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newly single at 40ish and living it up? on the Costa

Well this my first blog and i suppose i thought it would be good place to write down how i am feeling about my new experiences i have found myself having.

birthday week drawing to an end
05 May 2013 @ 23:08

 well , what a funny week it has been 

some highs and lows . 

The first book club was an interesting mix of people, actually quite enjoyable really. I went with two people and both had written books and i think both will get alot out of it. Me not sure, not sure of what, i say to myself. im just not sure , well i have established i am not sure.

I suppose thats one of the things you miss , is someone to chat to and bounce ideas of  and missy the cat has not been visiting as much lately, probably her owners are in town and well she never really gave me any answers.

Had a good workout lifting boxes , funny how confident entrepreneur type people are capable of getting other people to do manual work and flit in , break elevator , and consequently give us more work of carrying boxes up flights of stairs .,though a new cookery book for my collection was earned.and a few calories burned.

funny, missy has just come in, her owners must of gone now.

A few disapointments to the weekend, which in my frail emotional state i took very badly,but  i know i am strong , this is the life i chose and so kicking and screaming i picked myself up again and headed into the weekend with trepidation.

 It started better than expected with Jive on Friday which  was fab,  a little bit nervous as last week i was the newbie and well people accommodate you but week 2, you should be getting it. And i think i am, the class was a little bit harder but i kept up and i am so working on not leading in fact , one man said its the mans fault if he unable to lead . I danced freestyle with several people including the teacher and well enjoyable.

After class we went into port again and i decided to have a few drinks as it my birthday weekend. I got happy birthday sang to me and the place gave a birthday cocktail, how sweet and way too many drinks brought for me . Meant a very hungover Helen on her birthday.

My wonderful friends had spoilt me yet again and i had loads to open 

Very dodgy tummy all day, not sure if it was the cocktail or the drink either way i headed out for the evening and had the most relaxing time. Spoilt again and the presents were so me, this friend really gets what i like .

Sunday i got up and finally started tackling my spare room/junk room. Though i shifted loads , not thrown, no shifted to lock up ,the room still looks like a tip , well , its a work in progress. 

The sun lounger is out and used today , lovely , there were people around the pool , so a visit to there soon i think.

A busy week ahead for me,. meal out on Monday, yep , another birthday meal with peeps who could not make Saturday.

Tuesday writers club, Wednesday jive , yep jive , i must be keen im going to some extra event being held in Gib, Thursday nope nothing, Friday jive Saturday nope nothing, Sunday off to UK for a few days.

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