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22 Jan 2009 00:00 by Kevin&Elaine Star rating. 4 forum posts Send private message

Given the current situation with both Ocean View and the never ending missed dates from the developer, I wonder if people are interested in getting together and seeing what options we all have. I know a number of other developments in the area have had similar problems and are starting to make some headway by banding together.

I am not clear where this may take us, but it seems it may be less costly if a number of people were to chip in and maybe instruct a solicitor on all our behalves. Obviously many options would be open, from trying to get deposits back to negotiating a more realistic price if people wanted to proceed.

Let's see what interest there may be to start with.



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22 Jan 2009 20:18 by helsmc Star rating. 52 forum posts Send private message

Hi Kevin,

There are already some quite active groups of buyers on this development who have banded together and instructed the same solicitor.  I think there are three main groups with the following solicitors:

David Eweis of Garcia Cantero & Eweis Abogados

Maria De Castro (posts on this forum quite a lot)


Of course there will be others and I'm sure people will post them here.  You might like to start by contacting a solicitor already acting for a group.  However, its a very late stage to be employing a solicitor (these groups have already been working together for a year) so you might find you have different options.

Good luck,


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27 May 2009 19:03 by Laura B Star rating. 66 forum posts Send private message

27 May 2009 08:30

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I've made 4 posts

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Hi all,
You may be interested in this I was sent by a "well wisher"...
Homes From Hell 2009 on ITV2 are looking for people who have had, or are having, problems with buying homes abroad for them to investigate. They asked for people to email them on homes at itv dot com  (sorry - can't put the correct link because I've posted less than 10 posts - and don't want to clog up the system just to reach 10!)
I suggest we ALL contact them…this could be the big publicity breakthrough we need and have been waiting for!


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28 May 2009 13:13 by JamesAshley Star rating. 19 forum posts Send private message

Er .....surely you can't be attacking OVP on this site ??

Unlike Estepona It's built. (Or nearly built). I know there are some quality issues with elements of it but surely all of the issues on this site, quality, delay, valuation, inability to get mortgage etc it hardly means you've been ripped off by "those b***ards". Just means you've fallen foul of Spanish developers, economic climate and circumstance. All risks associated with buying off plan surely.

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28 May 2009 23:25 by Welsh47 Star rating. 22 forum posts Send private message

29 May 2009 09:11 by sheppy Star rating. 20 forum posts Send private message

06 Jun 2009 08:59 by joey123 Star rating. 136 forum posts Send private message

Feedback from the meeting at The Insolvency Service for those who could not attend. Key points:

* The Insolvency Service WILL investigate the conduct of the directors and shadow directors (those who acted in the capacity as directors or (maybe - I'm not sure) held themselves out to be directors

* The vote on the appointment of the Liquidators was made. It was a simple monetery majority by the creditors that led to the apointment of Nick Wood and Ian Richardson of Grant Thornton. One is in London one is in Leeds (I think). A member of Mr Richardson's team can take calls 0207 7282651 - Sam - I think her name was. However, hold back for now, they have to have time to investigate.Their role is to recover funds and turn assets into cash to pay a dividend (eg 20p in the £) to the creditors at the end of the liquidation (I am not talking down to anyone, just not averyone will understand this process).

* DI Spears and his team's 'role (previous asumption made here was incorrect - sorry to ooovvvpp poster!)) is to investigate what happened and work with other agencies (including internationally with the SFO) the Ins Service and liquidators to recover funds and undertake criminal action if necessary.  WHAT THEY DON'T need is mass calling of people. Report you case by telephone, if you feel you have been a victim of crime by OVP, and obtain your crime reference number.

* Still send your reports of your own dealings to the Ins Serv (especially matters of conduct of the directors and shaddow directors) and lodge your claims as creditors with the IS at Manchester (0161 234 8351). Also, send in reports (the same ones to the IS) to help the investigation if you have not done so to  DI Andrew Spears (Staffordshire Economic Crime Unit ) BUT give them some breathing space to investigate. The investiagtion on 3 fronts (IS, Liquidators and police.  It IS underway and IS being taken seriously)

* The creditors that came forward as of the 1 June cut-off date amounted to £42million. (I think was Sterling not EUROS).

* The was a creditor claim of circa £1m relating to Sean Woodhall's company/Worldwide Desinations -  as he has died (I know) in a plane crash his interest will be liquidated for his estate so don't be too concerned. Although, a potential conflict of interest of the liquidator appointed is being looked at and if they find out there is conflict they will deal with that. However, initial assurances made are that there are none. It could be helpful even given the reported potential link with OVP in the past. 

* a creditors committe will be formed (separate meeting) later to oversee the renumeration of the Liquidators

* I would like to say well done to the Dean Hamlin at the Insolvency Service. They have done well so far in what they state is a very large case. The OVP related developments from which there were claims from creditors were - EBCC, G of M, Vista Rocas, Tefedna Bay (Or Royal Maroc as previously known), and some others ( around 6 or 7 in total). I just asked around the room. There were a good 6 - 7 lever arch files of claimants.

** I would say for now report yourself as creditors to Dean Hamilin, give your information to the police and also the liquidator. Leave them to investigate and get on with your lives for now as best as you can.

* I did approach a few people at the meeting to try to make contacts. I am sure may were sceptical of me and my motives so I apologise for that. Let me assure you, I am genuinly trying to help. I am trying to recover my funds and will to try to help you too, if I can.

*Mr V - good to talk to you - keep in touch! I will be in touch soon with those I discuss EBCC with. Mr W (and partner), D&H, BG etc

Try not to post for a while - leave this as the latest post for a while for people to read over the next few days as I think that may be the most helpful thing to do for now and is the most up-to-date information. You can PM me with questions altugh I will be off-line  from 3.00 pm onward today.



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08 Jun 2009 13:12 by joey123 Star rating. 136 forum posts Send private message

i have set up a two new forums on the EBCC thead. One with the OVP insolvency meeting feedback and have asked people not to post to it so it is there for people to read who need to know what happened and another discussion forum for feedback, discussion and for any addition information I may have missed myself.



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18 Jun 2009 14:24 by tywyn08 Star rating. 9 forum posts Send private message

Just moving the subject away from OVP, there is also another party (that's one word for them) that have taken my money namely Hola Life which has been annoying me so much I feel the need for a posting/beer!

Yes we took out the Gold package on our dream 2 bedroom apartment for £ 595.00 so that when we moved in everything would be snagged and completed to a very high standard with water and electricity services connected and sorted. 

I have been trying to get hold of Daryl Davie for the last six months plus, to find out what he has done for my Gold package service that I took out with him, such as reports and photos of the apartment, but I have had nothing from him not even a reply to my emails although I do get the read receipts....

Yes I know that this really is a drop in the ocean (pardon the pun) in money matters compared to the substantial depoist that we are (or going) to lose but the question I have is that am I alone or does anyone else have this experience with Hola Life have they actually done any real work for any of us or just taken the money?

Just to add great posting Joey123 on 6th June 2009.

Regards Tywyn08

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29 Dec 2009 01:31 by Lava Clip Star rating. 25 forum posts Send private message

Hi All...

Hope all have had a merry Christmas and I wish you all a prosperous new year...
I purchased a Villa at GOM and placed a deposit of over 250,000 Euros with OVP, Ocean View Properties via Conveyancing uk / Conveyancing Spain...
None other than Lesley Alberici.
My purchase followed a number of visits to Spain and to various property presentations with staff from OVP, Ocean View Properties.
To do this I took equity out of my home and placed my deposit thru a solicitor...
What could possibly go wrong...
Well... So much for the UK / Spanish Legal system...
Last night I find out that a very close member of my family passed away suddenly in Ireland...
After a great deal of effort by some very good people I was passed the tragic news...
Now the reality...
I have not eaten a hot meal in 12 days...I have not slept indoors in 14 days...
I have lost my partner, my friends, my job, my home and the only thing I have not yet lost is my life.
I have now lost a member of my family and not only can I not afford to go to funeral but I am unable to pay the cost of a call to sympathize with my family...
I would like to take this opportunity to thank the following Staff of OVP, Ocean View Properties for destroying me, my family, my home and if something doesn’t soon change … My Life…
Bob Parks,
John (Jon) Kenyon Smith,
Colin Thomas,
Mike Blades,
Stuart Jones,
Keith Watson,
Dave Stewart,
Keith Harris.
Special thanks also to Lesley Alberici too…
Hope you all and your families have a wonderful new year…
At this stage I can’t think of a reason to make it to 2010… but I still have hope…
There are a few others I will thank as I remember their names…
Kind regards and as before … Best wishes to all at EOS for 2010…

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29 Dec 2009 08:09 by mariadecastro Star rating in Algeciras (Cadiz). 8588 forum posts Send private message

mariadecastro´s avatar

Toegether with our claims against the developer and OV we are studying an action against the Bank which did not secure on the existence of Guarantees for the protection of the money deposited by individual buyers, according to Law 57/68. 


Maria L. de Castro, JD, MA



El blog de Maria

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