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newly single at 40ish and living it up? on the Costa

Well this my first blog and i suppose i thought it would be good place to write down how i am feeling about my new experiences i have found myself having.

visit to ghost blocks
26 May 2013 @ 22:21

Ever since I moved to my place, I have been wondering about the 3 block of flats I see from my balcony. They look derelict as no lights are on .And yes I have a handy pair of binoculars (I inherited them from pal who deserted me for the UK, as I am not normally a peeping Tina), So I have studied these blocks for a while  .On my  way home on Saturday, I have a friend staying and her like everybody else who has stayed also showed an interest in the ghost blocks. I say lets go investigate.

We take the turn off I think will be it and drive uo , first we just go up and up until we get to the building I can see, it is a school I think but it is on the top of a hill with only dirt tracks around. We park car and walk up some steps that seem to go to the top. On the top is , how can I describe it, a dirt area and in the middle a over grown roundabout , With no proper roads leading to roundabout. We walk over to other side and wow the view is stunning. I would like a house built there, so isolated (well a school few metres away, shh, it is my dream), and wow just the view right across the costa and the sea, My friend Imagined a hotel , with a spa. yea but the walk to town would kill most guests .

Anyway we leave our dreams there and head to side of school, we see a little path but do not go down , will do that another day.

We head back to car as I surmise, the turning before must be for ghost blocks.

Yep, right turning achieved  we head up and there is a security gate with a security guard, weird for ghost blocks , anyhow I wave my let me in wave and he did (must remember that wave for future ventures ).

We drive in looking like we know where we are going and me thinking I hope my security man is more thorough (I think not as I visited my place before I moved in and it seems my let me in wave worked than)

There were cars parked, hmm, maybe people do live here, we drove round, me trying to figure out where the 3 blocks were and actually this estate is way bigger than I can see and it feels very close together.

We park and wander, but all the areas have gates with security, very impressed with that, however cannot see anything . A lot , no nearly all the flats are empty,

We drive around again and I think I am in front of blocks, so confusing from this side. I can see my flat and it looks huge and the estate next door looks huge too.

We have seen enough and depart, we have not seen a single person, my heard people , only saw one pool, tiny little one, with no sun on it but a nice shape.

Now I am sitting here writing my block today and looking at the blocks and well they look so different , still ghostly, still deserted but now I know that they are secure and the funny thing I am tempted to find out how much they are to rent as the view from some of them must be stunning.

I have  repotted some of my plants and deheaded them, so hopeful they will last the summer.

I also have rejigged my balcony, and so it feels so different, new and ready for the sun.

Bank holiday week , so nice short week, no wait I am working but double time , oh yea , double time

Right that's it for this week, I am still jiving and loving it, still got 1 AND half cats, car passed mot, yippee and lock fixed. My book coming along nicely.

Not much else, so cheerio for another week 



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Gerald said:
27 May 2013 @ 00:36

Ghost blocks eh! wonder if there are any ghosts in them?

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