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newly single at 40ish and living it up? on the Costa

Well this my first blog and i suppose i thought it would be good place to write down how i am feeling about my new experiences i have found myself having.

still mystified by that species called ...male
03 April 2013 @ 00:02

 what a funny title, well , it seems that is what i need to write about toniight.

Well the weekend started fairly pleasantly. Went for a chinese, very nice.

Took a roadtrip to a most lovely temple in Malaga. I do love, and enjoy learning about different cultures and ways. So a most enjoyable time listening and watching a , service, i think is the right word,

I find i seem to always hold back, in what i say, what i do and today was no excemption.If only i could of let go and joined in, but a lass i watched and vowed to go back and attempt to join in.

Not sure if i agreed or believed i suppose the religious side, but will investigate further .

Little pop into what also seems a little addiction or fantasy maybe into the world of naturist. yes will find out this summer if i can fully be a exhibitionist, oops i mean naturist.

Now onto the part,i am trying to avoid, the male species, i seem to not understand  them at all. or is it i am very misunderstood, either way i am capable of bringing a perfectly relaxing day to a crashing end. 

How, , if i knew that, it would not of crashed .

I have been able to achieve this past few years a knack of helping guys get back on the right path,been there when there at there lowest, give a female perspective and be a friend when they needed it..

Now , when is it my turn, when is he going to think what is she going through, be in someones thoughts and put me back on the right path and give me a male perspective, that i can understand and most of all be a friend when it looks like i need it. .


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