was the best option and are still being so advised, if the worst case scenario happens to Huma Med

The other option of going to court involved extensive costs and a long delay:- the local Judges have recently been on strike because of the lack of investment in the legal sytem and the delays getting longer and longer:- so the news on this front is not very good

Those with an ACC BG are in a nice situation and as any reader of this forum knows I did not have a ACC BG and my personal decision was to change to OTCC: no regrets

Getting a Licence of First Occupation on any dvelopment is always important

Now in Spain at the moment [ and Uk for that matter] many developments are being moth balled where they can

On developments part completed and part sold the financing banks are in many situations wanting the developers to finish them off : on the basis that the banks are better off having compeleted buildings as securirty instead of part finished and they will be in a good position when the recovery comes to sell

As you would expect it is very difficult to get from any company just now verified information of their current financial situation

This is an update I have had from several different sources.....and you can take or leave it!

Huma Indalo Sl is a seperate company with seperate financial arrangements

At OTCC they have sold or had reserved the majority of Manzana 1 to 6 :- mainly from buyers transferring from ACC but also some new buyers inc Dutch

The majority of the apartments phase 1 are new sales to the Dutch  

The 'builder' has had financial problems and is not on site at present

Like many developers [ Huma Indalo SL] in this recession their bank is probably watching the situation very carefully and wanting to re negotiate the finance terms [ just read our news on this and Spain is no different]

So the information that Huma Indalo SL is bringing in a partner and re arranging the finance is probably a fair reflection of the situation

Just by bringing in a partner means that the finance will have to be re arranged

The general opinion is that everything will be sorted in February 2009 and Huma Indalo SL still maintain that they will comply with the contract date but the pool and green areas for Manz 1 -6 will be a little later

Everyone is always optimistic so I will be looking for positive information in March 2009

They will not be building the central facilities in the short term...which is a surpises to no one !

Now my date is May 2009 [ Manz1 Plot 11] with 2 months grace 

No practical problem in finishing Manzana 1 in time but all of 2 to 6 may be a touch tight: relatively easy build but they will need to get going in February;- no shortgage of building workers!

I do not expect that the LFO will be issued by July 2009

To be frank the Huma Med situation is not relevant to me as I am not involved...unfortunately MCC buyers are not the only ones who have moved in without an LFO and now finding that the builder no longer wants to pay for their electric and water!! 

It is now nearly 12 months since I changed over to OTCC and whilst I was worried then about the world economy it is now just ' very bad'

I would not now like to be still involved with ACC and paying out legal fees [ but see below!!]

It would have been great for OTCC to proceed without being affected in any way by the worst recession in living memory 

But total number of sales and the fact that there are new ones to the Dutch is positive

So on balance it is worth being [ again] pragmatic and giving it time....in any case I am in a contract to end July 2009 so there is nothing I can do just now

Am I worried, not really at present but concerned:- but then I am concerned about any investment

The objective is to get a Tarifa built and owned as soon as possible and that is a more realistic prospect in February 2009 than it was in February 2008

Now for other information !!!

It has not been verified and JF may be the ideal person to find out for everyone from the Town Hall if this is true!!!...post a copy if you can get one

Apparently the building licence for ACC has now been granted....yes this has been around for a while!!!!

But if true in this recession a re start is circa 2 years away

Although for Huma Med it will be good news because  ACC land etc is worth nothing without the licence but with it  a valuable bit of real estate, which may ease Huma Med's financial position  

Quite a lot of ACC > OTCC buyers are in the same position as me.....why not post your views





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12 Feb 2009 13:48 by johnfozard Star rating. 143 forum posts Send private message

I think what RowlandsB says is interesting - if OTCC started with gusto - I would look at it as an option  really quickly- but not without a BG.

There are several questions to ask...

If Huma has no funds how can they capitalise Indalo to start new works or as a basis to talk to potential financiers?

The ACC deposits appear to have gone -so any partner is faced with much lower receipts than the full selling price for the majority of sales so far (ACC clients). Will a new partner be happy with this as well as the banks (unless those deposits mysteriously reappear)?

Why are the promised BG's not given out - surely the problem was the builders - why should that effect the BGs? There are plenty of builders around now!

Huma's history on Habitation Certificates at MCC was not timeous to say the least. They only got one to include the area for their office - the phase 2 remains now for several years without one.

I do not know the answers - but someone surely has to ask the questions to Huma and not leave it to a personal opinion.

I will sign off and not post anymore unless I decide to transfer to OTCC.

I still think my comments below should be read.

Again - Best of luck everyone and wish you sucess and a happy ending.

I may see you one day - who knows!






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12 Feb 2009 14:00 by rowlandsbb Star rating in 2010 50/50 Macclesfi.... 760 forum posts Send private message

rowlandsbb´s avatar


Are you saying that you are thinking about a transfer to OTCC?

Now that would make everyone think again!!!

Perhaps when we hear that building has started again we may hear your good news!!

I may be wrong but are you not also in the same position as I was...no ACC BG

So as you have not changed to OTCC , how is your court case getting on and how much has it cost you so far?

Have your lawyers given to an expected Court Date?

Many ACC > OTCC buyers would be interested to hear how those who took the Court route February 2008 have got on!






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12 Feb 2009 14:55 by johnfozard Star rating. 143 forum posts Send private message

I was not going to post again - but to answer your questions honestly to put thimgs clearly in perspective for those that have gone down the OTCC route.

Personally I want my money back with interest and compensation - there goes another flying pig!!!!!

As far as ACC is concerned - the battle is well documented on the ACC forum.

But for anyone that has not seen there........

I have no BG - 100k euros down! So I have more at stake than anyone. Hence I am very cautious on my next move!

The other options are probably much less appealling currently than OTCC.

Future Court case dates are just not happening. I personally have no court date.

Where Court judgements have happened in handful of cases - Huma have ignored payment dates. I believe Huma have stopped recently even turning up to court. If Huma does not pay - you have to go back to court again! No one yet seems to have got to this stage to test the system.

There must be a massive backlog of cases.

I have no confidence left in the justice system or lawyers be honest about our chances. Luckily only spent fifteen hundred euros at old conversion rate. Still a waste of money up to date.

I have personally just about given up with legal action - the only way forward seems to be an embargo against Huma's Directors assets - but that I have been advised by an independent spanish lawyer is not quick or sure of success.

The only way forward for me is a new property @ MCC or OTCC - but I regard the BG (from a reputable source) as the bottom line when I sign.

Other alternative may be a key ready property at OTCC - if and when some existing purchasers pull out when it comes to paying the next/final installment.

I am considering the worst scenario  with not much enthusiasm - purchasing one of the remaining  over priced bungalows at MCC.

That is why I watch with great interest OTCC - also I advised an old couple who are friends to invest in ACC and I feel really bad about it - as they wanted to retire there and that was years ago now - and their twilight years are advancing - they could have done without the stress. I feel highly responsible about that.

I do not criticise anyone for going OTCC (it has always been a distant option to me - but one I would not contemplate until the first plots were completed ) - but there are so many questions about Huma - they seem never to finish anything they get their hands on. I will always be suspicious of them. The more I found out - the more I hate to comtemplate any business with them - but there is little or no chance of money back currently!

It's a gamble for us all! In fact a 100k bet on the 2:30 at Lingfield might have been a more pragmatic bet than on an old hag called Huma that fell at the first (I had a chance of winning - instead the stewards enquiry has gone on for nearly 4 years)

One thing I will never doubt is your propensity for great optimism in this dire situtation! It's the spirit that got us out of Dunkerque! However it may not be shared by everyone of the readers!

All the best




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15 Feb 2009 09:57 by steviep Star rating in Yorkshire. 1 forum posts Send private message


Surely not?  

Huma are a respected national firm.

There is nothing in their past to suggest once they start a project it is not finished to customers satisfaction.

Cant be right.

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18 Feb 2009 18:53 by Ken-n-Pat Star rating in Telford Midlands. 26 forum posts Send private message

I can assure you that after visiting the site today - Building has stopped. No one on site - no one in the office  - gates closed and locked up with padlocks. Gained access (Via a gap in the fence) and saw that there were no building materials on site - cement bags several weeks old and solid. Walls up on the thirty developments but little else. No workers no plant or anything. Noperson in the office to 'discuss' situation with.

Have taken some pictures and will upload when I get home.

Really depressing looks like a ghost town where all the people have left for no reason.

Did not see a soul......................when I return I shall start looking at May time and getting money back ha ha ha.




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18 Feb 2009 19:05 by rowlandsbb Star rating in 2010 50/50 Macclesfi.... 760 forum posts Send private message

rowlandsbb´s avatar

there is no doubt that work has stopped for the time being but I am surprised that there is no one on site

What time did you visit?

I do not think that today is a holiday in Spain [ if it is it will be closed] but if you visited between 2 pm  and 4 pm it will be closed as that is the lunch time!  

But they have so few visitors I have always been surprised over the last year that I find people there!

Anyway it is not a good experience for anyone

I think everyone is just waiting just now and any feed back is better than none

Why not send an e-mail to Huma Indalo SL telling them of your experience....perhaps the staff on site are taking.......well some free time....happens everywhere!!!!......must be very boring for them on site with only a few visitors!

please post the reply you get  






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25 Feb 2009 19:39 by paulg Star rating. 13 forum posts Send private message

Hi everyone.

I've just been looking at the latest photos of OTCC (17th Feb 2009) and I must say I'm not too impressed with the build quality.  The houses in the pictures seem to be constructed of pre-fab concrete slabs like the houses on Camposol. 




This message was last edited by paulg on 2/25/2009.

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26 Feb 2009 10:11 by nigela Star rating. 407 forum posts Send private message

They do look like pre fab buildings - but then this does not neccesay mean poor quality.   I have stayed  in Camposol for a couple of holidays and found that the properties appeared good quality and you would not know they were pre fab.  The properties at Camposol are built on concrete stilts which allows movement in the houses in case of earth tremors (much of spain is an earthquake zone).  Traditional building - with normal foundations - can cause more cracks after a earth tremor.  This is why a lot of Spanish building s are not  built like they would be in the UK - so I would not be alarmed at the way the buildings arte being but up at OCC.

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26 Feb 2009 13:04 by Ken-n-Pat Star rating in Telford Midlands. 26 forum posts Send private message

I visited the site on the Wednesday 18th February and I realise that it was about 3.30pm and that office workers have lunch between 2 and 4. The gate to the site was locked and padlocked shut. I could see the office windows shutters were down. I actually made a visit onto the site via a 'hole in the fence'  ( if that's illegal then HUMA can sue me)

There were no machines on site there were bags of cement rock hard indicating that they had been there some weeks. Nothing was being done and the place was deserted.

I have uploaded the pictures I took that day and yes they were being built of concrete panels but the show houses indicated that they would have had bricking on the insides. There were gaps where these panels butted together and in places these were covered in cement.

I have not had mny bank guarantee or whateva they have now. I have e-mailed my solicitor saying I have had enough and now want out. How long this will take I don't know. The contract says June with two months added on. But they have broken their side of the contract by not issuing a BG.

We await..............5 years ago it seemed like a good idea.




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26 Feb 2009 13:32 by nigela Star rating. 407 forum posts Send private message

Unfortunately I think as you agreed to transfer to OCC all the problems with no planning and delays at ACC will now be irrelevant.  As they are at present not in breach of contract with you in connection with the supply of your property your only action can be that HUMA have not given you a BG.   Whether the courts (who often seem to be biased towards the Spanish builders) would say the overall insurance guarantee is sufficient I don't know.  You need to speak to a good solicitor before you take action.  Also having transferred  across you won't be able to sue for interest from the day you bought at ACC as your contract is now with OCC and is not at present out of date.



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26 Feb 2009 18:18 by reidpj Star rating. 239 forum posts Send private message

Huma (or someone) is clearing, and dividing it into plots, the land  that is just above the restaurant area on MCC.  This is the area where they are building villas for some who transferred from ACC - if I'm not mistaken.



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27 Feb 2009 11:22 by acward Star rating. 16 forum posts Send private message

Interested to read Ken and Pat's post.

We also have had enough of the ACC and OCC nigthmares. Our money is "held" by Aldea solicitors, and we have been trying to get this back from them since December!

We have threatened to approach another solicitor to contact Aldea but without response. Parador in Spain have also contacted them on our behalf.

Apart from going over to their offices, anybody have any suggestions? We would be grateful for any ideas.

Allan and Chris

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