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newly single at 40ish and living it up? on the Costa

Well this my first blog and i suppose i thought it would be good place to write down how i am feeling about my new experiences i have found myself having.

march 12th
13 March 2013 @ 16:59

 I wanted to write somewhere, that yesterday would of been my mothers birthday and though i like facebook, well, mainly it is a giggle but it is not somewhere i felt i could write, so , here i am writing todays blog to my mother

Now i cannot say she was the most natural mother and i dare say i am definitely not the most natural daughter, so hey we are not perfect.

I planned the day minute by minute, so i was kept busy, which is strange as i never felt i have , how can i say it, missed her, but maybe i have not realised i have.

Firstly it was raining, yep, raining, today glorious sunshine and i have no plans to go out but yesterday it rained but reguardless i ploughed on with plans,.

went and picked a friend up form estepona as she was returning to Gibraltar, so good deed of the day done and dusted.

I than went to traffico to renew my driving licence , as in Spain only last 10 years, I was going to do this with no help from Spanish speaking friends, i was going to do this on my own.

I enter and i show my licence , yep, it is out of date in April and actually feeling quite smug with myself for doing it sort of in time, she takes me into a room, i sit and look into a webcam, photo taken, oh bloody hell, did not worn me , so great another crap photo to look at for the next 10 yearrs.

Off to room 2 , sit down and look at computer screen with some knobs and sticks sticking out of it, she tells me to follow the spot and hit the button, i think, yes it was in spanish, umm, so i think, just look at spot and hit button at different times and hope one of them will be correct, yep, a plan, so i follow the spot , right first and than left second.  Finished i turn and say bien, she looks at me and does not speak, oh,  i say que bien, yea that sounds better, ummm, she says , ante,ante, oh, i think what the hell does that mean, but to late to think , i am whisked of to room 3.

Eye test, oh, i think, covers my left eye and , omg, my right eye is getting worse as i can see hardly anything but the most biggest letters on there(now in uk , i only had to read a number plate at a distance and since i still could, what was the problem ) fail she says , ughh, oops, than she does left eye and well my left eye came in with a A+, so passed , that was close. off to room 4(well i think thats what she said.)

Paperwork, oh, i am on the last stretch now, i attempt to say i am hypertensive and diabetic and fingers crossed this is ok. She stamps all the papers now and i am ushered back out to front desk, where i am relieved of 60euros and given a piece of paper , i think i have done it  and all by myself , well done me ( well only if the new licence appears in the next few weeks, oh wishful thinking more like months)

Off to lunch with friends in Gib, fish and chips, i seem to be off meat at the moment , and it is still raining cats and dogs

Back to Spain and hot chocolate and a catch up with one of the most couragoeus (i know spelt badly) friends i have and she does not even realise how fantastic she is coping , and even if she has her dark days and even if she has to ration her wonder sleeping pills, i think she is truly a inspiration.

Back into Gib, still raining, and off to bingo, this part will be the hardest as going to bingo for my mum as she loved it and dare i say i quite like it too, in small doses. Received a call from hotdate and that was most welcomed and i was joined by 2 good friends,thanks to them,  so bingo for mum was how i finished March 12th, a tiny tribute not to the best mum in the world but the only mum i had and loved .

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