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newly single at 40ish and living it up? on the Costa

Well this my first blog and i suppose i thought it would be good place to write down how i am feeling about my new experiences i have found myself having.

Roman baths!
14 April 2013 @ 22:22

 A truly wonderful day , actually the weekend, but i was working yesterday, so , today only , though driving home at night and it is still light is very enjoyable.

A minor rant though, I read on here ,why was pool drained, i went out and looked i could see tape earlier and wondered what it was and now i figured it must be cause the pool is drained, of course it is, why? well 1, i was going to use it today for 1st time this year .2, it must of needed cleaning and thinking about it i never had seen it empty beofre and relunctly 3, could not of done it before as weather so bad i suppose. I did mean to go and investigate if smaller pool was filled as empty last week but alas i did not but i think it is filled as i think i saw people laying by it and why would you lie by a empty pool, mind you i bet it was freeeezing and also betting i would of only have put a toe in it anyway.

So after reading about these baths in Manilva i thought i would take a drive along and see for myself. I thought it may be complicated to find but actually it was sign posted quite nicely, unlike other weekend , when armed with a tom tom, which tells you to go right,  you go right and your infact in a car park , so you head out and try again, right it says, right you go, left it says  , you go left and guess waht your back in car park, now i would not want to trump my own trumpet but when i pointed out turn right at traffic lights as i had a feeling it was the right direction and tom tom said left, we went left and yep we were back at car park, change of tactics, iphones app, off we go and 10 minutes later we back at traffic lights and it says  turn right, oh how i felt good, yep it is confirmed my feelings work better than tom toms(must point out though, the 1 time it took so long to get out of Malaga after lunch we stayed for dinner but that was when major roadworks were on)

We parked on side of road(i have 15mins until jacket potato ready, on jacket potato diet this week as i so neeeed 2 pairs of trousers and 3 tops in our sale and so it must come out my shopping for week, so jacket potatoes it is, to finish this blog)

The walk was a tad bumpy and there were some closed restaurants which is a shame but may be there open in the summer, every now and than we could go top road or bottom road and we took top mostly which seemed to be right.Past a small church and you see people picnicing and bar b cuing which is cool. The area is quite beautiful and all the time you coulf hear the stream and see some manmade little waterfalls,

We see this what i can only describe as a run down looking building but people were eating and talking and so we walked down to investigate it,  Theres a little doorway and like a covered area and down a few like steps is the water , sort of under the building, i am not sure what i was expecting but it was not this, but none the less it was unique and very Spanish in, it had just been left how it was found . People were caking mud on themselves which i had read was good for you but from where , i suppose inside

I DID TAKE my bathers but left them in the car, so i dipped my feet in and it was cold but looking forward to going back and fully dipping in. Walked down to stream and paddled in water, it says in book that you can walk the lengh of the stream back to beginning, that sounds fun too.

Before we returned we went for lunch on one of the beaches i planned to visit this year and so pleased i can tick that one of my list .


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